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Candle magic.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 12, 2018 4:00 pm
by Brett Nortje
For a while now I have been working with candles, but, before I tell you how deep this can go, you must remember that candles represent the bonding of earth, the wick, air, the gas for fuel, water, the product of the mixture, as plasma running off and candle wax when it cools, and, of course, fire in the centre. Yes, this is the quasi elemental that so many seek, and, get deferred to by the spirit board, the ultimate guide.

So, how do you use candles? Let's begin by experimenting safely, to see if the flame accepts you? There are four elements, that we will get to later, and, based on your personality, they will take to you or defy you. If you are one that like to do things, then this scrying method is for you! The candles will react to your questions, as shown below;

[1] On the surface level;

The candles will dance slightly to extremely, indicating interest or a confirmation of your query. Then, if they flicker, they will indicate a a stronger yes, of course. If they smoke, they will be very interested in you doing that, accept a deal you have... never mind... or indiatce great success in that endeavour. (Remember, salamanders are in control of this method.)

[2] On the deeper pseudo science understanding level;

The wind and breath you give off controls the dancing, the reflex of 'surprise and interest,' where the flame gives off a 'spasm,' indicates the and the 'flakes of deposits' controls the smoke,

[3] On the science level;

The carbon makes the candle smoke, the wind makes the candle dance and the oxygen makes it breathe. This is due to elements coming into contact with the flames, driven there by the wind, the wind you give off, the air in the room or outside, and, the wind is controlled by your electromagnetic aura. This aura is where your body gives off heat, like when you smother yourself in blankets and collect heat slowly with covers, then notice when you get out that it is cold, no? This is where you need to understand that this heat you give off comes a certain density, due to the stress levels you have, where you have 'an attitude' that emits energy, pseudo and biologically based. This mixes with the other energies, including the wave of mental questions, that collect from the brain into the aura, and, then you find them mix to produce the event that will alter the flames, or lack of activity to stimulate the answer. These energies are explained as a matrix or lattice of combined energy from living and dead things, where the dead things give off magnetic fields, like their electrons keep them bonded, and the protons keep them together, magnetically.

Lighting the candles, cigarettes, and, matches.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:20 pm
by Brett Nortje
It has long been considered a sign to light a match, lighter or candle, of course. Let us go through them, with great reason and logic, if you will?

With matches, the match will strike well if you are convinced of this or that, scratch for a plea of innocence, and break for a desire too great for you to handle, okay? This is surface level stuff, of course! The science comes with understanding that the match will ignite if there is friction, which means there is activity regarding the query, confirmation, action. This means that there needs to be energies correct of the universe around you, through the density of the aura of you not being too dense nor too clear. That means you need to be firm not meek nor forceful, okay?

The match will light if the force applied is correctly done between you and your society. This means that the energy coming from those around you will make you physically, mentally and spiritually feel a certain way.

[1] They might love you if you are making them happy in some way, so it will light the first time all the time! This is sign of love and endearment, and, success - getting the first light is great stuff!

[2] Getting the second strike is where the energy is deferred from the first strike, so that those waiting for the fans to go forward get out the way, 'they wait,' okay? These faeries will feel, not necessarily be, superior. These are negative energies, but yield the cats of society, and, great success from those that wait and are patient too.

[3] Getting the third strike is important for those that identify with nothing. These aloof people need to either agree or disagree with the topic, issue, adoration or yourself or that you are successful in the issue, be it a question or a cause. As the first is a vote of confidence, and, the second is a vote of success, the third is lack lustre support, or, aloof "Oh it is okay, yes, why not?"

That is about all you need to know. This is justified by the [physical influence], [one world consciousness energies] and [auras] coming together for a potency, mental and social 'configuration of questioning.'

More deeply, the ways of the faeries are where you merely need to know the chemistry for the spark needs to be where the influence of your force onto the match or lighter flint is enough to make a spark. This is where the gases need to be balanced, or, imbalanced in your favour, the flit needs to be dry, not moist from inactivity - which makes getting the first strike the hardest! - and that they are not gathering fluids from the gases in the air. This is a sign of inactivity or dismissal, okay?