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Tarot Theme Ideas?

PostPosted: Wed Mar 06, 2013 9:02 pm
by RaevynFaerie
Hallo! I've been thinking about making my own deck of tarot cards, but I'm having trouble finding a diverse thing. I would love to cast an inspiration spell on myself, but I'm lazy.
Some ideas I've already dismissed are

If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them! Blessed be~

Re: Tarot Theme Ideas?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:58 am
by firebirdflys
Ya, seems like everything has been done...but drugs? hummmm, now that's a tarot deck I don't have :lol:
I know plants have been covered but what about flowers?
Is there a unicorn deck?
Me and some friends were going to do a deck with photos of people we know all dressed up in the trappings of each card, then I saw someone had beat me to it. :shock:
Steampunk? ...don't think that one has been covered...that could be really fun.
And Zombies?...sorry, not a fan. I won't be buying that one :roll:
Fae, been done.
Let us know when we can go purchase the new deck!

Re: Tarot Theme Ideas?

PostPosted: Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:45 pm
by RaevynFaerie
Drugs have never been done, but the rest I listed most definitely have. My friend has the Steampunk Tarot Deck. It's really beautiful art.
My two friends are teaming up and doing the drugs deck, with each card a different narcotic. I can't wait to see how it turns out.
Flowers... I could never draw flowers, and I've never had a huge interest in them, except for daffodils. My great grandma had daffodils growing all around her house wildly, aind when she died they never came back.
As for the new deck, I'm teaming up with a close friend and making Tim Burton Tarot. Each card will have a scene/character from one of his works. I've already done The Fool and The Moon, which are both from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I don't know when they'll be done, and I don't know if I can get them published- seeing as I'm thirteen- but I'll definitely scan them all and dedicate a thread to the pictures!