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Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:39 am
by Seraphin_npocampo

Source: Tumblr

Protected and sacred space is created through prayer and ritual (magickal and mundane rituals). If we have a room that can be set apart as a magickal or spiritual sanctuary, do so. If not a corner of a room will do. But best of all, make all our home a protected and sacred space.

Where do we begin?

Remove Clutters and Bad Vibrations

Negative entities can pollute places with their presence. Such pollution or clutter usually occurs when someone commit certain acts that open the door to the activity of negative entities and spirits. For example, a placed used for violence and torment or a house that witnessed a rape or murder crime may invite malignant spirits and entities. Even when the perpetrators have left the scene, spirits may still linger, hoping to prey upon unsuspecting newcomers.

Objects, materials, tools and instruments used in these negative activities could have strong vibrations attached to it and therefore attracts negative energies and entities too. A knife, for instance, which was used to kill somebody with anger and hatred, would acquire a different character and could have negative effects on a place or a person. That's why antiques and second-hand items of unknown origin should never be brought to one's home unless you have cleansed and consecrated them because they can give bad vibes.

Remove and/or destroy any objects which have been exposed to negative emotions held by negative people.

Cleanse and Consecrate the Place

Space cleansing and consecration involves clearing the atmosphere of a house so that it's etheric energy becomes neutral and can then be imbued with positive, protecting and life-enhancing energy.

Energy in houses rises and drops according to the energies of those who resides in them. Walls retain traces, impressions and imprints of memories and emotions and there can be residual energy from the after-effects of illness, death, violence, divorce or relational conflicts. It's also important to cleanse a new home when we move into it or if someone preparing to get pregnant.

  • General cleaning. Make sure the house is always physically clean. If not, thoroughly clean the house. Sweep and mop the floors, dust and wipe the furniture, wash the dishes, etc. Cleanliness attracts positive energies, otherwise it's the opposite. We may use Van Van and Chinese Wash as our cleaning detergents as they acquired a very strong magickal reputation due to their potent cleansing properties among Hoodoo practitioners and root workers.

    If for some reason we feel very uncomfortable about how the house feels, redecorate it and rearrange the furniture. Do this to create the space that suits our will and the flow of our movements. Inhabit the space so that other entities will not inhabit it.

  • Cleansing blessing. This should be done once a month, preferably every new moon for full effect but once you know what to do it is quick, easy and fun.

    Cast a circle and call the quarters by whatever method you like. Then sit quietly and peacefully and ask for protection and guidance. Light two candles (on your altar if you have), saying an appropriate prayer to your Patron/Patroness Deity.

    Cleanse the house with each element while chanting:

    "Infinite power of the Divine
    Protect and bless this house through time"

    Borrowed from Xiao Rong's magickal incantations

    For the air element, light an incense or a sage over a saucer or pot that will catch any ash. Blow the sage to make it smolder. Then using a feather to waft the smoke, wave the sage into the walls of the house while walking clockwise around each room, ensuring that smoke goes to every corner of the house.

    For the fire element, light a red candle. Hold your hands around it as if cupping them in an embrace for a moment and then walk clockwise around each room with a candle.

    For the water element, get a small bowl of water containing a pinch of salt. Dip your right hand into the water and sprinkle a few drops on the walls while walking clockwise around each room.

    For the earth element, place four quartz crystals and/or black tourmaline as protection wards, one in each of the cardinal directions of the house.

    For the spirit element, ring a chime, bell or meditation bowl while walking clockwise around each room.

    When you have finished, light a lavender incense and sit quietly for a while, focusing on what you want to bring into your life. Say a prayer to your Patron Deity and make an offering.

    Dismiss the quarter and close the circle.

  • Centering meditation. Since all planes of existence interweave with each other, what happens in each plane has an effect on the others. So centering meditation will find its way through the mental and astral plane to both emotional, spiritual and physical realms. In the spiritual world, it invokes a command for cleansing and consecration and in the emotional and physical it cleanses and get rid of unwanted energies in the house. The simple meditation invokes all the worlds or planes.

    Sit comfortably in the center spot of our house. Close our eyes, imagine a cord from our root chakra (base of spine) that goes down through the floor, through the earth and the rock and the magma right to the very center of the earth. This to ground us.

    Now visualize that we are drawing up the strong energy of earth through the floor of our house. This deep vibrant energy flows up through the fixtures and furniture of our house, up to the walls, then to the ceiling, charging our whole house. Now feel it flowing down the cord at the base of our spine, taking all the negative physical manifestations of energies, entities and spirits (illness, sickness, family stress, financial struggles, etc.) which it to be dissolved and transformed by the magma at the center of the earth.

    Now focus on our crown chakra, at the top (fontanel) of our head. Visualize the purple, energy of water element flowing into us above. The water flows down the floor of the house, washing and cleansing us and our home. Feel the water flow down the cord, taking with all the negative emotions that we and and our family may have had such as stress, restlessness, fear, worries and built up anger.

    Focus on our head again and feel the blue-tinted air waft into our brain and down through our whole body and around the house – in every rooms, removing any cobwebs and cloudy and dark thoughts that we and our family unawarely project and stay in our home. Send this too down the chord, cleansing our spirit and our home.

    Then feel a clear bright white light flame, shinning down through your entire body, crawling like a fire, engulfing your whole house and burning and consuming entities and spirits with our spiritual flame. Bask in its heat and power. Visualize any entities and spirits as if it's turning into ashes. This light flows right through us down the center of the earth, balancing, purifying and inspiring ourselves and our home together.

    Now cut off the cord by clenching our buttocks and imagine the crown of our head closing so that we and our house is still filled with light. Open our eyes and make sure we are grounded by patting our feet on the floor three times.

Dedicate the Place

Set our home apart for spiritual and magickal use. Release our rights to the property. Offer the place to our Spirit Community (Deities, spirit guides, ascended masters, angels, etc.), inviting their presence. Verbal, visible pronouncement is important in declaring this intention. The head of the household (usually the husband) lead in a prayer or rite of dedication. In a home where there is a same-sex partnership or relationship or friends living together, one should voluntarily take the part of husband or the head of the house. Single parent mother can take this role for their home and children and establish their authority over the place. We may also wish to ask a witchy friend or a trusted practitioner to perform the cleansing and the dedication, if we are new to this.

Protective Decorations

Fill our home with objects and activities that attracts protection. A tangible blessing extends to the family and the dwelling of the one who is positive and optimistic. Let's be practical. When we decorate our house, remember what the eye sees, the mind and heart will follow. Consider tastefully including paintings, sculptures, books, and symbols that catch the eye and direct the mind toward sacredness, protection and happiness.

  • Sacred designs, amulets and talismans. We could hang some sacred protective designs and talismans around our house such as pentagram, arrows, pyramid, the Huichol Indians 'tsikuri' or God's eye, or the Egyptian Eye of Horus/Ra or amulets such as corals, alligator's teeth, dove's feather, horns, horseshoe, or garlic cloves. It could be a simple drawing in an illustration board, a charm with magickal squares and sigils or a witchy craft. The idea behind a specific design or symbol that demonstrated protection and sacredness is to give us and other inhabitants a structure on which to base our belief, so that we could be confident and kept focused that we are indeed illuminated, guided, ruled and guarded. Not only that, amulets and talismans have consciousness and life-forces of their own, thus they can create positive vibrations that affect our thoughts and emotions. These life-forces are what give power to these objects. Similar to the way the Catholics hang crosses in their doors, we could try to ensure that every symbols we put is perfectly balanced by taking all necessary ritual, consecration or procedures into consideration.

  • Setting up an altar. It's also advisable to make an altar or shrine – a small table is ideal. Place on it a cloth, candles, whatever spiritual symbols move us (pentagram, hexagram, yin yang, eye of the providence, etc.),statute of our Deity or our Highest Ideal, some crystals or rocks, herbs and spices, flowers that represent protection and happiness, etc. Of course, make sure you have consecrated and charged the articles first by smudging, sprinkling salt water, passing the items swiftly through flame or letting them bathe in sunlight or moonlight.

    If we go to that place first thing every morning and bless ourselves and our family and the day, we will create an area of sacred space within a week. Make sure our altar is never cluttered; keep their herbs and flowers fresh and renew the sacred objects when we feel moved to do so. Very soon, we will find ourselves drawn there whenever we need some peace, time to think, or whenever there's an issue that needs to be resolved.

    For those who are in the broom closet, prepare a small box with sacred and special objects and open it whenever we wish to lift our energy. This will become our portable or moving tabernacle.

  • Jars, bottles and statutes. Long ago, witches revealed powerful and useful craft of protection. They're purpose is to protect the practitioner from envious look of others, help eliminate negative feelings and shield them from negative entities and spirits. The crafts are indispensable for spiritual and physical protection. Our intention when channeled through certain words and phrases has the power to charm the crafts and turn their state into the state of completely positive, protective energy.

    Keeping a jar of rice or red brick dusts by our doors is a good protective charm, as the rice absorbs negative energies and red bricks dusts protect us against negativity. A bottle of Hoodoo Peace Water is a good one too. It draws its symbolism from the Biblical command to 'spread oil on troubled waters.' Witch bottles are an old fashioned witchy craft that's effective to repel negativity. These bottles are usually buried outside the property and can be filled with nails, razor blades, twigs and sharp rusty objects, then filled with vinegar, urine or bitter juices. Having gargoyles and dragons statutes too is a fabulous way to protect our space as they will keep watch for us.

  • Feng-Shui. We may also consider doing some Feng-Shui too to draw and balance the spiritual energies. Feng-Shui is not just for Chinese or Asian people. It's about maintaining balance and harmony between form (doors, furniture, fixtures) and timing (dates, direction, location), which works like a computer's hardware and software –both are important components in order for the machine to do its job. Here are some Feng- Shui tips for the home:

    1. Make sure that the main door or entrance of our house is not blocked by anything, tall trees etc. It should be open up to a pleasing vista. As you stand from your threshold, look out; what you see is what you receive. Go for a pleasant, clutter-free view.

    2. Keep the foyer or entrance clean. Entering our main door, the first thing we and our guests see should be something welcoming, not clutter. If the door opens to a blank wall, put something that evokes good memories like a happy photo of our family, a painting of a place where we traveled, our personal collections, things from our childhood (toys, books, etc.), posters of our favourites -- all of these things can lift the vibrations within the room without the need for ritual magick.

    3. Know which colors we need according to our birth month, for balance. Winter-born people need firey colors such as red, orange, scarlet, bright yellow, warm yellow, golden yellow. Summer-born people need watery colors such as blue, black, white, silvery blue, gray, blue-green and seafoam green. Spring-born people need metal colors such as copper, bronze, silver and gold. Fall people need wood colors such as brown, green, tan, olive and dusky hues.

    4. A gathering area should be the heart of the home. It may be our living or family room, not the kitchen or laundry room.

    5. Illuminate our house. Make sure that there are lights turned on while we sleep. Do not turn off all the lights of the house at night.

    6. Position our bed properly. Make sure there's no light directly above the headboard, as this would drain one's energy. It's also ideal to place the headboard facing the window.

Honor your Deities and the Great Spirits

Regular prayer, meditation or ritual for our Deities and Higher Spirits should form the cornerstone of our and/or our family spiritual life. Families, couples, and singles living together should learn to gather regularly to pray and meditate.

The Deities from any mainstream pantheon had reasons for instituting the feasts and the festivals. Many were object lessons of worship and ways of the Gods. As modern followers of the Gods of antiquity, we can celebrate some of these observances in our own modern way. A blessing awaits those who observe Sai Herthe for Hestia or St. Brigid's Day or Imbolc for the Goddess Brighid. Focusing on the continuity of our Deities' worship honors Them and establishes our homes as places devoted to Them.

Advanced Approaches

  • Servitors. How exactly does one create a servitor? Although there are many variations in recorded methods and procedures, there seem to be a number of elements and steps common to most. These are:

    1. The ritual cleansing of those creating the servitor.

    2. The use of some form of soil (sometimes clay, mud, or mixture of water and sand) to form the body of the servitor. Shape the servitor. Form the 'limbs' of the golem ('limbs', in this case, also seem to represent the torso and head), it need not be elaborate or complex, but we should try incorporating magickal correspondences which are relative to the purpose. In this case, since we want them to protect our household, then try mixing some salt or spices, ground horse chestnuts, and leaves of monkey-puzzle tree or other protective herbs. Mold the clay with our intention and if we do so the soil body gradually takes on human qualities.

    3. The use of magick (energies and words) to form the soil into a form. Sit comfortably and hold our hands out in front of us, elbows bent for comfort, one palm up, one palm down. Using our inner mind, draw solar energy into our upturned palm and draw Earth energy into our downturned palm. Visualize the energy as a ball; touch it; move our hands farther apart and closer together; sink our fingertips into it. Now take the vessel into our left hand while you 'hold' the ball of energy in your right hand directly in front of our mouth and between our mouth and the vessel, say: "By the breath of life, awaken unto being."

    Now 'blow' the energy from our hand into the vessel. Envision the energy continuing the flow into the vessel as we imagine it beginning to grow warm from its arms to its chest, head and abdomen and 'pushing' the energy in with our hands. Note how that feels. When we feel that the servitor is fully 'alive', stop the flow of energy and feel the tiny vessel in our left hand also glowing and pulsating with life force. Say to the servitor/vessel: "Hearken and awake!"

    4. Naming the servitor to activate the creature. When the body is complete, it is activated by means of placing a name on its forehead or forearm, occasionally in its mouth. You may place amulet bearing its name around the vessel's neck. Popular "activation" word choices were "adam" (Hebrew term for 'man') and "emet" (Hebrew term for 'truth'). When it came time to deactivate the servitor, the first letter of these words would be erased: without aleph, Adam becomes "dam" (blood), and without aleph, emet becomes "met" (death).

    5. A clear predefined and precisely worded statement of intention and purpose. Our servitor is a great protective entity. Program it not to harm our enemies but instead its energy will help our situation to be resolved, even if it means moving the disliked persons to a better position or place. This is best performed on Tuesday and write its purpose in the Passing of the River Script in red ink on white paper.

    6. Feeding of a servitors . A servitor must be routinely 'fed' or maintained in order to ensure its survival. Place a knife and sword beside the vessel/servitor, pass it on the sparks of fire or clothe it with sheepskin.

    If we've created an army of servitors, the give each one of them their assignments. Some are our gatekeepers or groundkeepers, some are our guardians, some warriors, others messengers, counselors, and the list goes on. Everyone should have a place on our side. Make sure everyone knows their roles and feed them enough energies to fulfill it.

  • Fences, Shields and Wards. Taking this inner journey is a powerful way to work on inner shields and wards.

    Imagine ourselves standing outside our house. This is the astral counterpart of our house, the house that reflects our inner world. Take a good look at it. Is it in the kind of condition that we would like? Do we have strong fences, walls and gates? If you have then focus strongly on our heart in the center of your body and repeat to ourselves, "strengthen, strengthen". If we don't have, then it's time for we to build energetic barriers to restrict or prevent any negative vibrations and forces across our boundary. Do whatever we need to do to make our house more protected and secured. Visualize iron walls, stone towers and fences around the area to be shielded. Remember to 'see' it in 3-dimensional. Visualize negative energy being absorbed by our shields and wards and flowing into the earth.

    Now take a look at the house again and note the changes. The house should look different now. Know that we can always return and that anytime we do work on our mental and astral level, it will filter to the rest of our emotional and physical body.

Maintain Protection

For your house to be a sacred space you must understand that you have an ongoing duty to discern and pray for the protection of home and family.

  • Ground, center, cleanse and shield unceasingly. It’s nearly impossible to be in a continual state of grounding, cleansing and shielding that is conscious and practical. Just maintain sensitive communion with the higher spirits, gatekeepers, sentinels, familiars being open to their promptings. We can trust our indwelling guides to signal us when physical, emotional, mental, astral and spiritual danger is imminent.

  • Exercise authority. Decide to get over our hesitation about exercising ownership in our home. I know this is easy to be said than done, but don’t be afraid of the spirits and entities that cause harm and discord in our home. The smallest initiative here may result in banishing them completely.

  • Discern and deal with negative influences. Be cautious about inviting strangers into our home: us, parents should be careful about who comes through the door. Similar to an online community such as this, there are real life trolls in the outside world who spread negativities and drain our energies.

  • Confront negative values. Talk to our children and other family members about their undesirable traits, attitude and behavior. Don't terrify them, but make sure they’re informed when they need to be. Us, fathers must especially define values and exercise wise authority when children or other family members violate some values or house standards. Improper attitudes such as disrespect and deceit must be recognized and dealt with. A spiritual lifestyle in the home can protect the family and the children.

  • Resolve family tensions. Deal with attitudes of resentment, anger, hatred, bitterness and unforgiveness before the nasties and leeches get an opportunity to deal with us. How many times after an argument have we tried to settle into peaceful sleep without mending the rift with our mate, parent, or friend? Even if we think ourselves free of guilt, we still may need to go to the other party and talk it out. Being convinced we are 'right' and others are 'wrong' doesn't produce any good. In order to live in harmony, we should have to reconcile conflicts with truthfulness and unconditional love. Whenever this is not done, consequences ensue: lack of peace in the home, stress on the mind and body, and an open crack for potential attachment.

  • Deal with isolated psychic attacks. If we are sensitive enough, we may discern that an arrow or missile from someone who has unhealthy intentions slipped into our home and/or family life. Ask our spirit guides, guardians and such to give us more discernment about it. We may be experiencing a barrage of fear during night time, heavy discouragement, or intensive strife. Learn to deal with these events quickly and decisively. Our tardiness in responding will keep us in the fog longer than we need to be.

Evaluation and Replication

Because these activities are focused on the astral, measurement of success is not always obvious. It is dangerous to rely on subjective impressions to answer the question, "How are we doing?" There must be objective criteria by which we determine movement in the right direction. Ask the hard questions: Has our discernment been correct? Are we slipping into any error? Have there been injuries, casualties in my family? Does my family members need correction and exhortation?

It's necessary also to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. Has there been a noticeable increase of unity of heart and common purpose among my family members? Do I sense balance, happiness, and harmony in my life? Are there visible signs of negative entities or energies weakening? Are there signs of fresh, measurable growth or development among my family members? Can we honestly say that forces of protection and sacredness are advancing in my place?
To give your experience substance, it helps to document in writing what you have developed. This can serve as a model or pattern which can be adapted to other situations in other places.

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:23 am
by Imperious
That was another good read, Seraphin – you’re on a roll.

A lot of what you’re describing touches on paranormal phenomena, particularly things like stone-tape theory. I reckon you did a pretty good job of staying on topic, given that I’d have ended up prattling on about the nature of poltergeists for about six pages. >.<

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:59 am
by Seraphin_npocampo
Hehe... Thank you Imperious. I think I'm just on an information kick these days! :lol:

Watch out for more!

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:28 pm
by Becks
Well done Seraphin! I have to say that I think this is spot on. If people who are experience discomfort in a space follow this then this should do 99% of the situations of discomfort....and keep it feeling good. Seraphin is right, maintenance is so important. I personally clean and then "clean" each week. If most people that have asked me about 'disturbances' in their home or life followed this practice then they wouldn't be having the difficulties that they were having.

I'm glad Seraphin said it. It can't be said enough to to "clean" before you clean. This is where much of the work is actually done. To physically organize and clean a space with intention before you whip out the sage, candle, a huge portion of the job in my experience. Otherwise, it does feel like just putting a band aid on what's really beneath. Your sage/chosen herbs a lot more like a commercial room spray if you don't do the foundation work.

It's interesting to note that where I live the First Nations didn't smudge as much traditionally as they "lit up" a space. Using the candle, in the way Seraphin mentioned, is way to shed light and cleanse those areas needing to be cleansed.

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:13 pm
by Seraphin_npocampo
Thanks Becks!

By the way, I put additional information about Wards and Servitors.

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:11 am
by Imperious
Seraphin Murmur wrote:Thanks Becks!

By the way, I put additional information about Wards and Servitors.

That could well have been an introductory piece on the creation of egregores.

Got something like that in the works?

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:14 am
by YanaKhan
Imperious wrote:That could well have been an introductory piece on the creation of egregores.

Got something like that in the works?

I second that. Seraphin, a Chaos magick thread? :)

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Tue Sep 08, 2015 5:28 am
by Seraphin_npocampo
I don't have... But who knows, I might do something about it after I've done working on the other articles I'm writing for EUTM.

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 6:34 am
by Myrth
Interesting. I was put off by the masculine role for head of household though.

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:42 am
by Becks
I missed that part.....I just saw the part about Brigid. Seraphin was an excellent practitioner and honoured women a great deal. I'm sure he'd gladly clarify if he was around anymore. You can no doubt change anything that causes you discomfort. :)

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Fri Feb 12, 2016 10:45 am
by Myrth
I am sorry to hear of his passing, and my comments were in no way meant to be disrespectful of the dead. But one key reason I rejected Christianity as a child was its patriarchal dismissal of women. Even as a girl I felt excluded by the patriarchy in that religion. So when I see patriarchal attitudes expressed in pagan forums, I tend to call it out. I did not mean, by doing so, to step on any toes here.

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:15 am
by Seraphin_npocampo
Myrth wrote:Interesting. I was put off by the masculine role for head of household though.

Hiya Myrth!

This is not a question of gender. It's about who is getting the role of the "husband" in the family. In Norse and Old English, one of the meanings of the word "husband" is someone who skillfully manages his/her household. It's not about who is male. What I am referring here is the one who is considered to be the manager who can take responsibility and can change his/her own actions to properly handle situations.

Oh and by the way, I'm not dead yet. :wink:

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2016 8:24 pm
by Myrth
I am glad to hear that you are not in the past tense, not pushing up daisies, not pining for the fjords, not an ex-witch, not bereft of life, and do not rest in peace!

My apologies to Cleese and Palin. :surprisedwitch:

Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Wed Aug 16, 2017 5:31 pm
Lovely write up on house protection Seraphin. I note you suggesting 'rice' by the front door and it reminded me of something my father would do. He would put a grain of rice in each corner and under furniture (especially heavy furniture like large chest of drawers or wardrobes) to ward off the 'Old Hag' Baba Yaga. I believe she is an East European 'ghost hag' but her story went over to the Caribbean during the height of slavery, where she was adopted by the slaves.

I was told baba Yaga likes to take over peoples houses and drive them out, but she hates to know rice grains on the floor. She has to pick up every single grain of rice before she can enter & take over. In order to stop her taking over the home rice grains are hidden in hard to find places. If she does not find them all by the time dawn comes she will shrivel and die in the sun.

As she is an old woman and not very strong Baba Yaga never finds the grains under heavy furniture.


Re: Witchy Ways to Establish Our Home as Protected Space

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:45 am
by Kassandra
lADY sKYDANCER wrote:...put a grain of rice in each corner and under furniture (especially heavy furniture like large chest of drawers or wardrobes) to ward off the 'Old Hag' Baba Yaga. I believe she is an East European 'ghost hag' but her story went over to the Caribbean during the height of slavery, where she was adopted by the slaves.

Interesting cultural syncretism, thanks for sharing. Seems Baba Yaga has an obsessive compulsive disorder with rice grains that magicians could use to their advantage, lol. Nice.