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My personal Musings

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:34 am
by LadyMuse
I date everything so I don't forget.

A soul binding spell I did with my husband on 11/06/17. He doesn't know I cast it as I did it in my head:

Soul binding spell
Blessed be may I entwine with thee
Blessed be may I forever be with thee
Blessed be My I never stray from thee
For my heart and soul would die without ye
Blessed be, may I forever be entwined with thee
Within this act of love and passion I’ve bound by heart to thee

11/17/17 Protection Spell
Drive my day, circle by night
Straight and fear nowhere be near
In the morning when breaking fast
Peace be with you all at last

Come winter come summer, fall and spring,
the seasons i draw down to cast
safety and protection all around
Love will know no bounds

The words have spoken, so mote it be!

11/21/17 - unfinished
silence of the air
stillness of the water
energy and magic surround us
casting circle protect us

light the candle; as it burns bright
watch the darkness fade to light
say the words, the energy is here

Thoughts rattling around my brain

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 8:45 am
by LadyMuse
For years, both Pagans and Christians have been ridiculed, put to death and put to shame by countless of people. However, are we really so different? I first realized I was different while working at Urologic Consultants, in Portland, OR when I saw my first aura. The woman came in for an interview and all I saw was a yellow translucent orb around her. It was almost like a forcefield. I then heard the words “all the color of the rainbow”. God had made everyone in his likeness, in all the colors of the rainbow. He wasn’t talking about skin color, but of our auras, the energy that surrounds everyone. I was in such shock that I wanted to tell someone, but who? Who could I tell that wouldn’t think me crazy? My mom of course. She didn’t teach me the ways of how we’re different, she herself was called a Witch by my own father. However, deep down, she knew one day I would learn. So, as the years of ticked by, I have learned. I’ve learned I can see people’s auras, I can even hear their thoughts if I concentrate, and in some, see their past and on rare occasions, their future. How could all this be if I believed in God? For where I live, the Devil cannot be. Later while entering the Foursquare Church I saw a dove in my mind’s eye and it was revealed to me Jesus’ spirit animal is a Dove. Native Americans and many other religions believe each person has a certain animal representation. Noah used a Raven and a Dove after the flood for evidence of dry ground (Genesis 8:6-12). After Jesus was baptized “…and the Holy Spirit descended on him in a bodily form like a dove…” (John 3:22). Both are an example of symbolism.
Symbolism - the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities. ( 11/06/17)
Symbolism is deeply rooted in the Christian faith. The wearing of the Cross, the partaking of communion, the burning of candles, the banners and ornaments that some pastors wear during services. In the Catholic faith, priests have taken a vow of chastity since the bible does not directly state Jesus had a wife.
Just as symbolism is deeply rooted in the christian faith, it’s also deeply rooted in the Pagan faith.
“No all who wander are not lost” - this is a famous bumper sticker of pagans. In Genesis 13:3, Abram “went from place to place until he came to Bethel..” (NIV) Where did Christians get the idea that people who wander are lost? The New Testament, however, not all biblical faiths use the New Testament. Some only use the old. The Torah (aka the first 5 books of the bible). I found true North today, downloaded an app on my phone. Walked in a circle giving thanks to God for all that he does. While in my circle I pictured the image of the pagan circle. For He created these, so why can’t I picture them?
Who was Melchizedek, priest of God Most High? He is the first priest listed in the bible (Gen 14:18). According to ... Solved.htm
Melchizedek is Jesus of the old testament. Hebrews 6:13-7:28 tells us that Jesus is of the line of Melchizedek, who had no father, mother, or descendants.

Decided to place my thoughts here, like Starwitch says, "at least your family won't see it". I've been reading lots of posts on this site and find myself charged with excitement to maybe finally understand myself, but at the same time I hate that I have to do it in secret. Dan (my husband) would never understand, but I feel like I've been slowly killing a part of me by denying my gifts. The druid inside of me is about all I have left and I want to stop denying his abilities. He his name is "Druid" after all. I write here as there is no other safe place for me, Dan would freak if he knew I was feeling this way. All I can do is practice and if he as questions, he needs to come to me with them. I'm just happy to have a safe place to put all my thoughts/feeling without being judged.

Meditation - the first real change I need to make. Setting a time and space for meditation, even just starting out at 10-15 minutes. Working on feeling the the energy around me and grounding that energy. My mind has a tendency to wonder, having a focus will hopefully help. Getting everyone to stay quite or even silently chant in the background. Hmm.. maybe that's why I keep coming up with all these rhymes.

Re: My personal Musings

PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2017 3:24 pm
by planewalker
LadyMuse, A suggestion, if I may, on your spell of 11/17 for which you need an application. Your asking for protection and strength through the day, when you must be active, away from your support system and "in the world". Your also asking for protection from the things that move through the night when your encircled by family and fellows, when you are doing your personal workings. I believe it would have better effect by changing "rest and fast" to "when breaking fast". Your preparing yourself for the coming day. You have just risen from rest and are energizing yourself for all that follows on for the day and night at hand. I think that should remove that feeling of "not quite right yet".
Thoughts on 11/6, Differences give small minded and intransigent individuals an excuse to force their views on those around them. Sometimes a group is singled out to drive the masses so a person or oligarchy can achieve power over those same masses. The one(s) in power may not believe the prejudice and hatred they speuw but, they happily use it to achieve their nefarious aims.
It sounds like one of your "talents", shall we say, sees auras. With practice you should be able to see different colors moving through a persons aura. I've seen sickly green or yellow signify disease, black conveying negative personality traits, shades of blue and red signifying mood and comportment. As you practice you should be able to develop your own perception of color mixes and what they signify.
All the "colors of the rainbow" are white light focused through the prism of water {which makes life possible}. Back in the 90's, I had a Methodist Minister friend who I used to get together with 2 -3 times a month to talk shop. I had just become an Adept. It started out that my mom would only give up on cramming her religion down my throat to save my soul from the blasphemy and evil I was perpetrating if I would "consent to be examined" by her minister. Seriously, I dug out my copy of the "Malleus Maleficarum" {Hammer of Witches} just in case I needed to defend myself. I was going to use a translation I trusted. It's been around since the mid 1400's. He and I talked for hours the first time we meet. Ends up he told my mother he wished some of the congregation was as Christian and knew the Bible as well as I did. Once I gave him a nice set of sermons when he had "religious writers block". They where all on the religious aspects of water. In this case we are seeing the unity of light being understood by it's parts seen through a life giving medium. Do we not also see the unified spiritual force of the multiverse being understood through all the different forms of life and entities we see.
You have other "talents" that have telepathy, prescience, clairvoyance both past and future. I would also say a "talent" is empathic. The belief in God {in the Christian sense} has the same basis as religions of many kinds {Brands}. This only recognises two steps. US then God. Even the Angeles in the Bible are relegated to a place beneath man. God tells the Angels to genuflect to man. I see this as rather smug and blindly self-aggrandizing. It discounts the rest of creation. It seems that a God portrayed this way is very limited, or at least, stunningly unimaginative. As to spirit guides, I'm part Onandagwa Indian. I spent a summer on the St. Regis reservation. My spirit guide was confirmed after ordeal and my vision quest. Guides are VERY real. One correction -Priests not taking wives was a decision made to cement the few controlling the RC form of Christianity. The early Popes had wives. Not considering who it was, say wife X. Jesus was not a Christian. Those rules came later. The Pope wasn't considered infallible until 1853. Something in the air that year, The Rev. Darby {Church of England, Also Catholic, also married, RC views not withstanding, Henry VIII was 500 yrs ago, gheez, get over it} gave us the rapture. Jesus was a Jew. He was a Rabbi. That's how the San-headron could rule on Jesus to get him in front of Herod Anipas and then Pilot. If you believe in the crucifixtion you must, a priori, believe that Jesus was a Rabbi trying to reform the Jewish religion from within. One of the rules to be a Rabbi is that you MUST be married. If not you have no chance to "be fruitful and multiply". You don't have to go further then the commandments. There are 538 of them, by the way. Some even tell you how to treat your slaves and bond serfs. Another bunch deal with eating Kosh-rhute. It's a shame that Christians don't study with a Rabbi for 6 - 8 months. Studied under a Rabbi the Torah, Talmud, Psalms, Judges, Kings, Chronicles, Prophets and the Apocreffa take on new meaning even past being the OLD TESTAMENT. Actually, the Jews just didn't want to recognize Melchiezidek's progenitors. {linguistics is another handy skill set to have when understanding religion} The dek suffix signifies a high priest from Babylon. If he had no mother, father or off spring Jesus could not have been related to him unless he was cloned. Simple logic is not suspended by faith. Moses - Raised a Prince of Egypt. Tut-Moses, Ra-Moses Son of Tut or Ra. I have to wonder about the prefix that was dropped. If there is more interest I can dig up my notes from when I taught a course "Moses and Joshua - The First Israeli Generals". Consider that no one knew, if the basket in the bull rushes wasn't bull to distance him from Pharaonic roots, who he was. He was raised by Pharaoh's daughter. Monotheism can also be traced to Egypt. This was soon after Akenaten, the apostate Pharaoh. He is considered to be the first monotheist. Even the Magi (Magicians) from the east weren't Christian. They were Medeian and Babalonian. The gifts were 3, the number of "Wise Men" is not mentioned. I always caution Christians that they should know the instruction manual for their religion, even if they decide to ignore the secular discisions that church leaders made to advance themselves and what they saw as the "only" way to execute their religion, though it wasn't they who were executed.
There may well be a time that your husband will come to see the truth. You learning your potential and talents will go a long way in that direction. Don't feel any guilt. You are not sneaking anything. You are learning about yourself as an individual. Also, if I'm not mistaken, you worship someone who needed time and space to find himself. Although that only took 40 days in the wilderness {with no kids, husband, job and the complexity of modern life}. Do you wonder that finding yourself is taking longer than 40 days. Aren't you hoping that by learning you are hoping to"help the blind to see"?
Please think on it.

Re: My personal Musings

PostPosted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:42 am
by LadyMuse
planewalker wrote:I think that should remove that feeling of "not quite right yet".

Thank you, for your suggestion. I had to re-read what I posted to figure out if I had posted that I didn't feel it was quite right yet. I was having troubles hearing what needed to be said. I've stifled him for so long, I was having troubles hearing his spell. Even as I write this to you, I'm being told he would say that to protect me and the others from the outside fears. The words were slightly different then, but these apply to now.

planewalker wrote:Please think on it.

You have given me so much to think on. You know much more history than I; I'm not sure if I could learn as much as you have.
Sometimes I wonder if people are given talents/gifts for a certain purpose, for a specific means? I haven't seen auras for quite some time, however I haven't practiced either. I have been able to see/sense other people's animals guides, that is an ability pasted down through generations, along with telepathy. Many of my family members on my mom's side are telepathic. My daughter is too, she just doesn't know the word for it. (She'll be a great criminal lawyer if she follows down that path!) Prescience is one of those gifts that may be given when something important is going to happen. Like when my mom dreamt I was going to die in a car accident if a certain person was driving. She quit her job to drive, and I knew when the situation happened, it was a good thing she was there. Clairvoyance is a gift I've often question my self on along with being an empath. I once touched someone and saw a portion of time when they're were at war. I saw a battle he went through. I told my husband about it later, he kind of look at me, but he was in the car when I saw his battle. Being an empath makes sense of my teenage years. I was always trying to "fix" people, mostly boys.
I'll admit, the Light must show you people and their gifts. You saw my gifts clearer than I've ever seen them. Thank you for helping me see the Light within me. Like strands of a spider web, so thin, and transparent, only the light refracting on dewdrops can help people see.
May the Light shine in your darkest days.


Re: My personal Musings

PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:19 pm
by planewalker
Sorry to throw you a curve. I just take it that if you start making a spell and then have trouble figuring out an application it is a sub-concsious feeling of not quite right. I should have been clearer.