Why does this happen?

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Why does this happen?

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Hi. First off, let me say I'm seventeen years old. I'm not as mature as a thirty year old but I and others find I'm not as immature as other seventeen year olds. I don't take the thoughts of being Wicca or even changing religion lightly. The more I think about it the more it seems right though. I've never been religious, my father is agnostic and my mother a sort of pseudo-Christian. They instilled in me that God was good and no matter what you do, he will forgive you. I never really got how they knew this. You can't see the Christian god, at least I can't. I've always been searching for something more concrete, I guess is the way to put it.

I have a question based on a feeling. Since I first watched a program on wicca on the National Geographic when I was about thirteen, I started getting this feeling in my stomach. It's sort fo like butterflies but is not uncomfortable. When I read about anything wicca related, from the God and Goddess to spells and even color signifigance, I get this feeling. It makes me want to do these things I read about. When I go outside the feeling appears when I sit on the ground or am otherwise close to the earth. Anyone have an idea why this happens or what it means?

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Perhaps it is simply your heart tugging you in a direction it feels is right. Do you slightly out of place a lot? Like something is just not the way it should be?

If you had feelings like that, then times when you are closer to nature or the earth may be where you feel you belong. Some people just feel better when connected with something more... alive than carpet and sheetrock. Ever had an interest in gardening or tried your hand in it?

Look into some of the more nature oriented pagan paths and see if they reverberate with you the same way.

I could be completely wrong; others might have a better idea. But I'm just throwing out some food for thought.
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I guess I would categorize that as a feeling of awakening - of longing for something more. I came from the same type of background, an atheist father and a mother who was just nominally Christian but has very advanced sensitivity to spirits. I was always encouraged to believe whatever I wanted. As for being 17, well, I don't think that matters at all and fooey on any who would hold your faith in contempt because of a little thing like age. How wonderful to be that young and finding your Path. From my own perspective you are in the 'maiden' stage of life as I am in the Mother - you have so much ahead of you!

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Re: Why does this happen?

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I think of it as the soul responding to positive stimulus... a call to follow your inspiration.

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