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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 7:17 am
by nightshroud
To me it comes from the heart as long as you can put your heart and soul into it the gods will listen. (That) makes for an easier connection with them, because the gods don't want you to try and be like others. they want you to be your wonderful self.

Mother Gaia blessed us with individuality why not use that? nothing wrong with you I went down that road. The gods love you for you. :D

Blessed be your day and hope you find this helpful.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:01 pm
by SpiritTalker
Yup. Being truly ourselves is the core of having a personal WCraft practice.

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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 9:19 am
by SpiritTalker
nightshroud wrote:I read on consercration but still confused.

The basic idea is to clean the item to get road dust and unwanted psychic energy off from it. Then you make a statement to the spirit of the item that it will be used for the purpose of x (fill in the blank). Then ask your deity's blessing. And you charge it.

There are variations because, of course, nothing a pagan ever does has only one way to do it :roll: The standard cleanse (or re-set) is done with fire and water the two forces that shape the Earth, if you think in terms of eons.

An altar tool is an unintelligent chunk of matter (housing a wee bit of universal spirit) until you imbue it with your magical will and give it's purpose to the spirit within the thing. You always spell things out clearly in magic so everybody knows what the intent is.

If you regularly work with the elements of air, fire, water, earth then you add an introduction to each element after the cleansing & statement of purpose. You touch the item with each symbol of all of the elements: fume with smoke or fan the item or blow on it for air, and hold it above the candle flame for fire, and sprinkle it with water for water, and sprinkle it with some salt or garden soil for earth, and for ether you draw a pentagram or equal-arm cross on it with a finger dipped in oil (these are Signs of the Craft).

The last step of consecration is to ask the blessing of your deity. Short and sweet is better than long, flowery, tongue twisting speeches.

Sometimes, like when you only own one tool, or don't regularly work with all of the elements, the tool can be introduced just to the one single element that it represents. For example, a wand represents air so it could be cleansed, dedicated to the purpose of directing your magical will, then fanned or blown on for air as a way of awakening it, and finally blessed in the name of deity.

The standard tools used in Wicca each represent one element of Nature: Air-wand, Fire-athame, Water-cup, Earth-pentacle

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:09 am
by SpiritTalker
for when you are pinched for everything

When your practice is confined to a small working space & you have nothing at all to use for your ritual, or you just like simplicity, use gestures to express your intent. No tools or candles, no water or incense is used, but all the steps will be carried out by intention through gestures, like a mime enacts a story.

Stand where the center of the circle would be, facing north. Ground by passing the flat of your hand from crown-to-crotch, as you imagine the vertical axis along your spine descending into the Earth. Center by tracing an X on your middle as you imagine the cross roads intersection. To cleanse yourself and your aura, do the see-hear-speak no evil hand gestures placing the hands over the eyes, ears and mouth saying: "I see no evil. I hear no evil. I speak no evil. All about and within me is harmony." Breathe deeply & let that sink in.

Raise power by swinging your arms forward and back for a full minute to pump up some juice. To charge the sacred space, turn a slow, deosil -> circle as you point your index & middle fingers and your mighty witch's gaze to direct your energy to the circle's boundary. Draw forth the power & push it through your hand. This energy passes right through furniture to make a sphere. You might say, "Round and round and round about. All good in & all bad out! As I turn the circle's cast, a place between and holding fast."

To call the quarters, (ie. square the circle & anchor it into the physical realm) remain in the center & turn to each quarter in sequence. Use a gesture of hand-to-heart and a respectful nod to each quarter. (See the elemental hand signs listed below.) Starting at [/b]East" I call Air for power to know, (S) I call Fire for power to Go, (W) I call Water for power to flow, (N) I call Earth for power to grow, (Center) I call Ether to make it so. As above, so below."

You now stand at the cross-roads, cleansed, centered, balanced and at peace with the three realms: celestial, mundane & under-world. You are ready to address your Deity and state your purpose.

Evoking your deities is quite personal, and the words should come from the heart. Greet and welcome them by name or title. Hand-to-heart gestures can express the feeling, with a bow from the waist to show respect. If you aren't working with a deity, then bow to Nature. Reverent silence is OK too.

You can slip right into meditation here, divination or the spell work you want to do. No spell materials are needed. You can raise, program & charge the Circle itself to carry your intention. Do this by imagining the Circle as a blue mist rising from the Earth below your feet & spiraling around you. Imagine & feed your intent into the spiraling mist. Feel it in your gut & feed that into the mist. Speak your intent into the mist as a completed, present-tense event. When you know it IS thus/so, give thanks & then release the spiraling Cone of Power (shaped like a witch's hat) to fulfill the task: "Aid friends and vanquish foes. I command you now to GO." Push! Trust the system. Rest.

In place of the thanksgiving food offering, pledge a simple service within your means (clean up after the dog, shovel snow, empty all the waste baskets and take out the trash, pull weeds, feed the birds, meditate, etc.). "I have no food or drink to hand, instead I offer what I can. I will X." You are honor-bound to keep a pledge made within Circle, so make it something you know you can complete within a week.

Finally you announce the rite is completed, thank and farewell the Deities "Our rite is at an end; and may we always part as friends. Go if you must, stay if you will, with ever peace between us still."; and dismiss the Powers in reverse order, "Powers of North, West, South, East with my thanks go in peace." You don't dismiss Ether, aka Spirit.

Standing in the center spot, ground the circle's residual energy as a gift back into the Earth. Do this by raising your arms straight above your head, then slowly lower your arms out to the sides & straight down as you visualize the circle sinking into the earth. And you're done.

Hand Gestures

Horned God - closed fist with pinkie & index fingers extended like horns, the thumb holding down the middle & ring fingers.

Goddess - a closed fist with the thumb inserted between index & middle finger.

Hand-to-heart - showing reverence & respect.

Bowing - respectful acknowledgment of great power, whereas kneeling is submission to the awesome greatness.

Earth Element - A closed fist.
Air Element - Open palm with spread fingers.
Water Element - Cupped palm turned upwards.
Fire Element - A triangle made with touching index to index fingers & thumb to thumb makes an upward triangle sign of Fire.
Ether - touch your 3rd eye.

Athame - Extended parallel index & middle fingers together; reps dual polarity, double-edge.
Wand - Extended index finger alone.
Chalice - Cupped palm, same as Water.
Pentacle - Traced one-point-up in the air with finger(s).

Hault- flat open, extended palm signals pause/stop.
Summon - open palm drawn toward us as invitation.

Purify - Hands over eyes-ears-mouth shows that you see/hear/speak no evil and purifies the aura.

To aid meditation: Touch tips of thumb & index finger to aid concentration; Touch tips of thumb & middle finger to aid centering; touch tips of thumb & ring finger to aid grounding.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 9:35 am
by SpiritTalker
Simple Solitaire Drawing Down the Moon

To help you plan your evening, the Full Moon rises as the sun sets, and reaches the zenith at midnight. Go outdoors into the moonlight. You should have a cup or bowl of plain water - in which you will catch the Moon's reflection - set in the center of your space. Moonlight is all the blessing that it needs. This will later become your Libation offering. Have your Wand (if used) & journal near by for recording. As you are outdoors there is no altar to set up. Full moonlight is bright enough to see in. Ground & Center as usual. During any Moon meditations, you can look at the Moon or, if that makes you dizzy, gaze at it's reflection in water.

The water will be charging with moonlight while you cast the circle. You will drawn down moon-energy instead of raising earth-energy. Lift the left hand, palm upwards and open to the Moon. Point your right hand (or use the wand) to where you will draw the circle's rim. Then pull the moon light towards and through your raised hand and push it out the other, using the moon's energy to cast your circle. At the calling, call on the Moon Goddess alone, and call to features of the Moon light at each quarter rather than calling the elements themselves.

Speak softly, under your breath, so as not to disturb the Night. As I cast the circle's rim, I summon silvery light within. Around and 'round & round about. All good in & all bad out. As I turn the circle is cast, a place between and holding fast.

Then welcome the Moon Goddess & call the moonlight. I welcome you Lady of the Moon, Selene, come Ye down to grant this boon. Holy Lady of the Night, may it please you to attend and bless my rite.

East: I call to the Light of the Moon to inspire my mind
South: I call to the Light of the Moon to infuse my spirit
West: I call to the Light of the Moon to refresh my soul
North: I call to the Light of the Moon to nourish my energy-body

Then go on with a simple meditation in Her powerful light. (see 3 suggestions below)

When your meditation ends, write about it in your journal as an offering to show Her you value the experience, whatever it is. You might need a pocket flash light to see & write neatly.

You can sip the moon charged water now. No speeches. Do this in reverent silence. Feel the Moonlight. Pour out some water as offering to the Earth & leave the rest outside until animals drink it or it evaporates and the spirits have consumed it.

And because you didn't evoke any but the Lady Moon & Her light there is no elemental dismissal, only the farewell:

Holy Lady, stay if you will, go if you must
May it always be with love and trust

The rite is ended.

Ground and dissipate the circle. Standing in the center spot, kiss your hand to the Moon and raise your arms straight above your head; then slowly lower your arms out to the sides & straight down as you visualize the circle sinking as a gift into the earth. And you're done.


1. Outdoors, on any moon lit night, regardless of the Moon's phase and even if it's cloudy as the Moon is still present: Stand or sit facing the moon haze. Imagine the Moon's hazy white light is surrounding your head and shoulders as if you wore a hoodie of soft, white Cashmere wool. Imagine this light flows into your energy body, and throughout your whole body. Allow about 10 minutes then just let the excess flow down and out through your feet to ground you. Record your experience.

2. On a clear night, stand outdoors in the direct path of the full Moon's light. Focus your awareness on your own energy-body, which is slightly larger than the physical body-space you occupy. Focus your awareness outward to the edges of your space. Sense the moon light and notice how it feels. Then pull your awareness from the edges of your space along with the moon light, and draw back into your center point. Rest within your center and commune in silence. The Moon is linked to psychic energy and 10 minutes of communing will do. You may experience some dizziness so don't over do it. Ground your energy body when you finish. Record your experience.

3. On a clear night, go outdoors in the direct path of the full Moon's light. This can make you dizzy, so sit down. Stare at the moon. Blink as needed. Just keep your gaze on the moon. Let yourself go with the light. To return, think firmly of your body where you sit. Ground yourself. Record your experience.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 5:36 am
by Shadee
Remember when you told me about centering, and I said I couldn't do it right? ^^ I might have found a solution.

Centering is about bringing back our energy to ourselves. The energy that we spread by feeling concern about various things, like work, family, the dinner, and other worldly things.

Here was my problem: when I tried to center, I felt overwhelmed with energy. And since I have absolutely no natural shield against such thing, I just ended up laughing and crying like crazy after five minutes of trying. This made my emotions go completely nuts, yet most of them didn't come from me. It was like laughing out of being tickled.

Then I realized these energy bursts came from inside my chest, near the Heart chakra. It's a very sensible spot for me, and I might have made the mistake of trying to bring back my energies there. So when I tried again, I decided to store it all behind my navel button, near my Sacral chakra. And this time, it felt a lot better.

So there you have it ^^" I wasn't listening to my body enough, I guess... Thank you for this guide!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 18, 2017 7:56 am
by SpiritTalker
Well done :) You stayed with your intent and found your space. Grounding and releasing the emotional energy waves can help ease the pressure. Centering is also about uniting with one's force of will.

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 28, 2017 7:06 pm
by PhoenixRising
SpiritTalker wrote:KNOW YOUR LOCALE. Know about your geographic location, it's history, and the lay of the land and your neighborhood. Get out and feel Nature. Feel the Earth's energies at dawn, noon, dusk, & midnight.

This is something I've always done, ever since I was a child. And I've always had an excellent sense of direction, and a strong memory of which way I came, should I get turned around (or "lost," as my ex used to insist :lol: ).

Admittedly, I do need to get out and feel the wonders of Nature more often.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2017 12:24 pm
by SpiritTalker
@ PR - Getting our senses involved speeds up learning.


How does someone actually become a witch?

As with many other spiritual paths It's by initiation received from someone already initiated. Initiation is a ritual designed to summon a way-opening experience. Temples & preparatory rites in ancient times were designed to create & induce the receptive state based on the knowledge that one can summon the initiatory experience thru frequency vibration. It's a bit more than just deciding one day to act like a witch and quack like a witch & so-be-it a witch. By the time all the stage management takes place the initiate's psyche & body are keyed to "A" like a musician tuning his instrument. When s/he hums in resonance to the thrum of the Earth (7.8 kilohertz range) they can sustain it naturally because it is a natural frequency resonance. If they "feel it in their bones" it's the crystalline forms within the blood and bone resonating to the Earth's frequency. To my understanding that makes a witchcraft initiatory experience. And initiation doesn't always "take" if there's resistance or self-doubt.

That's all fine if you're involved with a coven but many witch's go one further and accept self-dedication.


Just practicing witchcraft doesn't make a person a witch in the stricter sense and meaning of initiation resonance. Research is essential to grasping the world view of any path. Dedication is serious business as you are making a vow with your sovereign integrity. In a self-dedication you identify yourself & then make a solemn pledge of intention to follow a specific faith/path, to take on to yourself the world view of that path, for a stated time period. You swear an oath: I (name), as the child of (mother) who is daughter of (grandmother), & who was daughter of (great grand mother) do swear from this day forward a year and a day.... Blah blah ... You know what you want to say. Another idea instead of naming your ancestral line - we don't all know our extended family - might be to name the cultural history or mythic lineage of the deity to whom you pledge and name yourself their child. And it's OK not to recite any lineage & to be yourself, child of the Universe standing proudly before the Powers.

Selecting a site to perform your ceremony is important if you want the best results. Seek somewhere outdoors & if possible, near flowing water to help open your psychic senses; near a rock formation or within a grove of trees to anchor the physical body to the Earth's frequency. You will need to take along drinking water & a Fire-safe pot, matches & dry kindling if you want a fire. You don't need a bonfire. The Earth will be underfoot and Air all around you. You'll need some pre-sliced food as thanks-offering (a baggie of orange sections, a quartered apple, nuts & raisins). Weather is also an important consideration as is limiting what you carry in to the site because you will need to haul it out afterwards. If weather conditions force you indoors then create a sanctuary with all 5 of the elements represented. Clean & purify an area to work in &' keep decor simple. Give a potted plant pride-of-place to represent the sacred Earth. Making an honest effort to balance the elements within your space will be beneficial to your success.

You might choose a date for your ceremony that's within the light 1/2 of the year to support growth, such as between Imbolc & the Spring Equinox when the Earth is renewing, to be in sinc with spiritual re-birth at a new Spring season, or at a new moon phase for new-beginnings. Another idea is on your birthday or a meaningful anniversary. Or you may just know Now is the appropriate time. It's up to you.

You might prepare a special robe, tunic or your Measure to wear for the ceremony & a pendant or ring to commemorate your pledge. It doesn't need to be a pentagram unless you want it. Weather permitting, an initiate is usually barefoot and does the rite outdoors, directly in touch with the sod underfoot. In this way you are able to summon the Earth's energy into your body to set the intent of your will within you, just as you would raise energy to set your intent in a spell. The more you focus the better you will tune yourself to welcoming the Earth's energy & resonance.

A newB isn't expected to know how to cast a circle & call upon the 4-Winds, the Elders, ancestors of the faith, and probably hasn't bonded with a god-form. Just use what you know. At the least ground & center yourself. Request the Powers of Nature to take notice of your intention & ask for their support. Then speak your pledge aloud. Breathe. Drink some water & share some with the Earth. Make a thanks offering of the Earth's seasonal fruit (like an apple) & flowers & lay them right on the Earth. Remember to properly ground your energy after the ceremony.

Gear your creative expressions to a narrow purpose and don't get too carried away. It's easier to concentrate in simple ceremonies with fewer instructions & minimal decoration, plus the less you haul to the site the easier the clean up will be. Allow yourself a couple hours to include travel time so you aren't rushed. And when you're done, Celebrate!!

Lord of the Dance ... RmRMbBM4Bc
The Dubliners, published YouTube 2001

Lord of the Dance - adapted lyrics

I danced in the morning when the world was begun
I danced in the moon and the stars and the sun
I came down from heaven and I danced upon the earth
and I danced into being the cycles of rebirth

Dance, dance wherever you may be
I am the Lord of the Dance, said He
I'll lead you now wherever you may be
I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

Dance, dance wherever you may be
When you dance with the Lord He will dance with thee
Turn, turn, a circle then you form
The Lord of the Dance is the Lord of the Corn.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:58 am
by SpiritTalker

Seat a client on a stool or slightly forward on an armless chair so furniture isn't in the way. Tell them what you will be doing so they wont be anxious. Place a bowl of water where you can occasionally rinse your hands. On the floor is fine. As you work stand beside the client & hold your open palms about 3 inches above them so you don't ever actually touch physically. To keep energy balanced, work the body in sections with one hand at their front and the other at their back; and then shift your position to stand one hand at their left side & the other right.

This also works with pets and farm animals with some necessary agility. Chair optional :mrgreen: .

1st prepare: Ground & center. Breathe deep to the belly. Rinse your hands in the water. Rub your palms together, then shake them out at the ground.

2nd observe. Guide your open hands downward thru their aura, from head, to shoulders, to torso, hips, legs to feet. Note any pressure or warmer or cold spots. If you see auras then observe color or brightness changes. Rinse your hands in the water. Rub your palms together, then shake them out at the ground.

3rd comb: stroke with your open fingers with downward, sweeping motions gradually moving from head to feet. Pay special attention to those areas where you'd felt pressure or temp changes. Sweep a couple of times and shake your hands out after each swipe. Sense again. If you see their aura observe color or brightness changes. Rinse your hands in the water. Rub your palms together, then shake them out at the ground. Repeat if needed, but no more than a total of three passes per sitting or you'd be wasting time.

4th seal: raise energy through your body from the earth below and sky above, pooling in the gut. Rub your hands then shake them out 2-3 times so the energy flow is strong, then pass your open palms above their head and slowly downwards. Push energy softly outward. Make only one pass, head-to-toe. Shake out your hands. Ground residual energy.

If you have a palm-size stone of black tourmaline, shungite or white selenite, you can use it to cleanse-stroke the aura or if the client is fidgety let them hold the stone while you work.

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2018 11:08 am
by SpiritTalker
When it comes to doing rituals, we act out a goal (just like doing a spell) but the transformational work is done internally & not "to" something else. There's nothing to see so not much to write about. A simple Compass contains our energy until we release it. The direction of spiraling and circular motions within the Compass impact the energy flow and effect the Crafter's level of consciousness & sensory experiences. You'd expect there will be an experience relevant to the user. What that experience will be isn't known. In my experimenting I've found that by pacing a spiral widdershins the energy descends and by spiraling deosil it ascends. I suspect others find it the same & is why widdershins is used to decrease and deosil to increase. When you want to pull energy out of the ground then these things matter. If that's not an intent then it doesn't matter.


Robin Artison is one non-Wiccan author I've read who has given a few rituals to draw & direct energy. He simply acts out what he wants to have happen. For example he paced out a figure eight to act out passing between worlds for consultation in the "other world". The circle in the mundane world was paced out deosil and the reflection/opposite circle was paced widdershins in the symbolic other world. There were 2 lanterns on north facing trees he used as a gateway at the junction where the 2 halves of the 8 met. An ale & bread offering was set on the ground at the junction & 1/2 was consumed by him at the ritual's end & the other 1/2 left on the ground.

I set this up in my backyard facing north with 2 bamboo poles & 2 flameless tea lights to mark the junction of the 8; then just paced it out for an hour, starting at the gate & first pacing the mundane/deosil circle and then crossing through the gate poles & pacing the other/widdershin circle, and returning thru the gate to the mundane to pace deosil, and then crossing back thru the gate to the other, pacing widdershins; over & over in a figure 8. The monotony induced light trance and the action drew subtle energy. When I was ready I paced a spiral widdershins from the gate & into the other-world center & sat down to meditate 1st in the other-world circle (reverse-spiraling to get out & recrossed the gate to the mundane) and then spiraling with the deosil flow into the "mundane" circle center to sit down, meditate & return to normal. There's no harm in the ritual if you behave yourself & it's simple to do. As always with any circle be sure to ground yourself & disipate the circles when done.

It's not something to do for fun because quite frankly it's tedious & monotonous. It really helps if you've done several simple compass rounds first so you know what the energy feels like. It also helps if you're bare foot. It's not a cast circle as in Wicca; instead the connection to Earth is maintained by pacing. It's just one way to stage a ritual to cause a desired effect. RA wanted to "cross between" so he set up a simple stage to do that. The monotony, intent & energy did the rest.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:02 am
by frostarei
Thank you so much for all of this. I am especially finding the information on grounding, centering and shielding extremely helpful as energy visualization was always something I've struggled with. I also never realized it before but I was organizing my elemental altar representations with the correct polarity even though I actually didn't know them. My old altar was actually a little head board with shelves so it was kinda long and thin horizontally. My items had to live in a line.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 29, 2018 2:55 pm
by SpiritTalker
That's a good observation re: natural polarity. I'm happy you found this useful. :)