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How Should I Start ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:35 pm
by Alexander_Osorio
Hi, I want to become a witch, but I don't know how to start? Do I have to do some type of ritual? Also anyone in the Orlando, Fl
area that would like to teach me?

Re: How Should I Start ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 3:52 pm
by Xiao Rong
Hi Alexander, you should check out the Table of Contents for Witchcraft 101; you'll find a lot of answers to your questions there!

Re: How Should I Start ?

PostPosted: Wed Jul 16, 2014 4:30 pm
by Alexander_Osorio
Thank you !!
Xiao Rong

Re: How Should I Start ?

PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2019 8:39 am
by SpiritTalker
Solitaries can self-dedicate - if they want to - & it's best after a period of study so they know what they're getting into. Only coven's require initiation.

Some tips for self directed study -

1. Inform yourself on the Charge of the Goddess, Wiccan Reed, the Witch's Creed, the Legend of the Descent of the Goddess; Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane & Lammas & full moon; Wicca honors both a Goddess & a God who represent Nature.
. The use of a ritual circle, ritual tools & working altar; observance of Sabbat & Esbats & spell-crafting are part of Wiccan practice.
. Wicca-a Guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham is online as free PDF or
. Wicca for Beginners by Thea Sabin & Wicca Book of Spells by Lisa Chamberlain are good books & inexpensive.

2. Build basic skills & a witch’s starter kit.
. Practice grounding your energy along the spine & into the earth for stability, centering - draw power on the breath from Earth & Sky into the belly; projecting - push focused energy from the belly & out your hands. Experiment with your palms facing but not touching; feel the spongy resistance or tingling of your energy. Shake your hands to clear the energy.
. Test the use of a few kitchen herbs. Rub each between your fingers, then smell & taste each. Notice your reactions. If you were drawn to the herb then use it for blessing & attraction, or if you pulled away then use it for protection & banishing. Salt & lite oil are also basic equipment to purify & anoint.
. Collect 3 stones from different outdoor places. Look for markings & that they are easy to hold. Use water-smoothed stones for healing, banded stones for wishing & stones criss-crossed by lines for path finding, stones with holes clean through for protection. Hold a stone with the desired goal while chanting your purpose & swaying to help influence conditions. Quartz is all purpose.

3. When you decide to practice make a suitable worship/work-space within your means using household items.
. Start-up gear: fire-safe bowl, candles/holders, potion cup/dish; incense or aerosol, oil, salt, herbs & stones.
. Ritual tools rep. Elements: wand-air, blade-fire, cup-water, pentacle-earth. Phalic/womb shapes rep. Gods.
. Circle: cleanse by broom-sweeping around altar <~widdershins; then walk deosil~>; point & project circle.

4. About Spells:
. Select spell materials related to the goal by element, properties, color, scent, appearance or symbolism.
. Use positive, present-tense phrasing like "I have X" and "X is", & don't say what you don't want.
. Or say, ”Earth, Air, Water, Fire - Work you now to my desire. For the good of everyone, so now it is done.”
. Know your intent - to attract, to repel or to empower something; feel it in the gut & push.