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12 12 Full Moon Ritual Help

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 7:28 am
by ravenwhite
Hey friends! I’d really like to do a relevant ritual tonight during the full moon. I have had zero luck with google. Does anyone have something, even a link that might be helpful for me? Thank you for taking the time to assist

Re: 12 12 Full Moon Ritual Help

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:21 am
by SpiritTalker
Note- I typed the search "full moon Wiccan ritual" & got a page of choices. I copied the rite below from my "getting started" pg 4 post in EUTM's WC Wicca 101 section. Just as a side note, I used meditation 2 standing at my east facing kitchen window last night as the moon rose and it was perfectly framed in the window at this time of year, so near solstice. I usually work the night before full because where I am it's usually cloudy on full moon. And it's 12'F so standing outdoors isn't even an option.

Simple Solitaire Drawing Down the Moon

To help you plan your evening, the Full Moon rises in the east as the sun sets in the west and reaches the zenith at midnight. Go outdoors into the moonlight. You should have a cup or bowl of plain water - in which you will catch the Moon's reflection - set in the center of your space. Moonlight is all the blessing that it needs. This will later become your Libation offering. Have your Wand (if used) & journal near by for recording. As you are outdoors there is no altar to set up. Full moonlight is bright enough to see in. Ground & Center as usual. During any Moon meditations, you can look at the Moon or, if that makes you dizzy, gaze at it's reflection in water.

Note: when it's cold or raining, work indoors. The Moon is still there. Set a clear glass of H2O on a moonlit window sill to catch the rays.

The water will be charging with moonlight while you cast the circle. You will drawn down moon-energy instead of raising earth-energy. Lift the left hand, palm upwards and open to the Moon. Point your right hand (or use the wand) to where you will draw the circle's rim. Then pull the moon light towards and through your raised hand and push it out the other, using the moon's energy to cast your circle. At the calling, call on the Moon Goddess alone, and call to features of the Moon light at each quarter rather than calling the elements themselves.

Speak softly, under your breath, so as not to disturb the Night. "As I cast the circle's rim, I summon silvery light within. Around and 'round & round about. All good in & all bad out. As I turn the circle is cast, a place between and holding fast."

Then welcome the Moon Goddess & call the moonlight. "I welcome you Lady of the Moon, Selene, come Ye down to grant this boon. Holy Lady of the Night, may it please you to attend and bless my rite."

East: I call to the Light of the Moon to inspire my mind
South: I call to the Light of the Moon to infuse my spirit
West: I call to the Light of the Moon to refresh my soul
North: I call to the Light of the Moon to nourish my energy-body

Then go on with a simple meditation in Her powerful light. (see 3 suggestions below)

When your meditation ends, write about it in your journal as an offering to show Her you value the experience, whatever it is. You might need a pocket flash light to see & write neatly.

You can sip the moon charged water now. No speeches. Do this in reverent silence. Feel the Moonlight. Pour out some water as offering to the Earth & leave the rest outside until animals drink it or it evaporates and the spirits have consumed it.

And because you didn't evoke any but the Lady Moon & Her light there is no elemental dismissal, only the farewell:

Holy Lady, stay if you will, go if you must
May it always be with love and trust

The rite is ended.

Ground and dissipate the circle. Standing in the center spot, kiss your hand to the Moon and raise your arms straight above your head; then slowly lower your arms out to the sides & straight down as you visualize the circle sinking as a gift into the earth. And you're done.


1. Indoors or out, on any moon lit night, regardless of the Moon's phase and even if it's cloudy as the Moon is still present: Stand or sit facing the moon haze. Imagine the Moon's hazy white light is surrounding your head and shoulders as if you wore a hoodie of soft, white Cashmere wool. Imagine this light flows into your energy body, and throughout your whole body. Allow about 10 minutes then just let the excess flow down and out through your feet to ground you. Record your experience.

2. On a clear night, or inside at a window facing the moon, stand in the direct path of the full Moon's light. Focus your awareness on your own energy-body, which is slightly larger than the physical body-space you occupy. Focus your awareness outward to the edges of your space. Sense the moon light and notice how it feels. Then pull your awareness from the edges of your space along with the moon light, and draw back into your center point. Rest within your center and commune in silence. The Moon is linked to psychic energy and 10 minutes of communing will do. You may experience some dizziness so don't over do it. Ground your energy body when you finish. Record your experience.

3. On a clear night, go outdoors in the direct path of the full Moon's light. This can make you dizzy, so sit down. Stare at the moon. Blink as needed. Just keep your gaze on the moon. Let yourself go with the light. To return, think firmly of your body where you sit. Ground yourself. Record your experience.

Re: 12 12 Full Moon Ritual Help

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 10:22 am
by ravenwhite
Wow! Thanks so much. I looked at some of the google searches that came up, but they didnt make a lot of sense to me. This will work well! Thank you

Re: 12 12 Full Moon Ritual Help

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:11 pm
by SpiritTalker
Oh good. Feel free to change wording to suit your needs. Enjoy & be blessed.

Re: 12 12 Full Moon Ritual Help

PostPosted: Sun Dec 15, 2019 2:04 pm
by Garuda
Ravenwhite, how did your ritual work out?