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FP's Weirder Than Weird Possibly Deranged Dream Journal

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FP's Weirder Than Weird Possibly Deranged Dream Journal

Postby FaePug » Sun Aug 12, 2018 9:15 pm

Hello, I'm FaePug or FP, and this is my dream journal. I've never kept a dream journal before because a lot of my dreams would make people (and myself) question my sanity but I thought it might finally be time to release some of this craziness.
First I would like to note something, my dreams have two settings. These are;
Lucid - I am someone in the dream (not always myself) and the dream is mostly about me. I can't do anything interesting, like flying or crazy magic, I can only do what I can do in real life, all anxieties included.
TV Show - I am watching events. This is usually indicated by a third-person view and a lacy boarder around my vision. I am clearly not a character in the dream, I'm simply watching it like a TV Show.

By the way, this is all a work in progress and I'll be updating this constantly. There may also be some odd references to shows, games, etc ahead.

Alright, let's start.

Funny Dreams

1. (Lucid) The scene opens with me in my the ballet school I attended when I was younger. My ballet teacher, Ms. B as we called her, was there. The thing is, the school was a huge hive and my teacher was a literal bee. Clearly my unconscious mind loves puns.

2. (Lucid) I was in a school for wayward princesses. I had a gigantic, poofy, pink dress on that I was desperately trying to get off but I couldn't reach the zipper. I had a crush on this very attractive princess and I was trying to get her to help me with my zipper. (Irrelevant but I'll include this anyway) She was short, with short but poofy dirty-blonde hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a tight, blue dress and white gloves. (there are quite a few ways I could interpret this dream, especially as a Transmasculine person)

3. (Lucid) I was in a class. The teacher was a handsome (in my opinion), young man with brown hair and a beard. He was rather rotund and had soft, plump cheeks. He wasn't dressed like a teacher, he was wearing jeans and a graphic t-shirt. Suddenly, he turned into a vampire. To turn him back, we had to throw dead weight at him, so we threw pugs at him (apparently pugs are so lazy that they are considered dead weight by vampires). Don't ask where we got the pugs from, as I have absolutely no idea.

Horrifying Dreams

5. I was at a battle school. Like, a school where they teach you how to fight. It was similar to Beacon Academy in RWBY. Thing is, it was made entirely of glass, and all the floors consisted of tiny, separate floorboards. Basically, one wrong move and you could fall to your death. And since everything was glass, it was hard to tell what was floor and what was death. I watched a girl make a wrong move and fall to her death. "Oh well," a teacher said to me, "That's the way it goes." I'm not even kidding, those were the teacher's exact words as we watched this student plummet to her death. "Uh, really?" I replied, "Oh, ok." (me and my social awkwardness)

....Weird Dreams

4. (Lucid) Can't tell if this was a continuation of Dream 3 but it feels more like a different dream altogether to me. So, more and more people were becoming vampires and we had to get more dead weight to turn them back into humans. There was apparently a forest that had a bunch of dead bodies in it so we decided to go get those dead bodies and throw them at the vampires (there's a sentence I never thought I'd write). We drove there in a yellow bug car. "We" refers to me and some random characters from various television shows and video games...and a cartoony witch? I dunno.
We got to the forest and the trees were far too thick to get through. We were going to go home when I noticed three or four levers in front of the trees. They were set up like some sort of Legend of Zelda video game puzzle. Like most video game puzzles, I spammed everything until something worked. AKA I pulled all the levers randomly. Eventually I apparently did the right thing since the trees slid away to reveal a really creepy house and some more dead bodies. We grabbed the dead bodies and put them in our car and then went to look at the house. It was a large, victorian-style house with a lot of broken or boarded up windows. We knocked on the door and a bunch of cartoony monsters came to answer, as well as a completely human little girl. Strangely, they then moved in next to me and I realized they were bloodthirsty, evil monsters trying to kill me. Then I woke up.
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