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Re: Do you think mental illness is curable?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:00 pm
by firebirdflys
There are several places on earth where lithium occurs naturally in the drinking water, the rate of depression and crime are down in those areas. This is a good article on the topic.
My thoughts are it's in the homeopathic dose where the best benefits are reaped, that way it isn't ever going to build up in your system and therefore bypassing all those blood tests.
Lepidolite stone has high concentrations of lithium. Rest a piece on your third eye while reclining.
(Nite: not meant as a substitute for seeing a dr.) ... .html?_r=0

Lithium water anyone? >sound of clinking glasses <

Bb, Firebird

Re: Do you think mental illness is curable?

PostPosted: Mon May 22, 2017 4:27 pm
by FlyingPeregrine
As a sufferer of PTSD, depression, and anxiety and having studied psychology, I believe that some mental disorders are curable. However, some are just not able to be cured.

In my case, I will always have PTSD. I have a lifelong history of trauma and it is debilitating to my functioning on a daily basis. I will always have anxiety and depression as an end result. Yes, I will be able to function but I will always be at risk of falling back into relapse and thinking I am reliving my experiences all over again. I have dissociative flashbacks and simple things set me into something I won't remember down the road. There is no help for me from counselors or psychiatrists, though.

I think it depends on the person. For bipolar, it can be managed without medication but you're also at risk of having psychotic breaks. The psychotic breaks actually damage the brain. Same with schizophrenia. So, it has always been an opinion that if we can find a medication that works then it should always be taken in those cases. As for me, I take no medication and I have been doing fine in managing my anxiety and depression. The meds didn't work that i have tried. I will use recreational marijuana if my anxiety is very bad, though.

I also work in the healthcare field and disorders, such as autism, cannot be cured- yet. I personally work with high risk behavior residents prone to setting things on fire and attacking others. But otherwise they seem normal if you came across them.

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