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Herbs/Spells for Self-love?

PostPosted: Tue Dec 29, 2015 5:24 pm
by lliae
The new year is almost upon us. I was planning on making a spell bottle to strengthen my resolve when sticking to my new year resolution. I have a bad habit of giving myself unwarranted criticisms so in 2016 I want to put a stop to it, or at least tone it down.

My question is: what herbs align best with banishing negativity about oneself or best promote self love?


Re: Herbs/Spells for Self-love?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 3:24 am
by YanaKhan
Allspice, raspberry, rose petals, basil, dogbane, lemon verbena... there are more, I'm sure, these I can think of now :)

Re: Herbs/Spells for Self-love?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 8:02 pm
by lliae

Re: Herbs/Spells for Self-love?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 2:58 am
by EtherealMoonRose
Off the top of my head (not all are herbs but thought I would add them anyway)- cloves, orris root, lavender, musk, rosemary, sandalwood, st Johns Wort, vervain, wormwood.

Self-love Candle Spell & Love Charm Empowerment Spell

PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 1:11 am
by Kassandra
YanaKhan wrote:rose petals
= my favorite, like to litter my spells with them.

A Simple Self-love Candle Spell

dressed tea lights.jpg
dressed tea lights.jpg (42.94 KiB) Viewed 5241 times

Here's a simple self-love spell. Note that it doesn't focus on "banishing" as you requested, but focuses, instead, on "cultivating" what you do want. I find whenever I lavish attention on what I want, what I don't want shrinks smaller and smaller and smaller ...until it ceases to be relevant any more, so I learned that it's wasteful to give energy to it in the first place. Why do that? This self-love working is not from any official witchcraft tradition, but something someone taught me to do, because I guess I needed it at the time. This is your private "me time," so do this in a place/time where you feel comfortable and won't be disturbed. Maybe if you'd like, first take a shower, put on comfortable clothes, pour yourself a cup of your favorite tea. Then, get started.

Meditate for 10 minutes or more to center yourself, and go over the intention in your mind and heart for the working, in this case to appreciate your qualities, and cultivate self-love. Request your spirit allies to help you with this. Use any other technique to focus your energy if you'd like (singing, chanting, listening to pagan music, etc.).

At what will serve as your altar in this working (I like to use a bamboo tray, so I could move it around places; I don't have a stationary altar) place 5 tea lights (or any other favorite type of candle), and a large rose quartz (another love-vibe spell helper).

Carve into each candle a word that describes a quality that you either already appreciate about yourself, or a quality you plan to cultivate within yourself in the future. You might write each word as a list on a piece of paper, in the order the candles are in, to remind yourself later which quality corresponds with which candle (for some reason that mattered to me, though it may not matter to you).

Next, dress the candles with herbs and oils. You could sprinkle some love oil, rose petals and other herbs such as cinnamon on the candles like in the tea light photo (I like to crush the rose buds in my fingers first, then sprinkle them). Or if you use taller candles, like votives or tapers, you could roll the candles in the herbs after you have oiled them, so that the herbs stick along the lengths of the candles. This can really look cool. Work in any other "loving" herbs or oils you might choose.

Light some incense (I love the rose incense by Hem, it smells yummy). If smoke bothers you, substitute incense with warming essential or scented oil in an oil warmer.

As you light each candle, say with focus and intention the quality carved into the candle. Close your eyes and really feel what that quality feels like. See in your mind's eye the candle's flame igniting that very quality within you. Where in your body do you feel the quality? Your magic is not in the candles, nor in the herbs and oils, nor in what your spirit allies do for you...those things only assist. Your magic is in your intention, your will, your ability to alchemize, to imagine and manifest that which you desire. Thoughts are things. :wink:

After they're all lit, sit back, sip your tea, and enjoy how nice the working looks (especially if the room darkened). Imagine the incense smoke is self-love and appreciation emanating from the working. Waft the smoke toward you and say things such as, "From the Four Winds [or the Universe, or goddess, or whomever your chosen ideal is] these qualities come to me. These qualities increase within me, more and more each day...," etc. Close your eyes, and really feel this. Before long, you will be smiling to yourself, and a serene feeling will stay with you long after the spell is over, because self-love is never really "over."

You could repeat this ritual throughout an especially trying week, as needed, until the candles burn completely down (which is why I like using trays, so I could stow ongoing works out of sight :wink: ). You could do this ritual outdoors at your favorite location, a park or backyard, and maybe an animal will walk, crawl, fly or swim by and speak to you in its own unique way, giving you further insight on how to better love yourself and how to fulfill your life purpose.


Self-love Charm Empowerment Spell
by windvexer

self-love rose quartz.png
self-love rose quartz.png (51.4 KiB) Viewed 5233 times

Here's a way to empower a charm with self-love vibes:

This spell enchants rose quartz jewelry to create a bubble of self-love that you can carry with you always.

Any rose quartz jewelry; if you wish, substitute for another stone of self-love.
A paper and some colored pencils or crayons or whatever
Connection to an energy source that makes you feel self-love
Energetically cleanse the jewelry.

Your goal is to have the jewelry throw off an energetic bubble of the squishiest and most delightful self-love imaginable that will stay with you always. While the bubble will always be there, those of us poor at sensing energies (or poor at casting strong magics) merely need to think of the enchantment or touch the stone to be blasted with the deepest love in the universe.

The drawing functions as visual programming for the stone.

As you prepare to draw, ground so that you can fill your image with lots of energy. Connect with the energy source that makes you feel loved. For me it is the sun, I bet for many people here it will be the moon. Whatever source you have is a-ok!

Draw a representation of yourself. It may be a stick figure if you like.

Using a different color, draw the jewelry where you would normally wear it.

Using a different color, (I’d choose pink!) draw an outline around your body where you want the bubble to be. I would draw a big bubble but other people may want to draw the outline close to their skin. It is up to you! Make sure the bubble has no breaks.

Using the same color, create rays shooting out of the jewelry to fill up the self-love bubble. Remember to fill this drawing with loving and powerful energy. Make the drawing as detailed as you like.

When you are done, rest a moment and recharge your energy if you need to. Then, grab your rose quartz jewelry. Place it in the middle of your empowered drawing. Directly charge the jewelry with the loving energy you have connected to. As you charge it, tell the jewelry to get it’s programming from the picture or “draw up” the programming and set it in to the jewelry. Consider saying things such as, “this stone teaches me how to love myself. It reminds me of how much I love myself. When I am with this stone I will never forget how to love myself.”

When you are done, tie off all the energy sources going in to the jewelry. Seal the spell as you normally do. Keep the drawing, and whenever you need to recharge the jewelry, place it on the drawing as you actively or passively channel energy in to it.

If the jewelry needs tweaking, draw a new image to correct the mistakes and re-program it.

Source: ... ose-quartz

self-love charm.jpg
Photo source:

weekly love spell.jpg
weekly love spell.jpg (52.63 KiB) Viewed 5244 times
Photo source:


Re: Herbs/Spells for Self-love?

PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2016 11:15 am
by lliae
wow! thank you so much for the detailed reply! I'm totally going to try some of those things out, thanks again!

Re: Herbs/Spells for Self-love?

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 9:31 pm
by Kassandra

You're welcome. I had fun putting the post together, like sewing a, words, etc...

Hope something of it helps.