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Resources for Survivors of Suicide - Those Left Behind

PostPosted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:08 am
by The Judge
I would like to start by saying that I am sorry for your loss. I'm posting some links to information for survivors of suicides. These are Orginization the provide information. Several are available for contact through their respective webpages. We are all here for anyone one who needs a shoulder, and we will try to provide the best support possible.

This is the Survivors of Suicide .

This is the Surviving Suicide Support Group .

This is the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention .

This is the Child Suicide Support .

This is a webpage for a Behavioral Health Orginization.

This is by no means a complete list, for additional resources and assistance please speak to a behavioral health specialist. Many can be contact through the above webpages, and at your local hospital.