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Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 6:39 am
by MotherSuperior
If you're interested in Mary Magdalene you should do a little bit of research on Hildegard of Bingen as well. I've always found her fascinating.

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 5:25 pm
by One Walker
Mary Magdalene and Mary of Bethany were one and the same person. Mary Magdalene was the sister of Lazarus and Martha, although she did not associate with them in her youth. Mary M. was of a worldly nature at this time, very much taken with the pomp, power, and splendor of the times and places she visited. Mary M. was a courtesan-or female courier-between her own land and Rome. She also gave freely of her body in this time. She was one of two Mary's who were taken in adultery but Magdalene was the one who had the seven demons. These demons were not some entities of Hell but rather her personal demons. Hers were Adultery, Avarice, Blasphemy, Hate, Hopelessness, Self-Indulgence, and Selfishness.

She first met Christ at the age of 23 when she was taken before the council on the charge of adultery, convicted, and ordered to be stoned. Once her charge was dismissed and her 'demons' cast out by Christ she became reunited with her family, became a follower of Christ, and was there at the crucifixion. She; along with Jesus' mother Mary; Mary the mother of James and John; and Josie; prepared the spices to be put in the wrappings of Christ's body. Later she was one of the two women who went to the tomb of Jesus and saw him risen from the dead; the other woman being '"The Other Mary". She was also one of the witnesses to the ascension of Christ.

Interestingly enough, the trio of Lazarus, Martha, and Mary M. were central figures in the last days of Christ and the early Christian movement after the ascension. It was the raising of Lazarus from the grave that proved to be 'the straw that broke the camels back' in the eyes of the Pharisees and they began looking for a way to dispose of him. Lazarus was raised four days after death so everyone was well aware of his condition and to see him walking and talking again made believers out of a great many people. They began to openly question the Pharisees and Powers That Be. Not surprisingly then, Lazarus was killed in the first rebellion after Christ's ascension.

Mary M. and Martha's home became the headquarters for the disciples after Christ's crucifixion and those two became particularly close to John, James, Thaddeus, and Levi. Mary, the mother of Jesus, went to live in John's house after Christ's ascension because he was the wealthiest and most politically/economically powerful of the disciples, with well over a quarter million dollars in assets. This move of Mary's was logical because it afforded her the most protection in those times because with Christ's public death and resurrection the authorities now had a full-blown revolution and rebellion on their hands and were seeking to eliminate the original followers and associates with a vengeance.

Mary M., being close to both John and Mary, visited John's home often and grew close to John, eventually becoming part of his household. She never had a relationship with Christ beyond being that of a friend and follower. Martha joined up with those who led the rebellion of Saul and was eventually martyred in that cause.

John's household now was comprised of himself, Mary M., Mary the mother of Jesus, and Elois-who was the sister of the Mary who was the mother of James and John. Lots of Mary's involved! Anyway, John moved everything to his summer home at Gennesaret on the north shore of the Sea of Galilee, and it became, for a time, the new headquarters of the disciples but it was unlikely they were able to stay there long. NOTE: Keep in mind that we're not talking only of the Apostles but the 70 disciples chosen by Christ before the ascension to spread the word under the guidance of the 12 Apostles.

No doubt things got very hot for them there after a relatively short time but John, with his wealth, was probably well-able to not only help keep The Work funded and moving forward but also enable his household to evade the authorities. They went to Greece and probably Naples as well as a mobile command post of sorts. Mary M. is known to have been in Berea, Greece-or what is now known as Beroea or Veria. This was the stomping grounds of the Apostle Paul-who took the fight right to Rome.

It is also likely that both Mary, mother of Jesus, and Mary M. came to reside in or around Amiternum, Naple (or Naples)-now Aquilia, Italy and may have died there. In 1810, some workmen excavating the ancient city of Amiternum (now Aquilia), in the Kingdom of Naple, found an antique marble vase in which lay concealed a copper plate bearing on the obverse side a long inscription in Hebrew tongue. This, when translated, proved to be the death warrant of Jesus Christ. It has been faithfully transcribed and reads as follows:

"In the year of seventeen of the Emperor Tiberius Caesar, and the 27th day of March, the city of holy Jerusalem - Annas and Caiaphas being priests, sacrificators of the people of God- Pontius Pilate, Governor of Lower Galilee, sitting in the presidential chair of the praetory, condemns Jesus of Nazareth to die on the cross between two thieves, the great and notorious evidence of the people saying:

1. Jesus is a seducer.
2. He is seditious.
3. He is the enemy of law.
4. He calls himself falsely the son of God.
5. He calls himself falsely the King of Israel.
6. He entered into the temple, followed by a multitude,
bearing palm branches in their hands.

Orders the first centurion, Tuiluis Cornelius, to lead him to the place of execution. Forbids any person whomsoever, either poor or rich, to oppose the death of Jesus Christ.

The witnesses who signed the condemnation of Jesus are:

1. Daniel Robani, a Pharisee.
2. Joannus Robani.
3. Raphael Robani.
4. Capet, a citizen.

Jesus shall go out the city of Jerusalem by the gate of Struenus. "

It is likely Jesus' mother Mary would keep this in her possession and hence it is logical to assume that she was somewhere close by this final resting place. It is also logical to assume that Mary and Mary M. stuck together because of their respective associations to John and The Work. Lastly, this document is powerful physical evidence against the tyranny and oppression of Rome, its allies or associates, and its authorities. Therefore they would want this document on hand. It is likely this document is genuine but we won't go into that here as the post is suppose to be regarding Mary Magdelene.

The paintings of DaVinci and Blaum depicting Mary M. are accurate. She stood 5'4" high, weighed 121 lbs., Red hair, Blue eyes. She was of Greek and Jewish ancestry.

For some other reliable information, read "Under Pontius Pilate" by William Schulyer published in 1906 by Funk.

Mary Magdalene: The Entity: Notable incarnations.

In her latest incarnation, Mary Magdalene was a Protestant woman who died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on November 12, 1987 at 84 years of age. Born May 31, 1903 in Selma, Alabama. Before that she was Marie Augusta, daughter to Louis XVII. Before that she was Mary M. Before that she was Islta, an Egyptian counselor to the King and Priest. Before that she was a princess in Atlantis by the name of Amliea (where she picked up her love of Pomp and Self-Importance). She also had incarnations in Persia and in England during the time of Alfred The Great.

How did she do this last time out?

By the time she was 27 she was experiencing nerve problems manifesting as snapping in the joints, and weakness in the left eye. She was also beginning to wonder as to what her purpose was in this lifetime (to be of service to others through the promotion of Oneness). She wondered if she would have to experience more lifetimes after this one and was advised to act and live in such a manner that it would NOT be necessary. She experienced doubts about herself regarding what her own hidden talents and abilities were versus what she 'felt' they were. She also has an intense distrust and hatred of all males (probably a manifestation of her early life as Mary M.) This is in direct conflict with her intense desire to have a home and family of her own. Consequently she is a very lonely person. She is still fighting self-condemnation and self-belittlement. She is a pessimist and is condemning others. She has very little confidence in herself and even less in other people. Truthfully, she's a fence-walker. She does not feel the spiritual connection within her to align with the spiritual forces when facing problems. She finds out the entities of both Martha and Lazarus are also currently manifesting on earth at this time.

Within a year her physical condition is improving somewhat, although she isn't doing much of what she should. She's lost a lot of weight and needs to be put on a body-building diet (Yes, I know what it was but I'm not going to give you The Mary Magdalene Diet! :P). It will be another year before her physical ailments clear up.

In her 30th year the Mary M. entity did a complete turnabout. She finally got off the fence and came down on the side of the spiritual forces. The turning point was her walking away from a relationship with a married man-something she had not been able to do as Mary M. until she was "healed by The Master." This was the power of the crucifixion she witnessed-the ability to save yourself. She moved to Oklahoma and went on to embrace Meditation and Healing. She married in 1938 but had problems, fighting with her husband constantly, but they hung tough and worked it out. They remained married for 37 years. She worked for the phone company until retiring in 1968. She had at least 2 daughters and eventually became a grandmother. During the twenties years after her retirement she traveled extensively and worked quite a bit with her church. Mary M. had a dream in which she saw she would die soon. In the dream she met her mother and others on the other side and they all hugged and welcomed her.

On the morning of the day she died the Mary M. entity told her housekeeper she wouldn't have to fix her dinner that night. She then called her daughter in California one last time. The second daughter was present at Mary M.'s home. At noontime the daughter left her mother's side to fix lunch and said :"I'll be right back." Mary M. replied: "I won't be here." When the daughter returned to the room she found that the Mary M. entity had passed.

Hope this helped some!

One Walker. :D