Very Vivid Dream

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Very Vivid Dream

Post by Glowfish »

I don't usually dream a lot but last night I had one of the most vivid dreams in a long time. I was outside laying on the ground with someone else under a blanket (i don't know who this person was or why I was laying on the ground with them) when normal sized pure black spiders started crawling on the blanket. Needless to say I was freaking out then just woke up.

The dream was so vivid I actually had to turn the light on and make sure there weren't any spiders on the bed.

Anyone know what this dream might mean? I do believe dreams are the last ditch effort for the universe/gods/goddess to get our attention about something we need to know, But none of the sites or books i checked really had an answer for me that i feel is right. Would love to read any answers from fellow witches on similar dreams they might of had and what it all could mean. Thanks :)

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Re: Very Vivid Dream

Post by SpiritTalker »

I'll take a swing...swat, splat!

Looking at the main action:

An unknown person beside you, laying on the ground. Ground = "grounding" and with an unknown "other"'could be symbolic of the unrecognized "other" self, the higher self. If it's the op sex then that would even more strongly suggest this as our "other" is usually (not always) our opposite energy. The awareness of the "other self" is a consciousness change.

The spiders were not on you but on the blanket (thankyouverymuch!). Thus the blanket symbolizes a protective covering of some kind. A shield. An alternate energy layer.

As to the spiders (e-ew), It's not unusual when we are out-of-body only slightly disassociated & neither in nor out sufficiently as happens when we change consciousness levels or brain wave frequencies in sleep, for the brain to "see" random energy changes or "whorls" that just happen to look like black creepy crawlies, though not a specific species. I don't know if They have a real shape or if the sub-conscious dresses them in a form that represents in picture-language a "disturbing thing" guaranteed to convey "wake up NOW", ie change consciousness brain frequency.

So I see it as illustrating awareness of brain frequency changes occurring during the sleep cycle. And to me, IMO, that suggests an "awakening" in progress.

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Re: Very Vivid Dream

Post by SapphireRoad »

On a Moonless Saturday night a week ago I had to sleep in a less protected place and something that had like 8 spider legs but also a torso and a black head was crawling around. I was unprepared and bit of black pepper wasn't enough to put on its image I drawn in a circle on paper. Not enough to chase it bound into it away.

So I made another such drawing and put one of my protective stones on it so as to keep it at bay the whole night. It disapeared but stone was soaked with negativity some 20 hours till cleaned back at home gradually.

Concerning this I'd like to note that I can't stand the proximity of spiders. I've tried and even let the cooler one on my hand few moths past, but their energy is dark, and constantly hostile in my dreams as well. Their capable of surviving from eating one fly 3 months of winter... very weird thing to me almost like an anti-organism.
I felt often pity for them entering flats seeking warmth but nothing to eat - starving to death as the victims of their own scheming. I never kill them either so as to avoid astral retribution.

Things boiling down to such extent that I feel cornered. Hate life in flat. Can protect but it is soaking from walls, the spiritual pollution. House is better cause you can lie on ground and feel connection to Earth all the time... but spiders keep crawling to houses and if not might stay abundantly on the other side of the walls, from outside the walls. I'd say 2 meter distance still enough to feel their presence thus enough for their energies to soak into interior and do a bit of their scheming.

Concluding my position on how unfitting it all is, I don't want neither house nor flat... can't sleep at forest cottage because of my hate to their proximity, the whole rent there is futile and serves just on rituals.
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