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Novena Candle with Psalms

PostPosted: Thu Mar 01, 2018 9:04 am
by SpiritTalker
This example uses a multi-day vigil candle (or one votive candle per day), olive oil, paper & pen & The Book of Psalms. You can adapt it to suit your personal style. A white candle is all-purpose and can be purchased at "dollar" stores and ethnic food isles of major grocery stores. You can use a colored candle associated with the intent or one pre-printed with a saint or a guardian angel if these appeal to you.

A vigil is essentially repeating a prayer over consecutive days. A specific Psalm is repeated at each daily sitting. A vigil candle is designed to burn continuously for about a week. If it burns down in less time that's OK. A votive candle in a cup will burn approximately 15 hours so burn one a day for the duration of the vigil, anointing & charging each candle. You can write your sigil or petition on paper placed under the candle or write directly on the glass with a marker. Reuse the same paper if votive candles are used. The paper is burned & ash, & leftover wax are discarded at the end of the spell.

Cleanse the candle by damp-wiping exposed wax with salt-water or inexpensive cologne & wipe finger prints from the glass.

The Sigil Petition - a petition statement would use few words & will be positively phrased in the present tense, not "I want" but "I have". A word sigil is a hieroglyph made from the petition letters. First cross out vowels & duplicate letters so only one of each consonant remains like "txmsg" (text message). Then rearrange, reverse, exaggerate & recombine these remaining letters into a glyph. Draw a circle around the glyph. Cut out sigil, anoint with 5 dabs of oil (:-:) & place it under the candle.

The standard petition method is to write the goal as a positive statement on clean paper; turn the paper 1/4 turn & over-write the goal with the name & birthdate of the person meant to benefit, turn the paper a final 1/4 turn & over-write those with the 1st few words of the Psalm, or the psalm number. To over-write shows that the person dominates the goal & the psalm dominates all. Turn the paper deosil-> to attract something (or turn it widdershins <- to repel). Anoint the paper with 5 dabs of oil [:-:] & place it under the candle.

To charge a candle repeat the petition goal thrice under the breath as you dab some olive oil in a (:-:) five-spot pattern around the top of the candle & spread the oil outward from the wick with a finger in a deosil (to attract) or widdershins (to repel) direction to cover the surface. The oil seals the energy of your thought/intent to the candle. 5-spots represent calling the elemental quarters that manifest the goal. The spiral enhances energy. Set your intent by pushing the fire-in-the-belly into the candle with your hands & Witchy gaze. Prepping & setting intent is just done once-per-candle.

Then light the candle. Softly read aloud the appropriate Psalm for your intent for each sitting & if possible do each sitting at the same time each day of your vigil. Focus on the flame for a few minutes giving thanks with the Witch's Power of Knowing that the need has been met. Knowing is like a hunch that the task has already been done.

. Let the candle burn out on it's own if it's safe to leave it. You can snuff the flame & return, relight it & repeat the readings if needed for fire safety. It's a flexible spell.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

I've liked reciting St Francis of Assisi's Canticle of the Sun as a circle casting option. 2 books for Psalm Magic are William Alexander Oribello's "Candle Burning with the Psalms" & Anna Riva's "Magic of the Psalms". Psalms can be printed on-line for free.

Here's a short list of useful Psalms from W.Oribello's book:

Disturbing ghosts & spirits, Ps 144-145
Dream guidance, Ps. 23 & 42
Evil eye removal, Ps 91
Good fortune, Ps 65
Health, receiving healing Ps 6, 21
Help in time of need ps 18
Hex break, uncrossing Ps 7, 8
Increase understanding of situation Ps 119, verse 105-112
Increase wisdom Ps 119, verse 97-104
Mental clarity Ps 115
Protection from known or unknown enemy, Ps. 43, 44 and 45
Psychic development Ps 78
Repel all harmful conditions Ps 100
Spiritual enlightenment Ps 25
Spiritual power, Ps. 99
Thanksgiving Ps 30, 116

Ps 119 has some specific healing texts. It has 22 divisions, each with 8 verses. Each of the 22 divisions starts with a Hebrew letter as a power form that can be used like a sigil & drawn on the candle. Use the one that starts the division containing the verse you use.

Arms or legs: lines 97-104 right side; lines 121-128 left side
Depression, lines 49-56
Ears, lines 153-160 right side; lines 169-176 left side
Eyesight, lines 17-24
Headache, lines 161-168
Hip, kidneys, liver lines 65-72
Palsy, lines 1-8
Torso, lines 57-64


Timing & associations: Start on the week day associated with the intention if you want.

Sunday (Sun) yellow leadership, health, advice
Monday (Moon) white, marriage, family, psychic endeavors
Tuesday (Mars) red, conflict, legal matters
Wednesday (Mercury) light blue-aqua, communication, education, divination
Thursday (Jupiter) blue, finances, job, prosperity, protection
Friday (Venus) green, love, allure, fertility
Saturday (Saturn) black, endings, banishing

Interpreting the actions of the candle can tell the status of the spell. During the successive days, wax accumulating on the glass suggests residual issues may be effecting the manifesting of the spell. Just keep going. These can work out as time goes on. A melting pool of wax that accumulates suggests slow progress is being made through resistance.

Burn time. A fast burn shows the results are good to go without resistance, and a clean burn with no waxy residue on the glass shows all is well. A slow burn in which the flame just doesn't want to take hold suggests results will be slow to manifest. You may want to review the motivation of your intent and re-start. Wash & dry the candle before reusing it to remove the former associations.

Flame status. A weak flame shows slow results amidst resistance. A strong flame shows fast results. Flickering indicates the intention wasn't decisive, so re-light the wick if it doesn't settle down. A divided wick with 2 flames indicates you have powerful assistance on your side. And if the flame has been doing Ok and suddenly peters out and dies, the outcome was not going to be favorable. Rethink the intention.

Smoke. Smoke can occur randomly throughout a burn & when snuffing the flame. Black smoke indicates obstacles are being overcome so just keep going. White smoke is saying the intent is OK but there is some resistance, and keep on going. Lots of smoke indicates there are hidden issues being encountered. You may not have had the whole story. Keep going.

Soot. Black soot accumulating on the glass over time indicates opposition and negative energy is in the way. If it does not clear with further burns, clear your aura with a vinegar bath or sage smudge, or burning cloves & cinnamon on a coal. White soot is a good sign that old baggage is being cleared, whereas clumps on the wick show that baggage being carried and creating drag & resistance.

Re: Novena Candle with Psalms

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:23 pm
by corvidus
Very interesting, thanks :)

Re: Novena Candle with Psalms

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:42 am
by Shekinah
I think my Goddess would be offended by a Catholic Novena Candle with Christian gibberish on it. Christianity has been lethal and so destructive to free thought, native cultures and Pagan/Witchcraft since it's fabrication in the time of Abraham and ancient Egypt. Emanations from such a candle would not be in harmony with our intentions. I like the dripless candles and you can scribe your own Sigil on it.

Re: Novena Candle with Psalms

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 8:47 am
by SpiritTalker
This is posted in the Christo pagan section for those who wish to use it. If you don't accept the practice then I suggest you don't use it with your perceived god-form and allow others the freedom to make their own choice without harassment. As you should be aware many magical practices use Psalms as spells. How can a candle be Catholic? It's a commercially produced commodity.

Re: Novena Candle with Psalms

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 1:33 pm
by Shekinah
The crucifix and rosary are also commercially produced commodities that might seem out of place on a Pentagram plate or Wiccan altar just as the Pentacle would seem out of place on an Evangelical church altar (would stir quite a ruckus) and I was just apprising candle users of possible confusing and conflicting Sigil use they may not have considered. To each his/her own modality of practice. Peace Sorry if I offended anyone's sensitivities.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 2:50 pm
by SpiritTalker
I'm not buying it Shek. I doubt an evangelical would be reading this site except to troll. Penn-Dutch churches sometimes feature pentagrams and in a Hebrew temple the five points of the pentagram were tied to the Pentateuch (the first five books of the bible) and represented as a whole the concept of truth. Innana was a crucified & resurrected Sumerian Goddess. Odin was hung on a tree for enlightenment. No conflicting issues. These symbols get passed around. Meh. (shrug)

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 8:18 am
by Shekinah
That's ok Spirit Talker I love you anyway.

Re: Novena Candle with Psalms

PostPosted: Wed Mar 28, 2018 11:49 am
by SpiritTalker
Pax. :mrgreen: