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Week 1 Lesson 1: Your Astral Temple

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.

Week 1 Lesson 1: Your Astral Temple

Postby MeallaAoi » Sun Jul 17, 2011 12:28 pm

Simply put, an astral temple is a space you create within yourself on the astral plane. A place for yourself, a place you find peaceful and beautiful and powerful. This is your space. It's where you begin any voyage you decide to have within the astral plane, where you can perform rituals or ceremonies on that plane. Often it holds a spiritual record that carries over from one lifetime to the next.

An astral temple doesn't literally have to be a 'temple', though. It can be a clearing in a forest, a cave hidden within a mountain or hill. It can be a building, from an elaborate Egyptian palace to a one-room hut on the shore of a vast astral ocean. It is a manifestation of your spirit, given form and shape in the astral world.

A lot of the work you'll do in your astral temple is based on instinct and intuition, not ritual. Your temple will be different from everyone else's. I personally like to follow the 'rule' that if the same object or area of my temple calls to me on three seperate voyages there, I'll pay attention the next time I go there, to see if there's something I need to learn or do.

Finally for now, don't be surprised if your temple changes over time. As you grow spiritually, the manifestation of your spirit will alter, sometimes in drastic ways. The only time you may want to be concerned about a change or a feeling is if you (or a spirit ally) feel that a difference or presence there is threatening. In that case, use any of the skills from Lesson 10 to protect yourself, return to the physical plane, and calmly assess the situation. If you determine that you need to take ruther action, go back to your temple and use any resources there to shield it and yourself. (If that happens, feel free to get in touch with me or anyone else you trust to advise and help you, as well.)

Other resources:
http://www.llewellyn.com/encyclopedia/t ... l%2BTemple

Assignment one:

Finding your Astral Temple

Go to an area where you will not be disturbed for half an hour or so. If you wish, play some of your favorite music (softly!) or burn your favorite incense.Using the skills you learnt in Lesson 3, slip into a meditative state. Once there, visualize your astral body floating within a light mist on the astral plane. Slowly and gently blow the mist away from yourself, revealing your surroundings. Once you feel you've uncovered what you wish to see your first time there, affirm "What I have revealed of my astral temple will remain revealed until I decide otherwise". Then go exploring! Walk around, noting the different features. Are you indoors or out? If you're indoors, what's the floor made of? The walls? If you're outdoors, what are your surroundings? Are there trees, is there water? Where is the light coming from? When you're ready to return to the physical world, affirm that you will remember the details of your astral temple after your return to the physical world. Close your astral eyes and envision your physical surroundings, then open your eyes in your physical self. Feel your face, rub your hands together, allowing your full consciousness to return to your body.

Record the details of your astral temple in your journal or Book of Shadows, and share them in the Week 1 discussion thread. I look forward to hearing of your journeys!

Timeframe: 3 days
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