Notice to Forum Psychic Readers/Members Banned from Readings

This is where members and mods can start their own thread and offer to do readings for other members.
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Notice to Forum Psychic Readers/Members Banned from Readings

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[This is an edited version of a notice that we send to everyone who offers free readings here on this forum via PM, because of issues we have had with people abusing the free readings forum.]

- - - Message from the Moderator Team - - -

First of all, thank you for offering to do free readings on the forum. It is a lot of fun, and it can also provide guidance to a lot of people here. We are glad to be able to provide a space for members to give and receive free readings.

However, in the past we've had some issues with people who sign up on the forum just to get a free reading, and sometimes they harass our readers if they don't respond quickly enough, or make lots of requests and put a lot of stress on readers. We have a specific rule prohibiting this kind of behavior, but just to reiterate:

1. You are doing other people a favor by doing free readings; if you start feeling overwhelmed with the number of requests, it is completely okay to say things like, "I will get to this next week", "No, I am too busy", or "I am taking a break from readings", etc.

2. Usually we say that the free readings are only for active community members, since those are generally the kind of people who will be understanding of your scheduling and give you good feedback. We find that the members who only have one or two posts, or whose posts are mostly for the purpose of requesting readings, are often the ones who wind up making the most demands on your time. If you get a request from such a member, you should let me or another mod know, and we will direct them to introduce themselves in the appropriate forum and encourage them to become active community members first. You are certainly still welcome to do readings for them if you have the time or want to practice, but in our experience they rarely give feedback and it often feels like a waste of time.

3. If someone starts harassing you for whatever reason (they do not like their reading results, or they are spamming your thread for not responding fast enough, or they just keep asking for readings over and over), PLEASE let me or the other mods know! It does not happen super often, but in the event that it does, we have got your back and we can sort it out for you. We take harassment seriously and such behavior will not be tolerated.

This is not meant to scare you off of doing readings, but we just want to make sure random people are not taking advantage of your services and causing you undue stress. If you have any questions at all or need any help, please feel free to contact any of the mods anytime!


People who are currently banned from receiving free readings

These members have previously been known to abuse the free readings privileges offered in this forum (harassing readers, requesting multiple readings in a short time span, joining the forum solely for the purpose of getting readings, etc.). If you receive a PM from one of these members, please let us know ASAP so we can send them a warning:

~ Xiao Rong ~ 小蓉 ~ Little Lotus ~

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