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How Should I Set Up My Altar?

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How Should I Set Up My Altar?

Postby QuestionableEnergy » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:44 am

So I have been told that I don't have to have the traditional pentagram type of altar. I would love to place some rocks I have found like agates and jasper..are there any you suggest? Should I be burning incense and if so what kind? and also the candles..I cannot remember what colors represent what right at this moment but..how can i set it up to where it looks natural (which I have crystals and rocks and candles all over my house to begin with) but portrays and altar that is pleasing to the god/goddess? Also keep in mind I have a very active 18 month child!
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Re: I want to set up my altar

Postby Vervain » Mon Nov 11, 2013 11:37 am

Your altar should be whatever you want it to be. If you want to burn incense, do so; if not, don't. If you have found rocks and stones that resonate with you, feel free to place them on your altar. Your altar is a physical manifestation of your personal worship practice. If it's special to you, if YOU know it's an altar, then it is.
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Re: I want to set up my altar

Postby Echo_of_shadows » Wed Nov 13, 2013 8:34 am

An altar doesn't have to have any particular look to it. Perhaps if you've got a shelf high up out of the reach of your child, that might be the first place you'll want to start thinking of as an altar. You can say to the god and goddess: "These rocks, crystals, candles, and other things that I place on this shelf are nice. I think of you as I place them here, and whenever I see them here in the future, I will think of you then as well. I hope you like them." Whatever you see as your altar, the Divine will see as your altar as well. Whatever you place on your altar for the divine, the divine will see it as something for them. If you don't have an altar that you can keep out of reach of your child, you can use a temporary altar that you can have set up at times when your child is asleep or perhaps spending time with relatives. You may want to get battery operated candles. Some of them even have a nice scent and they can be not only a nice alternative to incense, it's a safe alternative as well. If you go the battery operated route, try to get candles that have a screw to keep the batteries inside because these candles use small batteries and they can be a choking hazard.
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Re: How Should I Set Up My Altar?

Postby SpiritTalker » Mon May 13, 2019 10:00 pm

You could use a wall shelf to keep items out of a toddler's reach. Or (as mentioned) use battery powered candles available in tea light, taper or pillar styles at variety stores. Neutral colored or green candles suggest nature. The stones that feel good to you are fine for an intuitive eclectic, natural-looking decor. Oak, pine & cedar mixed with seasonal flower bouquets can rep the God & Goddess. Any of the woodsy scents & rose or jasmine incense would add aromas of Nature.

A magical "altar" is a work-table & a tool for shaping energy to manifest the way we want. Layouts effect the energy out put. The standard magical altar arrangement divides the working space into 3 sections by passive or active energy. Passive energy symbols go on the left & active ones on the right for copying natural energy flow. Power's concentrated at the center of the space where you'd charge spells. Symbolism is the key. Some simple examples -

(Left) Passive symbols:
Earth - pentacle, food offering, stones, forest, wheat, dirt, salt, drum, green
Water - cup, fluid libation, sea shells, jingle bells/rattle, blue
Lunar, feminine, silver

(center) Pentacle
It's put at center when in actual use for offerings & charging
Pentacle reps the whole enchilada - the Earth, the Elements, the authority

(Right) Active symbols:
Air - wand or staff, incense smoke, aromatic diffuser, flute/harmonica, yellow
Fire - blade, candle, burning bowl, guitar/harp, red
Solar, masculine, gold

A devotional altar differs from a magical work table as being a highly personal expression of your own concept of worship. There's no "traditional" arrangement for devotion. It's OK to combine the symbols of a devotional altar, seasonal decor & a magical work space if it's not overwhelming.
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