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where to start doing magic

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where to start doing magic

Postby saianalyd » Sun Feb 19, 2006 8:15 am

i would like to know 2 things

1) how to start doing spells and practicing magic,. what spells should i try first?how do i use them? ya know, stuf like that

2) my mother would not want me doing magick (though my dad would not mind at all) and my sister would make fun of me. I dont really want them to know.....which spells are discreet
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Postby hedge* » Sun Feb 19, 2006 9:59 am

Multiple posts are a bit tedious you know :wink:
I just copied and pasted what I've already said
Hello and welcome ( again )
I would advise against doing any spells if you're new to this path, simply because unless you understand the process and what's involved and have spent a lot of time learning, spells ain't gonna work.
I would also advise that you read up as much as possible, the internet is great for this, and also discussing things on forums like this
Ask yourself what you think magic is, why you want to practice magic, what you hope to acheive from performing magic.
You may have to spend a while thinking about these, write them down - that can be your first entry in your BOS!
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Postby gingerkitty » Sun Feb 19, 2006 6:25 pm

Hi there,the best way to start is to Read every thing and anything,If you pick up a book and you read the back and you get excited,put it back and try again.You need to find some thing with step by step stuff.Scott Cunningham seems to have what you need .GOOD LUCK.remember its a life style not a game.
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Re: how to start doing discreet magic

Postby SpiritTalker » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:06 am

What Hedge & Ginger wrote is sound. Know what you want. Find yourself a basic intro level reference book. Do personal exercises of grounding, centering, shielding & projecting energy. Learn to cast a circle as a way to develop those skills before trying spells. Home cleansing spells are good to start with. There are lots them in the board's spell's section. Also see "Simple Spells" topic for spells you can adapt for all purposes with few materials.

Basic starter kit
. Test a few kitchen herbs; rub each between your fingers, then smell & taste each. Notice your reactions. Those that appeal to you suggest blessing uses & those that you pull away from suggest protection uses. Rosemary is multi-purpose.
. Collect 3 palm sized stones from different locations. Look for markings & that each is easy to hold. Water smoothed stones help healing, banded stones assist wishes, stones criss-crossed with lines aid path finding. Quartz is all purpose.
. Gear: heat safe incense bowl, potion cup, offering dish, candles & holders, olive oil, salt, your herbs & stones

Basic skills
. Teach yourself to focus: Gaze at a candle flame until it's all you're aware of. Pay attention to the layers of color. If you wool gather just return your attention to the flame. To meditate - do the same & add Breathing. Ask silently for guidance but stay focused on the flame. Do daily 10-min.
. Practice feeling energy - Hold your palms open & facing each other. Breathe. Push energy from the belly & through your hands. Feel a spongy resistance or tingly heat, etc. Shake your hands to clear them.
. Extend your subtle senses to your surroundings, greet the spirit of the place where you are & leave an offering.

When you decide to practice make a suitable work-space within your means. Many witches make their own tools or repurpose household & natural items for discreet altars. Battery candles & aerosols can be used if fire & smoke are issues. Add devotional images or decor as you
. Adopt green living practices like recycling & awareness of life cycles of Nature.
. At full moons cast a circle & moon-gaze. Drink 1/2 cup of charged, moon-lite-infused water & use it as offering.

Beginner concepts
. Magic works with nature
. Circles support Magic by holding your energy in (until you release it) and keeping conflicting energy out
. An altar represents the cosmos & is a mini circle

Easy Ritual Circle (ref. Wicca-Guide for Solitary Practitioners; Words D.Valiente
. Ground & center. Start & end at either the north to align with the star Polaris & the sky-hole around which the stars revolve; or face east where Sol returns each dawn. Both are considered spiritual passage ways.
. To cleanse: Sweep widdershins (<~) around a circular area with a broom. Say 'round, around & round about, all good in, all bad out.
. To cast circle: center & pull power from earth & sky on the breath. Walk deosil (~>) & project energy thru the fingers to form a circular sanctuary. Say As I walk the circle is cast, guarding all & holding fast.
. Do what you came for. When you are finished working give thanks & ground yourself to end the rite. The circle dissolves when walked through.
. If there's no privacy at home then go outdoors in day time. Rituals do not need to be done at night.

Spell Casting
. Know what you want (to summon, to banish, to empower) & feel it in your gut.
. Select materials you feel are related to the goal by element, property, color, scent, appearance or symbolism.
. Phrase intent in positive, present-tense words: [i]I-have or it-is[/i]. Don't speak what you don't want.
. You can add for the good of everyone, so now it is done[i] to prevent misfires.
. Center & pull your power on the breath into your belly. [i]know
& feel the goal as already done.
. Repeat Intent 3 times & push energy of the satisfied intent from the belly & into your prepared spell.

Discreet Spells for any need: The supplies needed for these 2 spells are paper, pen, scissors, olive oil, twine & a waste basket. You can create a circle as sacred space if you want the benefit.

. Sigil: write your intent in a short, positive phrase on plain paper; cross out vowels & duplicate letters, ex., text message reduces to txmsg; then scramble the remaining consonants into an artsy hieroglyph & draw a containing circle around it, & then cut out the encircled design. Dab 5-spots with oil (:-:) that represent the elements & holds the psychic charge. Push your goal/intent from the belly & out through your hands, into the sigil as you hold it. Set it aside for a while - an hour or a day. You will then shred the sigil & let the pieces scatter into the waste basket (or outdoors on the wind). Your words must be transformed to manifest & by destroying the word-sigil you symbolically transform it. This is a very old magical concept. Shredding & scattering uses the energy of the Air element to activate the spell. And It's
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Re: where to start

Postby Kaelie111 » Mon Sep 16, 2019 3:55 pm

There are alot of spells that are discreet. Candle magick spells are usually pretty discrete if you open a window in a closed room so that the candles (or the sage) won't smell. I use apps that has rituals and spells that I can do, and usually they are discreet. Here's one super simple and is very hardly noticeable:

1) Hold a penny firmly in your left hand.
2) Make a wish, and visualize it coming true.
3) Chant three times: " Penny, penny in my hand, bring to me my heart's demand."
4) Transfer the penny to your right hand, and kiss it.
5) Toss the penny over your left shoulder and let it sit there for a few seconds.

I found this spell on tumblr.Image
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Re: where to start

Postby barker » Mon Sep 16, 2019 7:03 pm

saianalyd wrote:i would like to know 2 things

1) how to start doing spells and practicing magic,. what spells should i try first?how do i use them? ya know, stuf like that

This is how I picture Wicca, specifically the use of the mind. Intelligence has productive (or maybe seductive) behaviours.

Light side:

A) Get clear on what you want - eg I want ...
B) Write down what you know - eg every morning is so beautiful
C) Synthesise! - eg greet the new day and all the fun-loving faeries

2) my mother would not want me doing magick (though my dad would not mind at all) and my sister would make fun of me. I dont really want them to know.....which spells are discreet

Dark side:

A) Analyse relationships and write down - eg I am alone, insight is alone, but person x doesn't see it that way.
B) Clear and raise energy - eg meditate for 20 mins and visualise a silver bubble at the finish
C) Compromise! - eg take a bath in black tea to let your working insight restore for a period of time

The above should leave you with a heart that can manifest any choice.
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