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Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 10:20 pm
by Neha_rose
This happened tonight so it is still sinking in.

I learned the spirits I thought were gods have been misleading me. Finding these gods to begin with was very difficult because, although I had some intuition about who I should work with, I was not sure of my intuition back then (2 years ago). I think I attracted or even created this energy out of desperation at finding a divinity to work with. From the beginning of my meditation journey, I began connecting with this energy. This is all incredibly disappointing because I truly thought I was working with something divine and well-meaning, and now I learn it was all a facade. It happened suddenly in a reading I did just now, when I heard my higher self clear as day come through and tell me.

Strange things have happened the past few days (for instance, I meditated with a rock I found on the beach and learned a spirit was stuck inside and wanted me to free it. I intuited I should not let it go and so I sent healing energy and a spell for the spirit to work through whatever was causing it grief). I lit a candle this morning for communion with my higher self and then to hear her come through in this reading...

The energy that's 'disrupted' me and my meditations and my life is very confusing, and convincing as god. I thought I sent it away and cleansed my space but it keeps coming back, which is why I think I may have created it. How do I know for sure if I made it? And how do I transmute it into something good? I don't want to send it away because then it'll only leech onto someone else. What is the best way to end this one final time (because I've tried so many times and clearly it's not working and just masking itself in different disguises ugh).

The spirit (or spirits?) I've been calling God and guides have made me feel I need to do everything they tell me to. It's obsessive and causes a lot of anxiety but I thought it was teaching me something important. Just playing with my head. Now that I think of it, it was half based in fear (like worship of god in Christianity) and I remember dealing with this all my life- being a little kid and feeling this conflict of something telling me what to do and feeling forced to do it, thinking I'd die or something bad would happen if I didn't.

I'm so annoyed and sad and confused right now. I am communing with higher self again tomorrow though today I could barely hear her toward the end of the session- the other voice came back and interfered like radio interference.

I would appreciate any advice on this! What would you do to get this spirit out for good?

Re: Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 12:39 am
by SpiritTalker
You've already begun learning from this experience. It is a common one, which I don't expect makes you feel better. It hurts big. We can be led astray before we learn discernment and have the patience to demand an assumed entity prove itself over time. And time is the factor we need to discern the quality of guidance. Just being well-meaning doesn't guarantee accuracy.

As best as I can recon it, this sort of thing occurs when we enter the lower astral level. We feel the different personalities and bingo! We think we've hit gold, but It's only a layer of mental energy that's like a sponge retaining thoughts and impressions.

Years ago in college our parapsychology group ran amok on the mental lower astral (for lack of a scientifically valid term). It shattered the group into separate factions & most out right quit, wanting nothing more to do with it. Friendships ended. I recommend allowing yourself to re-evaluate and examine the true "hits" to discern them from the bulk of the mental fantasy brain frequency junk. re-group and forge on, with cautious skepticism. After all, there may have been discernible messages & documentable hits. Study what made them different from the rest.

Well, now at least you recognize it. Now you get to do the real work. You can help yourself by writing down the sensations and cues that were false & the ones that have more substance. Use your best critical thinking. Why did you believe these presences were gods? Ask yourself would gods behave thus and so? Look for the ways you were misinterpreting. Bluntly, get your head out of the superstition and focus on the science. For one thing, until you know what a dark entity really is, please stop calling these expressions "dark". They are more likely factors of the subconscious layered in the mind and trying to communicate in their own language. Work at defining what Beings are both within your experience & compared to theological book definitions. Figure out what comprises a being. Really get an understanding of the vocabulary so you don't scare yourself.

In future, validate before accepting. Then remain cautious. Invent means of getting validation and until something passes the validity test dont buy into it, dont invest your trust easily. Synchronicity is indication of going in the right direction but favorable results qualify as proofs. Cherish the higher self and learn it's frequency. Most often the higher self is the opposite gender for balance, but that's not cast in stone. And keep asking why you accepted something bogus as truth. Think of it as a valuable lesson in the school of the mind & spirit, developing recognition tools. You are exploring an unknown world and must learn it's rules & how it communicates. Learn the language of your subconscious from your dreams. Don't take the subconscious literally when it communicates in symbols. Examine those mistaken godlings for their symbolic meanings to tease out every bit of information they were portraying.

I think every traveler on this path learns that there are lower realm ego constructs. Call them our shadow-self, our inner demons though they are NOT demonic entities but shades of consciousness & of our own making, that become visible to us in our trance-state.

And any time a perceived presence tells you to do something, ask yourself if that is wise? Is it really something you need to do or not? What is it's purpose? argue with every suggestion. I think your comments show you have your head screwed on straight. You're not afraid of facing the questions. You need to ask the right questions, the one's that pull the info out of the experience.

Re: Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 1:34 am
by SpiritTalker
I don't have any idea how you meditate of course. The terms grounding & centering run rampant thru witchology. There are little exercises for opening the chakras from base to crown to begin meditating, and then closing down from crown-to-base. If you're not using it, give it a try & see if it makes any dif.

I rattled on in my usual blunderbuss fashion in the above essay, trying to catch the thoughts and type as fast as they came. Ive edited and I sincerely apologize if anything came across too crudely. :roll:

Re: Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:16 am
by Neha_rose
Thank you so much for your reply! I clearly have a lot to work on. I have meditated for 2 years by closing my eyes and thinking "connect" and then I'd see pictures in my mind and I'd send pictures back or ask questions to better understand in words. I recently (2-3 months ago) started channeling this energy through spontaneous writing- and I know for sure that something was communicating through me because I felt it's energy the most during channels. What's frustrating is it was always so positive in telling me "we are collaborating" "we are working toward your best future" and my pendulum always confirmed what it told me as being honest (now I know this influence also had power over my pendulum, duhh). Basically when it talked to me it sounded like one of those high guides being channeled with its speech (calling me daughter, child, dear child).

Did a tarot reading 5 months ago back when I was trying to ask who my god was personality-wise and I kept getting nice answers in cards (it's an animal deck but the traits were wise, honest, etc.) until I literally had picked 5 or 6 cards out of this deck and shuffled so many times between picking these cards, when a card fell out and I flipped it over- meaning was trickster. A bunch of stuff happened then- I honestly forget but it lead me to command the spirit to go away- it wasn't welcome here because I want honest and kind spirits- worked a spell to send it always but clearly that didn't work.

It could absolutely be part of my unconscious. I've learned how powerful that part of myself is before and it's scary- I really need to learn to control how it affects me- I swear my moods are as changing and bending as a tall grass on a windy day.

I was exploring the forum last night and found a post where you talked about building your Place of Power for meditation. Is there anything I need to do to ensure there's no way this disruptive thing gets in? Higher self told me as the channel was breaking with all the interference to build one and meet her there. If you have any advice on securing it or how to make it more protected from any energy I don't want in there I would love to learn.

I have a plan to focus on self and cleansing today, doing concentration meditations from now on instead of what meditations I did before. I did a spell last night with power of full moon (second day but I learned somewhere that power lasts 4 days after) to get this energy away and to make it good and helpful to never hurt me or anyone else again. Going to keep lighting candle to make it kind of a 7 day long spell. What I thought was my intuition with god and goddess before was really this energy preying on my hopes and what I needed to hear and then all the rest of the time convince me of all the terrible things that would happen if I didn't do exactly what it said. I've had this energy present for as long as I can remember. I don't know how to do things without that "guide", but this is my chance to learn to depend on my own thoughts and understandings.

Thank you for your response- bluntness is a great gift as it kind of jerks me back into the reality of everything. I really appreciate your in depth reply and will be reading it again when I have more coffee haha. I feel like a sham saying blessed be- clearly I've been fooled as to what energy is truly blessed so who am I to send people blessed energy- but I hope we all have a blessed day and clear connection to our gods and guides on the other side.

If anyone feels comfortable doing so and you've read this far, can you please pray for me? I'm not part of any spiritual community in my town and I could really use some prayers for discernment and loving energy.

Re: Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 8:41 am
by SpiritTalker
I hear you, Neha Rose.
A method to aid discernment involves keeping your definitions straight. What is a spirit that you so openly accept them? what is a god? Is your culture and environment one that interacts with the spirit realm and believes that everything has a spirit within it? Are the spirits as gods to your culture? These core beliefs need to be balanced.

Automatic writing is one way to communicate with the inner-self, but don't believe everything you write is coming from a divine intelligence. Testing the "spirits" is an acceptable thing to do. Distrust anything that makes promises, threats or says you've been "chosen" like a cheap "as seen on Tv" commercial.

Developing a strong sense of self is protective. Attitude deters gullibility. Knowing within your heart of hearts that you will not accept being messed with; drawing the line and if it's crossed being strong enough to walk away for the time being; end a communication that is threatening, period.

Then re- read those automatic writings like they were a dream to be interpreted, as though they are messages from the unconscious. What do they symbolize? What mental pictures do they draw? Assume the writing is from your subconscious self, and not from a spirit. What does it mean to you to be called by endearing names? Why would you trust that type of wording? Your goal now is to analyze the snot out of those past writings. Mine the info hidden in the personality. This helps develop discernment and judgement. It's training. Yes, it is time to learn to act on your own and this experience has created the situation to learn how. That's a good thing.

In future, when you "connect" do not open to that old, familiar frequency. Say no. They're not rhe only game in town. You want better. So Stop. Get up and do something else. Vacuum or sweep away debris. The physical act portrays what you must do in your mind: sweep away the unwanted level of connecting. You are acting out a sympathetic spell.

I've used the relax and connect-command method of Centering myself. It's mediumship. Designate what level you connect to. Don't use broad ban sweep. Go deeper. Now you know the frequency level to which you'd connected was the mental level, and possibly the lower astral. Go to a different frequency. Change the station. Push & hold firm in your resolve to change channels to your "teacher", to that higher self who reached out to correct you.

Have you made an effort to know the one spirit entity that is your guide? Work to that end. Seek that one only. Let the guide be a go-between and buffer so that you do not channel any other frequencies than the guide. That's a little scary just now, i expect. Who do you trust? Test the spirit. First you ll have to establish the "connection" and learn to recognize their frequency. If any other butts in, then shut down. Walk away. Sweep. Wash your hands. Do not cooperate with persistent "telemarketers". Don't answer the mental phone for that frequency.

As to Place of Power (POP), when you design it, build in "bug busters" as shields that zap intruders. Maintain zero tolerance. Anything less is wasting your valuable time. Reinforce it with every return you make to the POP. It's your astral construct. You and you alone absolutely control who and what is Invited within,much like the witch's circle. POP is built on a higher frequency astral plane.

Carry on at a slow pace so you can test & verify. When you are doing the connecting work, something as simple as setting out a glass of water across the room to serve as a "fly trap" will help. Do not under any circumstances drink it. Pour the water down the drain and wash the glass when your session is done.

Re: Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 11:05 am
by Neha_rose
Thank you for your help- I will definitely write these things down to make sure I remember. The bug busters sound amazing I can't wait to build them. I met with my higher self- she ended up calling me- and it was a short conversation (given, I don't have much of an attention span so perfect length for me) and when we began talking I felt as if I had gone up some energetic steps because it was so high and light. We were in this white temple/palace I don't think I've ever seen. She told me not to let anyone rule over my life again and to use my fears or they'll use me.
I definitely am resistant at trying to reach out to a potential guide. I honestly can't believe this happened, but I need to and to accept it and move on. I'm not stopping or leaving the path because I know this is the only path for me but oh my gosh I get why people just convert to an organized religion because that's so much easier than all this self-work.
This situation is so overwhelming and disturbing, but you were totally right- her vibration felt so much different than the one I've been working with. I'm excited to see where facing all these fears and figuring out my intuition and discernment will take me but I'm definitely going to take it slow. I'm planning to reintroduce myself to Wicca and the craft because although I read quite a bit, I feel like I've forgotten some integral concepts. Are there any books you think I should read, not as a total beginner but as someone who's relearning magic and the astral realm? Are there any by Rae Beth or anyone that would help me the most knowing what's happened?

Re: Advice to ward off negative disruptive spirits

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2018 6:03 pm
by SpiritTalker
The EUTM media section has book reviews, and RB's Hedge Witch books are on Amazon with reviews too. In Wiccan books the channeling process is called aspecting the goddess. The Pagan Portals Hedge Witchcraft &'Hedge riding booklets are informative for exploring the other realms. There are hedge witch web sites that give info on hedge crossing or hedge riding like and Neither of the sites are Wiccan if that matters to you.

For what it's worth I made a post in EUTM's WC & Wicca 101 section called "getting started" that could be useful to you in regenerating your path. The Heart Temple meditation was given to me for opening channels to the higher self. It's very simple. I've got the attention span of a gnat so I do simple