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What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Discussion of Christianity and other religious systems. How can we explain our faith to Christians? How can you merge your faith in Jesus with your belief in the metaphysical?

What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby moonraingirl » Mon Mar 06, 2017 6:21 am

Since yesterday when we talked a little bit about Christianity in another thread, I wonder what your experiences with this religion are?

While obviously, we will find negatives, may I ask everyone who decides to share, to write at least one positive thing. I really don't want this thread to become a ranting place where Christians will be attacked. Especially since there are members who feel close to this religion and their families may be Christian.

I hope we will be able to talk openly about pros and cons of Christianity and what we like about it and also why we decided to not be a full part of it.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby CleverlyDisguised » Mon Mar 06, 2017 7:49 am

Christianity has helped me grow spiritually on several occasions, and a great many of my friends are Christians. They are amazing people who are kind and caring. That said one of my worst experiences with Christianity was when my own grandmother found out I was learning Wicca and called me (and this is a direct quote) "demon-trafficking hell-whore" so yeah some good some bad...
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby Lady_Lilith » Mon Mar 06, 2017 9:33 am

I don't mind Christianity and I think it has given us benefits. It doesn't work for me and some of my worst experiences are from my family. Mostly my delusional mother who outright abused and forced her version of the bible on me. Surprised, I am still alive sometimes. (Yeah, she was that crazy.)

Also, had some bad experiences outside of that. But most Christians treat me decently, despite my beliefs. I think the people I have seen were just bigoted.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby RyukaAscendant » Mon Mar 06, 2017 10:30 am

Honestly I've had very few bad experiences with Christianity. I grew up Presbyterian but I never felt close to their God. There have been a few glances when I openly wear my pentacle but generally no one says anything or even cares.

On a slightly different note I've had several interactions with Muslims. So far many have been as kind if not more, and are often more curious about my personal beliefs.

Additionally I have several American Buddhist freinds. Not trying to say they aren't real Buddhists but there are some differences in attitudes.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby Bychan Wulf » Fri Mar 10, 2017 4:24 pm

No matter what I do or what path I will choose, christianity will always be part of it. I was raised with it and it affects the way I think and see things.
In fact, the religion itself is good and what it wants to spread is "love" for everyone around us. I imported that in my current practice too. My family, friends and part of me is still cristian. I had both good and bad experiences woth those, but not because they were christian, but because they were human beings.
But what I really dislike, is not the religion, but the way people interpreted it. I still think sometimes...nobody knows what the right religion and belief is; if there is one God or more. But if christianity is, would God or Jesus be happy with the way they changed his words and preach exactly the opposite of what they did.
The 2 rules of this religion that I like and try to follow are: do not judge and love everyone. And look what people do in cases like suicide or gay marriage.

With Islam, even if it os not a common religion in my country, I had some tangence with it, through and iranian friend who talked about it openly. This religion went through the same change christianity did. What is written in the book sounds okay. As far as I know, it isn't written anywhere that they should murder those who don't believe in Alah. Yet, some of them do it, because it's how they interpret what'swrotten there.

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong religion, or one that is good and one that is bad. All of them rely on love and understanding (as far as I know). The problem is not the people either. Nobody can say somebody is good or bad, just because he believes in something. Everybody is different and the only problem I can see with the different religions, is the perception of the people towards them. It's the way some choose to see it and the can occur in any kind of religion.
Is also looks like the older people seem to be a little bit closed minded ( not all, of course, but there are many) and they just go to their church and hear what their priest preaches, and get his view, which they try to shove down the other people's throats ( not only my experience but many others. We had a talk about it a while ago in a large student-group. In my country, this attitude seems like something usual...or at least in the area I live in). Those who have a religion but not try to be obsessed with it in order to have their sins forgiven ( I heard this several times from people ar church) seem to have a clear mind.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:04 pm

I've read the Bible a couple times, and the Koran, Bigavad Gita, and both the Morman and Jehovah's Witness main texts each once through. To me, they all pretty much say the same things. Obviously just cover to cover reading is not going to give you a thorough introduction to any of them. They differ on their history because they are different branches of humanity and different eras. That's an extremely simplistic summary, but I always dumb things down to get my head around them.

I got as close to the Christian Catholic hierarchy as a gal with none of the right connections can get, having worked within a Diocesan finance and communications office, and on a Deaconate training program, also in a parish office and a Catholic cemetery office, and entered a cloistered convent. So i got a taste of all levels. I'd estimate that 90% of the people i've known and worked with are Christian, not necessarily Catholic.

My parents were two different Christian denominations and they called that a "mixed" marriage, and neither side of the family tree ever reconciled :roll: . It boggles the mind, huh? Yet most people mean well, and merely repeat (or regurgitate) what they think they were taught. Levels of spiritual maturity differ vastly.

I was baptized in the Dutch Christian Reformed denomination as an infant, was excommunicated (yup) in my college years for non-conformity, then received full immersion baptism again in my mid-20's by the Church of Christ denomination, and this baptism was accepted by the local Catholic Bishop's intercession when I joined the Catholic church. They did the best they could with me. :wink:
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby smogie_michele » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:23 pm

For the most part, I enjoy Jesus's teachings of patience, love, and acceptance.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby Pallando » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:31 pm

I sing lead second tenor in a 118 member traditional Presbyterian Cancell Choir and I LOVE IT.
I can not find the experience of massive chorus harmony from any other source. period.

Occasionally, my church gathers a 8 member Latin, a Capella Octavo as well, in which I sing the second baritone or sometimes high Bass part. This group is made up of 4 opera majors and two music composition majors from the local University, the chancel choir director, and regular old me. When I am singing with them, IT IS HEAVEN for me.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby planewalker » Sat May 27, 2017 3:22 am

Religion, any religion, from whatever superior being {even if it's the combined wisdom of a tradition} will usually have a calling to attain a higher spiritual understanding and put forth high ideals in the treatment of our fellow entities. The problems happen when we poor fallible mortals get our hands on them. Christians have a set of beliefs about the 2nd coming of Christ. When he comes back do you really think he'll want to be reminded of crosses. It was a means to an end, but is it in good taste to remind Him of that pain. In certain barbarous countries the cross is still used as a means of execution. Would you go around with a noose around your neck? I admit that's an absurdist view. No more absurd then some of the things done by any religion at some point. With that said, Christianity and the world view I got from the Arts, went hand in hand when I was growing up. I was the lucky recipient of AmerInd medicine, Carpathian Craft and Southern Baptist Christianity outlook from my Mom in a Methodist Church that was my Dad's from when he was a kid so Mom could get him into it. He wasn't a Methodist so much as an "I don't give a S#:tist", and I heard that very phrase in one form of bad language or another. My mom thought pushing Christianity on me would counter act that "Pagan D&v:l worship". You can be forgiven if you think I was one confused little kid. I don't remember being confused. Then I learned how to read. I started consuming religious works. It struck me that for the most part the Christian religions were mostly concerned with telling you how right they were as opposed to every other faith. They have gotten better except for the "Born Again's." I'll talk about them at the end. That did give me a good understanding of them. I've been to their services. Never once did lightning smite me. I can tell the difference between RC, EO, GO, RO & Coptic. That's the Catholics. I can also tell the difference between all the Protestant sects but I'm not listing them because there are to many of them with names that are to long. Now my non-positive outlooks on Christian religions. First the MORMONS. They get all caps because I don't care for them at all as a religious organization nor have I ever had a good experience with one. As an organization I'll let everybody in on a little bit of info that I found hard to believe but is true The Mormons are the ones that started all this look up your ancestors stuff. They will happily trade info with you. Do you know why? It is their belief that after your dead they can baptize you into their religion "in Absentia" to save your soul. That is awful. Beyond that they want to come into my home to tell me to believe their way. How if I don't I will burn in He!! fire for eternity. They go from insult to insanity when they tell you that you have to believe in the Bible and whatever they call their book. They've never gotten the chance to tell me about it. The easy way to get rid of them is to ask if they believe in the Bible. "Yes, of course!" Have them open to the ten commandments and read them. Ask them if they believe as it is written there. you get a yes. Then tell them it's you shall not murder, not kill. Makes a difference. Get your translation correct before your going to tell me about how much you believe it. By the way there are 538 commandments if you want to get technical. If you really believed you couldn't get out of the draft if it's reinstated because of emergency. Others will be medics, why won't you. Then you get the "Born Agains". I've found them to be on a "I'm better than you because I'm going to Heaven and your not" ego trip. You sure about that Skippy. What Superior Being visited you to give you the Word. Like I said, us fallible humans. Us fallible humans are what gives me hope though. Not as any given group with a belief, but just as individuals. I've been lucky that way too. I've not only gotten an overview of a lot of religious beliefs, I've gotten a good look at humanity. For every selfish, bigoted, uselessly violent piece of scum that I have seen, I've seen at least two people who are good and decent people and will help you no matter the religion of either of you. I hope that's an answer and that I haven't written to long of a book.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby Mr Crowley » Sat May 27, 2017 7:02 am

Very civilized post, Plane. I try to practice what I preach. No sugar coat; still, no insulting flames. Good job!

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I'm assessing the situation when it first gets wet, like “Uh, the boat's sinking, pull it out, and put it back on wood.” “Call me about 8:00 means: wake me up.” Float a boat, wake up @ 8:00??? I gotta run, or the sun will set. I might reply to this one.
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Re: What are your experiences with mainstream religion

Postby planewalker » Sat May 27, 2017 8:01 am

Dear Mr. Crowley;

Sir, I can write with a civilized demeanor when I am not sleep deprived. Of course, I have no excuse for my behavior since, I knew the dangers of my being so deprived. I can only plead having the heady combination of being in a house by myself with nothing to do, and all day to do it, and having this splendid forum before me. I apologize again for any churlish behavior. I hope you have no untoward nautical occurrences. As always, I remain:

Yours in esoteric endeavor;

PS - Holy S#:t, I still remember how to type a decent letter.
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