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-**Dualis Lux Manibus - Book of Shadows**-

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:00 pm
by dualhands

My name is Dualis Lux Manibus, I am going to compile and share some of my book of shadows with all of you.
I will be adding spells and tutorials on making amulets and such in no specific order as my brain is quite chaotic even when I am grounded. I hope these spells and tutorials find you well.





Peace, Love, Light, and Positivity for all

-Dualis Lux Manibus

Re: -**Dualis Lux Manibus - Book of Shadows**-

PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:33 pm
by dualhands
Here is a "money" spell that is fairly simple.

items needed:
Silver Coin
offering bowl
sea salt (course)
7 green candles ( taper style )
1 purple candle

This spell is to begin on the first night of a waxing moon ( the light is growing/abundance! )
Start off by taking the sea salt and pouring some into an offering bowl. The place your silver coin on top of the sea salt. Leave this sitting on your altar for one night, as the sea salt with absorb any negative energy residing in the silver coin.

The next night take your athame and inscribe words such as silver,gold,wealth,money,abundance,fortune,etc into the green candles. inscribe your name into the purple candle. Place 1 purple candle north of the bowl. Place 1 green candle south of the bowl. Begin to fill yourself with the white light and release and negativity in your being, create a white protective circle around you using your athame as a tool of transference of directing the energy where you desire; your circle may be large or small. Once your are in your protective circle, and filled with white light you can continue the ritual. Light the purple candle (symbolizing the crown chakra to connect you to your intentions ) then light the green candle (symbolizing wealth and riches). Proceed to take your frankincense and anoint your forehead with it ( don't splash it on there, a dab will do! ) and anoint the silver coin with the frankincense as well. This will connect your crown chakra to the silver coin to easily transmute intentions into the silver coin. While the candles are burning send your intentions into the silver coin, visualize your wealth and direct it into the coin. Continue doing this for as long as you wish ( just not long enough so that the candles burn out ), the longer you do so the stronger the intentions the coin will carry. When you are finished concentrating your intentions on the silver coin, proceed to say this:

" Wealth for me, wealth for thee.
Money for me
money for three
Wealth for me, wealth for thee
with this spell be no harm to me
so mote it be "

chant this three times before the candles burn out. Let the candles burn out on there own ( this is why your using taper candles so it wont take a day for it to burn out ) when the candles are completely melted and the flame is extinguished take the coin and place it in your pocket.

Ring your bell to symbolize the ritual is over, and to wake you from your trance of meditation on the aspect of attaining wealth. visualize your circle of light dissolving and the ritual is done for today. Make sure to toss the sea salt that the negative energy has transmuted into. Throwing into a stream, river, ocean, or scattering throughout the wilderness is a good idea. As mother earth will take care of it herself :D . This is because if your just simply throw it in your trash at home, the stagnant negative energy will still technically be within your etheric field. You do not want that energy to re-transmute into your coin, as it will also transmute into you if your carrying it all the time ( this is why I refuse to carry money on my being for extended periods of time, as the changing of hands constantly lets negative energy reside in it. )

Every day take an inscribed green candle, light it and let it burn out on its own. This strengthens the spell on a daily basis making the spell more effective. Always carry this coin on you for the seven days of this spell. You may place it in a satchel and wear it around your neck, keep it in your pocket, or possibly even wire wrap it and make an amulet out of it to hang around your neck.

May this spell find you well as it did for me.
Best of wishes.

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:58 pm
by dualhands
Here is a very basic spell for helping yourself attain a state of tranquility.

Items needed:
White candle
lemon oil or peppermint oil
black paper/white pencil
cauldron or dish

Sit down and begin to calm your mind as much as possible, close your eyes and visualize the top of your head opening up like a pupil becoming dilated. All the while imagine the universal white light entering your body flushing out all the negative energy and stagnant energy in your being. After briefly doing so envision a white orb surrounding yourself to protect you from everything that is bothering you. No negativity will be making it through that orb, re-affirm this within that STRONG WILLED mind of yours, you can do it I promise! Once you have completed thei step. Have the white candle in front of you, along with your oil, black paper, white pencil, cauldron and lighter. Anoint your temples and wrists with the lemon, or peppermint oil. This is going to put you into a state of relaxation even further than the healing mediation you have just done. Ignite the white candle. Take another moment to fill yourself with that divine healing light melting away all negativity ( envision all the black negative energy coming out of your feet and dissipating into mother earth as she can turn it into something positive ) Then take the black paper and write the things that have been bothering you with the white pencil. Fold this paper up as you envision all your problems being rolled up into a ball of negative energy. Light this paper aflame with the white candle as you simultaneously envision a white light penetrating that black ball of negative problems, and absolutely filling it with healing white light until the darkness is no more. put the burning paper in the cauldron or pot and let your problems burn away similar to the white light burning away that negative energy. One more time imagine that white divine light filling yourself up and cleansing your body, similar to water flowing from your crown of your head and out of your feet. Do this for as long as you wish. you can either snuff the candle ( do not blow it out, it is disrespectful ) or let it burn out on its own as you meditate upon the white light cleansing you.

When finished brush yourself off, or make three counter clockwise circles using your hands over the front of your body closing up your chakras from heavy energy flow.

You are now mentally cleared of your problems and are ready to tackle any problem you have in the physical world with ease.

May this spell find you well!!!

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 21, 2015 3:02 pm
by dualhands
Banish Alcoholism Ritual

Items needed:
Loved ones and/or family members
1 purple candle
1 red candle
1 yellow candle
1 white candle
1 amulet/talisman handmade with amethyst stone
(amethyst is used for treating alcoholism)
Materials for Talisman (see below )
small black paper for banishing writings
white marker/pastel/chalk for writing on black paper
cauldron and lighter
athame/ritual knife/toothpicks

This spell is to take place on the first night of the waning moon ( this symbolizes the falling away of problems, or energy,problems,etc that are not needed )

The first step to this process is creating the amulet for the loved one who is struggling with alcoholism. It is best to have the subject pick out an amethyst stone that resonates with them the best. If this is not possible find your best clairvoyant friend, stone healer, or attain a state in which you are connected to the individual you are selecting the stone for. Once you/the subject have found a suitable amethyst stone you can begin constructing your amulet of protection against the nasty entity known as alcoholism.

For constructing the amulet there are many different ways to go about this. I personally prefer to wire wrap my stones in any desired fashion that suits my needs. Copper wire is affordable, yet has great properties of retaining and transmuting energy. If you do not have access to copper wiring and wire wrapping tools there are other options for you. Some of these options would be, creating a small pouch and drawstring for the stone to reside in, creating a hemp necklace that the stone is lashed to, setting the stone into a copper/silver/gold/steel/tin bracelet/ring ( this can be expensive but is great if the subject is attuned to the conscious reality of dispelling alcoholism, as they can wear it proudly ). Or the simplest of all, just give them the stone after the ritual and ask them to carry it on their person, and keep it within an arms reach sort of speak.

Once you have your amulet or stone ready, gather up your loved ones and family members who are willing to participate in this ritual with the utmost respect, and of purest intentions. Alcoholism is a serious DIS-ease, and a horrible entity that drains ones energy. Anyone who see's apparitions and entities will surely let you know alcoholism is a cumbersome heavy-like cloud of despair that attaches to the person. With this being said please only invite loved ones who will participate with an open mind and with the utmost respect of love and light.

Take your stone and place it inside a triangle drawn on the ground in white chalk or salt. Rock salt in a bowl with the amulet on top is a fine substitute as well. Have your members of this ritual gather around this amulet in a circle. Take the candles starting with the purple candle ( for the crown chakra ) and have all the members inscribe 1 trait related to mental aptitude ( this is where giving a single toothpick to each member rather than passing an athame around one by one, making this part less cumbersome ) next take the red candle ( for love ) and have each member inscribe a loving word or trait on this candle. For the yellow candle ( relating to joy ) have each member write a joyful trait about the subject or a joyful moment they had with them.
The white candle ( purest intentions of the divine ) will be inscribes with any sacred symbols of healing ( reiki practitioners step in here! ) words of encouragement, and traits of strength will be written on this candle.

With the amulet in the center. Place the purple candle north (top) red candle west (left) yellow candle east (left) and white candle south ( beneath ) inside candle holders as to not get the wax all over your working area. Place your cauldron top left to the amulet. Then proceed to hand out small pieces of black paper. Have each member write down a poor quality trait the alcoholic subject has acquired through the abuse of alcohol, in a white pencil/marker.

When all this preparation is taken care of the ritual begins. With the circle created, the ritual leader will call upon all entities positive in nature who are willing to help rid the subject of his dis-ease. The ritual leader will then instruct everyone to open themselves up to the divine white light through their crown chakra. With all the members filled with the divine light, they must focus this energy unto the amulet and fill it with this light. While this is happening proceed to light the purple candle, then the red, yellow, and white. Continue to concentrate on becoming a vessel for the white light to transmute it into the amulet for the loved subject. You may do this for as long as you wish as long as the candles do not extinguish.

When ready have every member put their piece of black paper folded up into the cauldren as to no one will be able to see the negative writings on the paper. Proceed to instill this vocally ( For these reasons mote it be thee will be free x3 ) after saying this for the third final time light the papers aflame.

Continue to be tools of transference of this white light into the amulet, its good to have a sign to know when everyone is ready to end the ritual. I like to use a bell to wake the healers from their meditative state ( as most people get fairly deep while this ritual takes place ). After the sign is given may you extinguishing the flames ( please do not blow them out, this is disrespectful to fire spirits ) and the circle may be broken. Each individual should proceed to make 3 counter clockwise circles over their body to close themselves to the direct flow of energy. As being that open 24/7 is not the best idea. Once everyone has become grounded again the amulet should then be given to the subject who wishes to banish his/her alcoholism for good.

At a small gathering. Where all the loving members are there to receive this person; may the amulet be given to this person. This way the joy and warmth of all who are involved in the care and banishment of the horrible entity will be heart-felt by the dis-eased subject. If the subject is a very isolated,private person. It is best to have the individual closest to them sit down with the subject and in a very loving and caring manner present the amulet to them.

May this person know the strength and love of all these people with him/her always protecting them. Lifting them up to the light and away from the darkness.

So mote it be.

-Dualis Lux Manibus

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 12:21 am
by dualhands
Remove intrusive being from your thoughts spell

items needed:
1 white candle
1 pen and ink set (you could substitute for a sharpie)
1 picture of said negative instrusive being ( substitute would be said name printed on paper )
1 cauldron
1 lighter
1 bell

You will want to start off as with most spells, properly grounding yourself ( open up your crown chakra in whatever way works for you and cleanse in the universal white light) once cleansed and grounded cast your protective white circle around you.

Take the white candle and place it in front of you. Place the picture of the said intrusive being below the candle. This symbolizes your positive intentions taking the lead over the negative. Place your cauldron to either side of the picture. Light your white light while visualizing said person being taken out of every aspect of your physical life as well as your astral being. Once you feel as though the "virus" has been deleted sort of speak, Take the picture and flip it over to reveal the white reverse side. Now, take your pen and ink and draw a large triangle ( triangle radiate and draw energy ) inside this triangle inscribe " thought for thee no longer be, as birds of a feather flock from me. Negate your actions and negate your will, drawing my energy will no longer be your thrill. so mote it be". Take the picture and fold it THREE times. No more, no less. Place it in the cauldron and take a moment to visualize what your life and mindset will be without the negative intrusive thoughts of this individual. When this moment has been attained proceed to light the picture on fire. Then ring the bell to symbolize the end of the ritual. Take the cauldron with ashes and bring it to a wooded area or stream/river/ocean. Let the ashes fall into the ocean or dirt of mother earth as you cant " free from me so mote it be " when this is done lightly brush yourself off from head to toe, removing stagnant energy from the process or removing the reminder of the said individual. When your done, return to the candle and extinguish the flame. This seals the spell so make sure your ready to do so.

Enjoy your life without this person as you are now removed from theirs. They will feel this. They wont know what "hit" them you could say. So if the odd occasion happens you run into them, don't be shocked when they are completely surprised to see you as they as well have forgotten about you. Just treat them as a ghost and disengage and not interact with them. :wink2:

peace love and light

-dualis lux manibus

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:31 pm
by dualhands
Blissful Tea recipe :fairy:
This tea will bring about a mild state of calm euphoria.
Also helps to really connect with animals on an etheric level.

1 tablespoon catnip
1 tablespoon whole hops flowers
and as much cinnamon as you would like for flavor.

Bring water to a boil, Fill diffuser with herbs/cinnamon. Pour in and let brew for 10-15 minutes. Take out diffuser and toss soaked herbs.

Enjoy your tea!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 9:27 am
by bluejay_1919
dualhands wrote:Blissful Tea recipe :fairy:
This tea will bring about a mild state of calm euphoria.
Also helps to really connect with animals on an etheric level.

1 tablespoon catnip
1 tablespoon whole hops flowers
and as much cinnamon as you would like for flavor.

Bring water to a boil, Fill diffuser with herbs/cinnamon. Pour in and let brew for 10-15 minutes. Take out diffuser and toss soaked herbs.

Enjoy your tea!

I'm saving this recipe. It sounds quite nice. Thanks for sharing it!

Re: -**Dualis Lux Manibus - Book of Shadows**-

PostPosted: Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:30 pm
by dualhands
You are most more than welcome! I hope it finds you as well as it does me. Some would find it a bit bitter due to the hops, however with a little sugar and adjusting the cinnamon as you please, it shouldn't be an issue. Its a good cup of tea to have before playing with pets if you have any.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 02, 2015 12:45 pm
by dualhands
This is my version of a protection witches jar.

1 mason jar
1 black obsidian stone
1 quartz crystal
sea salt
angelica root
a decent amount of razorblades, nails, screws, broken glass, tacks, etc ( rusty is great to use )
your own urine and blood
parchment paper + any ink you choose

Take the mason jar and put the black obsidian stone and quartz stone in the bottom. The obsidian stone is for protection and the quartz stone amplifies its energy. Now fill it up with the razorblades, nails, broken glass etc. ( not all the way). sprinkle sea salt, mugwort, and angelica root in there ( for protection against curses and evil spirits ). Now urinate in the jar ( women should do this during their menstrual cycle for the blood ). Once you have done that prick your finger with a clean sharp object ( I prefer the point of a razorblade ) And get a few drops of blood mixed in along with the urine. If your somewhat hesitant about poking your finger for blood droplets; just make a slice with the razorblade enough to slightly bleed. Proceed to take your finger and smear the blood all over the razorblade and then put the razorblade in the jar. Seal it up nice and tight, even use ducktape to seal it up around the top. Get your parchment paper and draw sigils/runes whatever you wish for protective qualities. I personally prefer a basic "protection" sigil as it covers all bases in my OP, not being so specific. Fold the parchment paper three times into a triangle ( triangles amplify energy! ) and tape it completely over the top of your jar.

Once you have finished making your witches jar, find a spot that you can bury it at that wont be disturbed. I bury mine in my backyard as I feel more psychic protection at home this way. if you live in an area where you cant do this; go to the woods, a state park, a big open field, etc. Discretely bury this underground ( not just under the surface either. dig about a foot and a half down. the deeper the better ) as you don't want to be approached while burying a jar full of urine, blood, and sharp objects if you catch my drift.

This jar works well for me, I like to replace it whenever I feel needed. ( over a years period typically for me, always seems to fall on a full moon ) I hope it finds you well as it does me.

-Dualis Lux Manibus

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:17 am
by dualhands
Link to:

Vision Tea


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PostPosted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:44 pm
by dualhands
Reversing curse spell

this spell is for reversing a curse or returning negative/evil energy

All you need for this spell is pine needles and a place to burn them

gather up your pine needles, and place them wherever you decide to burn them. You can put them in a cauldron, place them on a charcoal disc, or throw them into the fire.

Hold the pine needles in your hands, and concentrate on the curse that has been bestowed on you. As you imagine the curse being lifted throw them into the fire/light them on fire. Let the smoke cleanse you and your spirit lifting the curse. And let it carry it up into the heavens for the angels and gods to disperse the evil.