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Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2018 10:47 pm
by SeantheShaman
Hi All,

Early this year I made a Fu Sigil a Chinese talisman for prosperity and employment. I was very new to to subject of magic. A friend was struggling to find a job and had been redundant for a year, so I thought, why not do a spell. I i did the ritual and took it to her house, and we activated it as per the instructions in Benebell Wens the Dao of Craft. We was sitting in her kitchen, and heard a bang come from her bedroom, but thought nothing of it. When I got home that night, she texted to say that one of her canvas quotes had fallen off the wall. The next day in my house, I was sitting in my living room and heard the same bang, so I ran upstairs, and my book of shadows had fallen out of my book case and was on the floor standing up. So obviously, I hit panic mode, and thought I'd summoned a demon from the nether realms or something. A few days passed, and I woke up to a voice note from her saying that the mirror in her bedroom behind her bed had fallen off the wall and cracked, and the mirror in her living room had also fallen off the wall and broke all her ornaments. I told her to burn the sigil and invoke archangel Michael to rid the house of any negative entities and energy. (I later found out that she'd put it on another of her mirrors after I went home when we first activated it, so this could of caused a potential rebound effect)

But this experience has made me dubious of magic, after some research the only things I could think of was, 1. I created a thought form unknowingly at the time, so did not set proper boundaries and rules for it, so it went awol. 2. maybe karma or the laws of the universe had something in the pipe line for her so the magical energy had no where to go effectively and just bounced around her house, or 3. would it be because we left it in the house instead of releasing it to the universe. (she now has a great job and is earning well but I don't put the results down to my spell).

Another strange coincidence, is that I finished the ritual to charge it at 9pm. I think it was on a Wednesday and my other friends father also died at 9pm. With all the weird stuff happening I kind of felt like I did something really wrong, and to be honest, makes me scared to practice magic. I mean that energy has to come from somewhere right? Also all the things that fell off the walls and book shelf where on the eastern side of our houses, so maybe I wasn't protected on the east? It messed my head up for a while and my friend's. It's a good story to tell though, I guess.

How do you feel about magic? Has anyone had something like this happen before?

Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:01 am
by SpiritTalker
By what manner of logic do you assign all that you've described (but which had nothing to do with a prosperity intention) & yet not accept the employment (which was the intent of your spell) as being the direct result of that sigil spell?

Are you familiar with Chinese and know the meaning of the parts of the sigil so that you understood the intent of the signs you were making? & if just mass producing a sigil without intention & knowledge of it's meaning could make wild & disconnected things happen then the publishers & printers of the Tao of Craft text would be flipping off live fire spells like shrapnel from artillery.

Which is to say I'm skeptical. :annoyed:

Have you (or your friend) ever before these events experienced telekenises? Ive had telekinesis occur randomly when I've been extremely upset (things fell off shelves as I approached or passed by) & I've moved the dial on a compass at-will by focusing on it but without touching it. I had not been spell crafting at the time. I've not had any spell ever produce random telekinesis; only unbridled emotion has done that. Both telekinesis & spell crafting are manipulating energy. We do rituals designed to raise energy & we cast circles to balance & hold energy. We do spells to direct energy to a specific need. Intention steers the energy. When we finish doing both spells and rituals we are supposed to ground the residual energy to neutralize it. This disconnects the current, so to speak.

I cant speak for Tao of Craft since I've never seen it before & had to look it up. My feeling is that If you aren't completely comfortable doing something that is intended to be magic then it is probably best that you don't do any, at least not until you have studied more to resolve any misgivings you might have about doing magic.

Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:17 am
by SeantheShaman
Hi Spirit, Thanks for coming back to me.

It just felt like it had back fired drastically, she did get a job a month later and is really happy and actually found out last week that she's getting a raise already. But i put it down to coincidence due to us burning the spell, i told her to ask for the energy to be sent back to where it came in an attempt to nullify its effects hence not connecting the two. And she had a friend who put her into contact with this job. i don't want to take credit (though its not me but the universe, i just put in the request) for it because it feels arrogant which may be why I'm resisting saying it was down to the spell. But either way she got a job. and she did have interviews and call backs the next few weeks. and won at bingo a couple of times.

no telekinetic things have ever occurred in her property before or mine and it all happened within the same week i did the spell and started right after we activated it.

No i don't understand chinese but all chinese characters are explained in the book, meanings and thorough explanations on how to craft the sigil with correspondences relating to eastern magical practices and walk throughs on how to craft one was included. I followed it by the book i knew all the meanings of the glyphs used, but because the nature of fu talismans its not like western sigils like making a sentence, the individual characters where concepts for intention if that makes sense so the glyph for fire you would use to bring fire (career) energy into the spell and fire is fortified by wood (prosperity) so you would put the wood glyph and statements stating career, employment, skill (to use skills you have) etc so as it was a lot of broad concepts maybe that could of been the reason rather than specific instructions? when charging it i used a mantra of my intention along with visualisation of her getting the job maybe i put to much into it.

On the grounding do you mean by centring my self and doing roots visualisation or the ritual area as whole? dismantling the circle etc?

the only thing that was not included was an explanation on thought forms which i had no idea was a thing until now. I'm very new to the craft so maybe i shouldn't of jumped straight into eastern sigil crafting when i hadn't even done a candle spell before. But not having any witches or magical practitioners to talk to I've been wondering about it for a while.

Im not currently practicing any sort of magic and just learning for now so i don't make the same mistake. but a lesson learned is just as valuable.

Lol @the the fire spells.


Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 11:31 am
by SpiritTalker
The sigil process looks to be the same, whether eastern or western. Chinese characters are words; some symbols are like a whole sentence. The 5 Chinese natural elements function in the same manner as the 5 western occult elements. Thoughts begin as light. The elements are what give substance to the light of our thought so thoughts attain mass. Just so you know, in western practice a sigil is supposed to be burned to transform the words of the mind into action. Magically thinking, burning doesn't destroy, it transforms. A paper sigil can be decommissioned by flushing it in water.

Nature doesn't send energy back where it came from. Once energy's generated it moves from negative polarity to positive & accumulates mass. (It's the same way a magical altar moves energy and a circle functions.) Magic takes the path of least resistance & works with Nature, not against it. We live in an electrical universe. Energy can be earthed to neutralize it or saturated with water to discharge it prematurely & pop the bubble. All 4 elements are needed for balance. Fire & Air are the active (+) elements so by association they "activate". Earth & Water are the passive (-) elements & they "pacify" by association. Let these relationships sink in for a while because they have a lot to do with magical functions. And please remember this is only my viewpoint. There are many other ways to view magical procedures. (edit: my source is The Idiots Guide to Alchemy)

Grounding means to earth the energy. The roots visualization is one way. Another simple way is to shuffle your feet as you walk outdoors so your feet remain in contact with the ground. About 15 - 25 shuffle steps is enough. It's a bit like static electricity bonding the feet to the sod. Centering is to pull your energy into your belly. It aids focus. Energy follows thought. Grounding any residual energy after doing anything magical is a routine we all need to practice. Even if you didn't cast circle it's just standard operating procedure to earth your own energy to stabilize your thoughts. You can teach yourself how to reliably move your own energy by grounding, centering & shielding. A good means to guiding & controlling our natural magical ability is based on G-C-S.

Grounding has a couple different functions. Most often it's associated with earthing & neutralizing excess energy. The flip side is that we can draw upwards on the connection to the Earth itself & re-energize ourselves. The current flows both ways.

We all make thought-forms every day. It's how our mind's naturally work. You could say we are wired this way. Magical practice makes us aware of our own energies to harness our natural ability.

Now then, if you've never had any prior indications of telekinetic activity it seems unlikely that you'd suddenly developed it. So IMO it's unlikely that you generated uncontrolled energy whammies & created disturbances. You mentioned you'd worked in the kitchen, so then I'd think objects would be randomly moving around where you were actually working & the energy was the most concentrated. I'm not saying it's impossible, just unlikely. If you feel intensely energetically connected to the activity, well, you were there & I wasn't. Also, your friend's energy has to be considered.

One thing you haven't mentioned that may give you insight is the wording of the quote that fell off the wall. And whether your BoS was open to any page when it fell off the shelf (& you're certain it had been securely placed on the shelf to begin with.) What's on the page could be useful in a manner of synchronicity ... The macro universe rippling in response to the micro universe of your intention.

Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 2:10 pm
by SeantheShaman
Hi Spirit,

Just want to say thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question you have really put my mind to rest. Thank you for the information on the elements, grounding centring its really appreciated.

Yes i was going to say what the quote was as i did feel it was significant it said 'DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY" which is apt to the intention i did say it was a good sign when she told me, But then the mirrors started falling off/smashing and mirrors cracking are usually associated with bad luck when cracking not to mention dangerous as she also has a cat and one of the mirrors that fell was behind her head board near her head. but she stuck it on another mirror in her house (that did not fall) this all happened in the same night and she felt like someone was knocking or throwing stones at her bedroom window when it was happening. When reading your replies it seems it could be that the sigil was trying to say release me as it was placed on a reflective surface and was trying to get attention to the needed actions through other reflective surfaces.

My book of shadows didn't land on a page it landed up right and was in my book shelf its small and was tucked between other bigger books at the back so it couldn't of just fell off and the thud it made was really loud like it was trying to gain my attention. the telekinesis definitely felt like it was coming from the sigil rather than us.

so maybe it was trying to get us to finish the job. and when we burned it in my attempt to stop it we actually sent the intention to the universe to manifest which it has as all the paranormal stuff stopped once burned.

Thank you again for your time, i feel more comfortable now with the idea of magic after speaking to someone with actual knowledge on the subject. Ill definitely go back to the basics and make sure i know more next time. i feel like now I'm saying this all the signs where there to say it was on the right track but doubt and fear have clouded my judgement. I think ill have to focus on releasing my self from negative christian thinking a-bit more and try and cultivate more faith in my self as a practitioner and in spirit.

Just as a side note on the spell, i had this spell intention brewing in my mind for about 2 months before i actually constructed it. in the Dao of craft certain ritual items are needed like specific god/goddess statues, and a chinese seal to sign it off energetically. I really wanted a seal for the spell and i was just out shopping and thought id pop into a charity shop and at the counter was a chinese seal which felt spooky. the spell also called for a invocation to lakshmi hindu godess of prosperity and again i was just out and about and i went to a quirky shop which also spookly sold small inexpensive lakshmi statues. so before the spell was even cast the items needed seemed to manifest for me.

Blessed be.

Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 3:48 pm
by Xiao Rong
Hello Sean! Interesting -- I will have to look into the The Dao of Craft. I haven't read it, so I don't know exactly how Fu sigils are supposed to work. In general, I would not recommend doing magic in a language (particularly that involving modifying characters/language) that you are not familiar with. Chinese as a language has some tricky elements to it, with a lot of homophones and characters that look similar. Chinese characters ARE often used as talismans, but I've never really seen sigils made by modifying characters. You can see a list here of Chinese charms on coins; most are short, intact phrases. The logic behind them may also not be obvious to non-Chinese speakers. One does not give clocks as gifts on special occasions because the act of doing so (song zhong, 送钟) is a homophone for attending funerals [also song zhong, 送钟), so it's bad luck.

There are plenty of simple charms that you can use from Chinese tradition that could help you achieve a similar effect that are tried and trued. One of the simplest ones (I have this in my own home) is using the character for luck, fu:


You can find a sign like this in many Asian stores (even Asian grocery stores). Red is a lucky color, so most of the time you'll find the sign in red. You simply hang it in your home upside down, like so:


"Upside down" (dao, 倒) is a homophone in Chinese for "arrived" (dao, 到), so "upside down luck" equates to "Luck has arrived!"

Simple, tested, completely fool-proof! Like I said, this is one of the wards I use for my home.

Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2018 7:23 pm
by SpiritTalker
Oo, Xiao these are cool images.

"..before the spell was even cast the items needed seemed to manifest for me. " I love it when that happens. :)

Re: Sigil Magic gone wrong

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:53 am
by SeantheShaman
Hi Xiao,

Thank you for the info, i love the coins and will look into that further. the thing with chinese is that it just fascinates me how much of esoteric beliefs are prevalent in everyday consciousness. there is usually charms and talismans, respect for spirits and a strong belief in the supernatural which are used to bolster ones self for good fortune (along with hard work/discipline which the Chinese people are known for). I know some japanese so this work could be done in japanese also.

I love those charms! I've always loved the red and gold in Chinese art.

heres a picture of the Fu i made, some chinese characters have been changed around.
Fu Talisman
image1.png (62.42 KiB) Viewed 221 times

I'd highly recommend it, its crazy to see the parallels between western and eastern taoist occultism. there are a few publishing errors but the author has corrected them on her website.

*edit: I've typed the Dao of Craft when it should be the Tao of Craft. apologies!

Thanks guys