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PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 10:08 pm
by Kassandra

Money is only another form of energy. But, it seems like spiritual people tend to have issues with money, moreso than most. Those that don't are the lucky ones that know how to balance their physical and spiritual worlds. The following video shines a bright light into the dusty corners of our minds where subtle, mental programming from various sources in society (some of them well-meaning, like our parents) may have affected our thinking, and therefore our actions, in a way that leaves us having great difficulty in attracting or keeping money and prosperity. I stumbled upon the following money-drawing activities and meditations. Enjoy.

--------NOTE: This video has audio and visual subliminals-------------

Money-drawing Activities

• Read EUTM posts about money spells, or try money spells from the main site
• Write a letter to money; you’ll be surprised at what you have to say to it, and what it says to you. This may open a new dialogue with money, and a new and better relationship with it
• Draw prosperity & wealth sigils in your home; create a money shrine in the money corner of your home
• Make a prosperity vision board; hang it on your wall as a blueprint toward your financial goals
• Pick a good money book like, “The Energy of Money,” and actually do every exercise in it (I got the "write a letter to money" above from this book)
• Clear any “vows of poverty” you may have taken from a past life or three (do a past life regressionto check and see)
• Join a prosperity-drawing group with others; the synergy and support is motivating and helps you focus

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Money mantras:

--Money flows to me
--I exchange service for energy with love
--I leave good energy in my wake
--I am blessed because I Am
--I am happy because I Am
--I smile with happiness and sincerity from my 3rd chakra
-- I am valuable
--I avoid devaluing myself
--My voice and words are valuable
--My value follows me
--My value precedes me
--My value envelopes me
--How I make people feel when they are in my presence is valuable
--People speak well of me with a sense of my worth
--In a bind, a miracle always happens
--I trust the Universe to always support me
--The Universe has given so much to me!

--Use as a visual to meditate upon:
money & prosperity-related rune, kanji, ogham tree image, or jade tree image

Live long and prosper! halfsm

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Re: Money and the Law of Attraction

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:20 am
by DPhoenix
Wonderful post Kassandra! (but then I've yet to see you post anything subpar! :D )

Thank you for helping me put money back into the right perspective. Love the exercises you mentioned!

One of the things I've always struggled with is feeling deserving of money and wealth (I blame my Baptist upbringing for that :lol: ). I know for a fact in a past life I took a vow of poverty and never linked that to the issues I have with money today. I've never been rich in any of my past lives (they range from extreme poverty to being comfortable). I think I need to explore this more.

Re: Money and the Law of Attraction

PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 1:38 pm
by Kassandra

DPhoenix wrote:One of the things I've always struggled with is feeling deserving of money and wealth (I blame my Baptist upbringing for that :lol: ). I know for a fact in a past life I took a vow of poverty and never linked that to the issues I have with money today.

Thanks for your kind words. Oh, you'd be surprised how far we could take the vows we've made. I think a lot of people have this issue. Those vows, in general, have a way of eroding peoples' sense of self "worth." It gets deep, lol. It can be turned around, though. We have to catch that programming in the back of our minds and reprogram it. Takes a lot of work, daily.

But doing the exercises above, and any others that speak to you, should help turn it around successfully. Also, I posted this info to help the process of healing poverty vows, and similar vows: Releasing Past Life Vows


Money is Just Another Form of Energy

PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 8:33 am
by Kassandra

It is never about the money itself.

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Most people separate money from spirituality. They perceive spirituality as pure higher consciousness and money as an incompatible negative. Money is like anything else, a form of energy. Neither good nor bad, it simply is. All forms of energy can be channeled either in a positive way or in a negative way, in a destructive or a creative way. For example, you probably would consider pure organic food as a great and healthy source of energy. Take the purest health food and over-consume it, and you will get ill. Have it in a balanced amount, and you turn it into positive fuel for your body. If you become obsessed with eating only healthy food and worry about it constantly, to a point where it becomes an issue, once again you turn it into a negative by the energy of your intent.Nothing as a form of energy can be accounted as good or bad; or pure or filthy; in its absolute essence. The same principle applies to money.

Sell drugs to kids, money becomes filthy, buy flowers for a loved one, and money becomes bliss. It is never about the money itself. It is about how we use and relate to it. In yoga philosophy, we relate to energy centers (chakras) in the body, which control our existence on the physical, mental and energetic level. The first energy centre is located in the perineum, a group of muscles located between the anus and the genitals. This energy centre (or Chakra) belongs to the element earth, and one of its aspects is our relation to money and making a living. If this energy centre is not balanced, we may experience difficulty in generating money or the opposite, not controlling the money we have.

As a yoga teacher, over the course of my life I have met countless spiritual people who had a problem charging money for their spiritual service. They did not have a problem getting paid for work they didn’t like, but not for what they believed in. Perhaps the Biblical declaration of, “[the love of] money being the root of all evil" is a phrase too deeply ingrained in our psyche.

This separation of money into good or bad creates a pattern of guilt towards money, and guilt as an emotion has no place in the realm of spiritual existence. The perspective that money is a negative energy makes most people dislike paying for services they get. If we hold money back and constantly try to get as much as we can for as little as we can give, we create a very weak community and it will simply rebound back to us. It is relatively easy for us to understand that when it comes to love, you cannot just take without giving back.

Somehow, we do not always see this with money, despite the fact that it is simply another form of the same energy. When you happily pay for services you get, you allow the person you paid to be able to exchange money with others for their services. It keeps expanding in circles echoing far and wide, until it may came back to you in different forms. As money, work, clients, deals, services, products etc. We are all interconnected in the ocean of energies, including the one we call money.




PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 10:43 am
by Katrinkah
Super awesome! I read "The secret to attracting money" by Joe Vitale and it was super enlightening on this. Similar vibe to what you are saying here. And he started out as a hypnotherapist. By the way, I'm a hypnotherapist and there is something you can do to attract money without going under!!! It's called the mental bank program. Maybe I should make a thread explaining what this is. But, to sum it up you can rewrite your subconscious script to achieve pretty much anything. I have even used this method to devolve my psychic abilities and it works!!! Anyway, anyone can message me if they want to know how to do it. I'll try to make a thread though :) :) :)


PostPosted: Thu Jun 02, 2016 4:38 pm
by Kassandra

That'd be great if you could start a thread on "the mental bank program." I'd be interested in reading about that. By the way, I did not write the article above, it is a cut and paste. I cited the source at the bottom.

Did you get a chance to look at the past life vows post? (if not, click on the link in the OP in this thread that reads, "vows of poverty"). It is another good cut and paste I stumbled upon.

But in a way I found it disturbing because it irks me a little that religions of the world have played such a huge part in disempowering the entirety of humanity, lynching us with these "vows" that destroy any sense of self-sovereignty and life purpose we could have had. I find it sickening. I wonder how many people are grappling with the energy of these kinds of vows still manifesting in their souls' biofields, centuries or millennia later. There are times when I wonder whether religion itself has served as an all-encompassing, long term crime against humanity.

As you are a hypnotherapist, I am curious to know if you have actually had such vows come up during sessions with people.