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Newbie, exploring Wicca

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:18 am
by seeking3
Hi Kassandra,

I am very new to Wicca. I have been learning and educating myself to see if Wicca is something that fits me, (because even though I am not religious, I do feel spiritual).

However, not to get off the subject but two nights ago I went to bed and said a prayer to ask for help to talk to my guardian angel, or to find my spirit animal (which is the raccoon). During this time I felt the weight of something sit down on the foot of my bed, against my leg. I didn't open my eyes, but I just laid there, not knowing what to do. It did not feel bad at all. But, I also do not want to bring anything ugly upon me.

There is only one person that I know that practices Wicca, and she said to be very careful, kind of scared me, but when I told her it did not feel bad, she said to next time open my eyes.

Can you please give me more enlightenment as to this.


Re: Newbie, exploring Wicca

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:08 am
by planewalker
Greetings Gentle Being,

Investigating your spirituality is exciting but it can also be a bit overwhelming at first. Are you mixing the Craft in with your search for a religion? The Craft is what we here have in common. We have Wiccans, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, Agnostics, Zoroastrians, even Christians. As to being careful, that is something that any practitioner of the Arts will tell someone. They are even more serious when telling a friend. If you are doing work in the Craft and you try things that are above and beyond your knowledge you will end up in a world of hurt.

As to your possible visitation, it could have been a dream or waking dream. That would most likely be an ancestor. You could have been broadcasting for a Guardian Angel and one came to visit. Nothing bad happened to you. Admittedly, "someone" sitting on your bed, by an unknown entity, can be disconcerting, it did you no harm. It may have done good by making the lesson of being careful all the more real.

May I ask, how did you find your Spirit Guide. I've been learning and then practicing Indian Medicine for a little more then 50 years. I'm just curious.

I hope this helps. Give me a PM when you have time. We should have a lot to converse about.


Re: Newbie, exploring Wicca

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:05 pm
by Kassandra


Hi Seeker3. I notice that whenever a person starts expressing an interest in the spirit world, the spirit world starts expressing a keen interest in that person, for better and for worse. It seems to send up an etheric beacon, like, "Look at me! Come on over." One is calling attention to one's self, even though one may not be trying to do so, nor even wanting to do so. Man, the stories I could tell you about things that happened as I started this path, geez! Don't know why, but whenever someone starts a spiritual practice of any sort, not just with Wicca, but especially with any sort of metaphysics where one actually does things that manipulate energy, then "they" come a-runnin,' both the good and the bad.


As a side thought, it seems everything could be translated into light somehow --sounds could be, colors could be, and other energies as well, including words. I've seen people versed in physics "translate" sounds, colors, etc., into light waves, and vice versa. And it's my understanding there are light waves beyond human vision as well. Light must be really important for existence of all beings, even in different densities.

Dark things lack light, and by nature are vampiric, not necessarily evil, but vampiric in that they prey on light sources to ingest the life-giving light energy they need, as it were. They are intrinsically needy. The New Age-y advice bandied about often to the effect of "surround yourself in white light," blah blah, is the last thing you want to do, unless you wanna be someone's Scooby snack, lol. I mean, we could get into a discussion about bio-photons, and all that, but I digress...


I think your Wiccan friend was right to caution you to "be very careful," and the scare you felt was probably a good, healthy fear you should feel. Witchcraft is not all about nice chats with spirit guides, casting love spells, dressing in pentagram pendants and cool witchy boots (though cool witchy boots are awesome). It's also about personal growth such as developing and exercising psionic skills and sensibilities. This should include a sense of discernment, or as the Christians put it, learning to "test the spirits"....not bad advice at all.

So while I encourage you on your Wicca path, I too caution you to use discernment when dealing with the spirit world. At all times own your space as much as possible, and have a healthy respect for all beings, great and small --not fear, but respect. Do your best, but even so, there will be some fights you just won't win. Yet, there will be many that you do win. It's all part of the Earth Walk journey.

See if your friend might help you create wards and protections for your house in general, and your room in particular. This is just a witchcraft 101 baseline procedure. They should always be in place. Some people also wear protective talismans on their persons. And I guess a good rule to keep in mind is wherever you are, whether in your bedroom, or out in public, find a way to own your space. Imagine a barrier around yourself and your things, including your thoughts and emotions (but material things, too --things can be "hitchhiked" and infused with presence).


Cope with discarnate things as you would incarnate humans, no difference. If someone or something is polite to you, respects you and your space, then you might enjoy their acquaintanceship. You may or may not want to get to know them more, but in any event, there is respect. If, however, someone or something is a jerk to you, be firm about telling the person or thing it is not welcome in your space. Leave from its presence. Don't hang around anyone or anything you should t be hanging around. And if it is in your home, uninvited, then you definitely have a right to command it to leave. Always honor your personal sovereignty, and expect it to be respected, as well.

About your sending out an invitational prayer to speak to your guardian angel, and find your spirit animal. Realize this might be perceived in the spirit realm as akin to someone in our world walking around in public, asking random people, "Hi there, hey, could you help me please?" Now, what do you think you'll get? I guess that all depends on factors such as where you are: bad neighborhood, you might seriously regret you asked that question. Good neighborhood, you might find honest people who will help you.

So also in the spirit world. There is room to find what you're looking for, but there is also room to run into a lot of bullsh** along the way to finding it. You might get a response from a benevolent spirit. But, you also might get a response from a malevolent spirit, pretending it's benevolent (and I would include extraterrestrial beings in that analogy, too, because I have observed, and it has been noted by others, that most of them easily shift between third and fourth density, so they could also disguise themselves as benevolent angels and spirit guides, or whatever else a human is longing to see; in fact, this has been reported by many a naive person, to their chagrin, lol).

As to your visitor, "test the spirit" (or whatever that was) using your own discernment. What do your intuitive faculties tell you, what do you feel? Personally, I would say anything that plops on your bed, at night, in the dark, scares you so much you can't even open your eyes to look at it, that ain't no guardian angel, lol. But that's just my opinion, do what you feel is best. Experience is the best teacher, not me (or an even better version of that saying might be, pain is the best teacher, because we never forget lessons we learn the hard way, lol).


There is a lot of information about signs you'll receive from your guardian angel, little things they do to get messages across to you. They are always there, and don't need to announce their presence. And they definitely don't do things to frighten you. It's my experience you just start talking to them. You don't have to say any special prayers. And they're not just going to materialize before you in your room. They are of subtle energy, or at least, that seems to be their preferred form when dealing with humans.

Watch the larger patterns in your life. That's where they manifest themselves. They are here to assist us in our life purposes....pursue that, and they will vigorously fight alongside you.

Finally, I'm just curious --you stated your spirit animal is the raccoon, but also that were you praying to "find" your spirit animal. Isn't it found? That confused me.




Re: Newbie, exploring Wicca

PostPosted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 10:53 pm
by seeking3
Hi everyone who responded to my question, and thank you so much for such valuable information.
I was raised in the christian faith, but i have never felt connected. I felt no fear of harm when this happened, yet just wasn't expecting anything. I have always been fascinated, interested and more connected to the raccoon to where I have collected pieces, pictures, i was praying to ask if this was my spirit animal, not that I know yet. Just getting used to this forum, will learn how to submit and ask questions better.. love to all