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Help someone I need simple begginer spells.

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 9:37 am
by Witchcraftwitch
I am a new witch and I don't know were to start. I am working on my altar and stuff. Are there any beginner spells I could use?

Re: Help someone I need simple begginer spells.

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 10:08 am
by Emerald
If you are a new witch I suggest that you begin by studying the basics of the craft and its beliefs, before you get into any sort of spell working. At the very least you need to know how to cast a circle, and then raise, direct, and ground power.

I would suggest the following for your reading/study list.

A Witch's Bible - Janet and Stewart Farrar ... b_title_bk

A Complete Book of Witchcraft - Raymond Buckland ... gy_b_img_c

The Spiral Dance - Starhawk ... 818&sr=1-2

For a historical overview of the craft -

Drawing Down the Moon - Margot Adler ... pd_sim_b_3

You can also read all of Gerald Gardners writings via this link. Even if you do go onto a more eclectic practice, in my opinion it's still a good idea to get a basic understanding of the origins of Wicca through Gardnerian practices. ... nindex.php

Good luck, take your time, seek knowledge, and learn. :wave:

Re: Help someone I need simple begginer spells.

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 2:07 pm
by raynelae
Any blessings are could do some herbal and crystal magick. Experiment and don't be afraid to cast spells.

Re: Help someone I need simple begginer spells.

PostPosted: Sat May 19, 2012 4:49 pm
by Witchcraftwitch
Thanks both of you!

Re: Help someone I need simple begginer spells.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:43 pm
by SpiritTalker
I agree with Emerald's post about learning the basic procedures before diving in to spells. Circle casting teaches the grunt work, the relationships & mental focus of energy manipulation you need for spell casting. A circle holds your energy in & keeps out interference.
. An easy circle method is broom-sweeping a circular area in a widdershins (<~) direction to disperse negative vibes; & then walking deosil (~>) pointing a finger & project the circle. See it in your mind. An easy-circle dissipates when you walk thru it. You could say ’round, around & ‘round about, all good in & all bad out. / As I walk the circle’s cast, guarding all & holding fast.

About Spells:
. Select spell materials related to a goal by element, property, color, scent, appearance or symbolism.
. Ground to the earth; then center - pull energy on the breath from earth & sky into the belly.
. State intent with positive, present-tense phrasing like "I have X" and "X is", & don't say what you don't want.
. Or say Air, earth, water, fire, work you now to my desire. For the good of everyone. So now it is done.
. Think of the goal, feel it in your belly & push.
. Keep the work area or altar elementally balanced for good results.
. Don't do spells when you're sick or angry bcs what is sent out will return.

Use things you find in nature:
. Use Air to carry thoughts & messages. Write a 1-3 word message on a leaf with a marker pen, set intent & let the leaf fly on the wind. Best done on a windy day :)
. Use Air & write a wish on the breeze itself. Lick your finger so you feel the air as you write & set intent.
. Use Water & write a wish with a finger on the surface of a glass of water, set intent & drink it; & better still if the full Moon's reflection is caught in the glass of water & you drink the Moon's image.
. Use Water to brew a cup of tea (a potion) &set intent into the finished brew before drinking.
. Use Earth & pound a nail into a dead tree stump or fence post to halt something unwanted. Set intent as you say something like This is not a nail I fix to this stump/post but is (xxx name or situation) that is stopped. Words don’t have to rhyme but it’s fun when they do.
. Use Earth & gather pebbles to make a spiral representing a challenge & then change or reverse the layout to change or reverse the situation. Set intent as you say "The old is passed & gone, the new I call upon, with good to everyone, I know it now is done, I call (state desire) to come.

Or use candles:
. Use Fire to teach yourself to focus. Gaze at a candle flame so that it's all you see. If you wool gather just return attention to the flame. Add deep breathing. Practice 10 minutes daily.
. Use Fire with candle magic. Use a tea light or birthday candle. Spread a dab of olive oil onto a candle to hold a psychic charge; place the candle in a holder & cup your hands around it; draw power to your belly & push intent into the candle. Then light the candle & gaze at the flame for a minute knowing like a hunch that the task is done; thank the Powers & let the candle burn all the way down while you do something else. Put stubs in the trash.

Misc Tips:
. Ground yourself before & after a working so you aren't space-headed.
. Make your own tools whenever possible or use household dishes for altar tools.
. Leave an offering whenever taking something from Nature to use magically.

Re: Help someone I need simple begginer spells.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 3:06 am
by barker
Some beginner spell ideas:
- greatest intention "love is me" (love spell)
- good ideas like "lost is found" (like with losing your phone)
- natural works like "garden be sweet" (all of this is fun)