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What happened here?

For conversations and questions about hauntings and spirit visitations. This is not the place to talk about demons. In fact, this whole board isn't the place for it. A Christian site is a better place for that.

What happened here?

Postby frostarei » Thu Nov 01, 2018 12:58 am

This is tough to try and describe because I almost don't even know how it happened truthfully. I'm also worried that in telling this story some folks who identify as 'christian' may he offended. I don't at all want to offend someone who identifies that way but this man scared me and I want to understand what happened if I can.

I work in home health and I helped take care of an older gentleman who had difficulties in walking. He was a fall risk but that's unrelated. My job expressly prohibits me from discussing religion with a client for obvious reasons (but that doesn't stop clients from grilling us on things like why we dont go to church and whether or not out kids do etc etc.) I always just politely say "I haven't found an establishment to my liking." Because "I don't go by choice" doesn't always work out well in dealing with some of the more 'traditional' folks.

Well. Anyway. This client, he was kinda silly, was a bus driver and loved to talk about establishing rapport with the kids by being a goof and getting them to talk to him no matter what mood they were in. He liked to burst into song and while I was around he was generous always offering to feed me. He had a little dog that he doted on and a goofy cat and the animals seemed to feel very secure. I found myself thrilled to go over there and see him. He was just so engaging to talk to and I really liked his personality. He liked to talk a lot about how he was a youth group leader and other church related roles that meant a lot to him in life as well and I don't mind listening but I don't have a lot to add to the conversation when things like that come up. I'll come out and say it, this far I've felt very uncomfortable in church settings and around people who identify too heavily with it. I think it's maybe the 'dogma' or whatever but I try to be as open minded and tolerant as possible. I think its possibly the fear that if they knew a witch was in their midst, they might not be as tolerant. Maybe that's unfair of me. I also struggle to listen to sermons because I just seem to catch a lot of the ones about combatting sin and wrongness and the 'wrong ways to worship' and false idols. I feel squirmy.

I digress, with this client one visit the conversation steered. I think it maybe started with what we liked to watch on tv (that's the thing I just don't remember how it got there.) Anyway at SOME point and it was almost jokingly, the conversation maybe segued from documentaries to hauntings to cryptids to bigfoots. He said he had pictures of them and of course I was like "oh no way cool!" He showed me and I looked. I saw the shadow mass out in the trees without his help immediately and he looked at me like I was saintly. Then he showed me another and I narrowed my gaze. I told him it almost looks like there's a goat there in the woods but it's too tall. He showed me another. I saw a doberman or a German Shepard or something, again too tall. These pictures were also like in broad daylight, and I tell ya, I dont like the feelings I got. He told me all about them. He told me he was a bigfoot hunter and for years he lived on a rural land where they were rampant and unforgiving and they stole his chickens and left symbols all around his house. He heard them all the time and the spoke languages that had clicking sounds in them. He called them 'bigfoots' but he what the very long conversation about his experiences boiled down to was that they were everywhere, he knew them, they knew him and they were watching him. He'd learned their language in the way certain trees are moved and placed and he believed that by talking about them and thinking about them he might have been calling them. I started to get the notion that he was using 'bigfootd' as an umbrella term for spirits in general. The way he told me he incorporated his Christian faith in dealing with them and in some ways spiritually battling them...they became something synonymous with the 'D-words' we dont talk about here.

He said he shouldn't be sharing this with me, he hadn't told anyone in years and he didn't understand why he was pouring himself and his discoveries out to me like this. I told him not to worry about it, people just kinda gravitated toward me that way. (Earlier in the day he was very bewildered because his dog came and laid at my feet and apparently his dog liked no one but him. Animals do this with me often. The cat that doesn't like anybody loves me.) Anyway, He said he felt like he was putting me in danger and I just couldn't keep my mouth shut. I told him I've had some similar experiences of my own. I wanted to try and relate so he didn't feel so exposed I guess? I told him that I didn't actually think they were all evil, that there were some experiences I had where the feelings I got were ones of safety. I'm of course talking about the Fae and I spoke about it more matter of factly like 'the celts believed blah blah' sort of spinning it in a more innocent I heard this in a class or something way. He seemed very fearful for my safety. He told me that I shouldn't go anywhere near them, I shouldn't converse with them. I told him that really wasn't an option for me but not to worry. I had my own ways of protecting myself. Mistake I guess. I regretted it instantly.

This is where things got dicey.

He became still and he looked at me for a long moment. He said 'you aren't a Christian.' I immediately became uncomfortable. I felt like I was being judged and watched with careful calculation but I swallowed and I said 'No.' I was willing to leave it there. Then he looked at the ceiling. He said "Oh my God! You're a Wiccan." I just froze. I felt my aura shoot out in spikes. It does that when I don't feel safe. He flinched. Like he SAW it. He said 'don't do that. It's okay. Just know that you're sitting in a house of the lord and he busted you. He told me what you are. You're welcome here but respect me. I don't want to find any charms or anything." He also said something that sounded like scripture I'd never heard (but I don't know much of it either) about witchcraft essentially being a way to rebel against god and that this too can be forgiven. I was deathly silent. I was actually really scared. Not because someone maybe made a good guess but because I felt this man's awareness. I felt grouped in with his 'bigfoot.' Maybe that was because the lord had told him 'what' I was, like in terms of a thing. Words that instantly came to mind for me were 'hunter' ' templar' 'paladin' 'fire' 'sin' and 'run.' I felt sheer panic. I felt weak. It took me a good few minutes to even get my skin to stop feeling prickly and rigid. I've never experienced something else like this in my life.

In the end I didn't really see him anymore. I saw him one more time after that visit and he spent that time showing me Facebook videos he liked and talking about normal mundane things. He brought it up in sort of just saying. "See I told you it was okay. What we talked about here can stay here." I didn't say anything. The reason I lost him as a client was because his leg pain is chronic and it was in a stage of improvement. I did absolutely nothing but chat with him while there and he even told me it was my last day there and he wanted me to be sure to know that it wasn't because of what we'd talked about.

I'm so sorry if I sound ignorant or nuts. I have a lot of Christian friends who've wrinkled their nose in finding out about me but it was just like "oh...ok." This was utterly terrifying. Has anyone ever met someone who just spiritually overwhelmed them like this before?
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Re: What happened here?

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:03 am

Yes, I've met a couple. One was an RC church authorized, charismatic faith healer named Fr. Ralph DiOrio who back in the 80's toured doing public crusades that packed the huge sports arenas where he spoke. He lightly touched my forehead & it felt like I'd been hit in the head with a shovel. It's called being slain in the spirit. I'd dropped like a rock into a fathomless well & stayed out for 1/2 hour or so according to the friend's I was with. I actually met the man twice in different cities, a few years apart. Same experience both times; different friends. What I experienced while laid out "slain" was instruction & peaceful assurance of the inter-connections of all life as spiritual love. I can blather on about it & get quite soapy.

Another spiritually powerful person I'd met some years later at a totally unrelated gathering was an RC church authorized exorcist. He definitely read auras & then some. Highly empathic. He respected the difference between peaceful alternate life forms & the offensive d-word. I'd say both men were extremely psychic & well immersed with their higher selves, and attuned to the JC frequency.

I've watched some YouTube vids about family clans of wild beings called Big Foot with recordings of their clicking speech. Your description of the former patient kind of suggests to me that he's an intuitive psychic with an initiatory conversion experience. If he'd been initiated into a "magical lodge" he might have had similar experiences with different god-forms & use different jargon to express it. He's just using the concepts & vocabulary he was given with his conversion experience. The fact that he didn't condemn you & tried to reassure you speaks deeply of his conviction to his experience.
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