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Shadow Creature

PostPosted: Fri Jan 10, 2020 9:55 am
by RosieMoonflower
I too often see a white cat sport moving about my house. And, like you sometimes it scurries up the wall or more often up door frames..? I had to start asking myself each time I saw It if I really did. You see, I have 2 small white dogs and a small black cat. But what I keep seeing is a white CAT. Sometimes I would see it and not be sure. Others I would be positive it wasn’t my dogs and it wasn’t some trick of the light.

Most advice was say to speak to spirit and ask it what it is or what it wants/is doing, etc. I’ve never done this and I don’t have a reason why not. I just haven’t. But, trying to reach out during mediation is the best bet for answers.

I also like what Haylee said about “what do cats mean to you?”. If it is a figment of our imagination that would be a good place to start to figure out why you’re mind in manifesting that image. Or, as Thunderfog put it, we may be loosing it after all!