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ET Tunnel in Antarctica

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ET Tunnel in Antarctica

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Nov 05, 2019 2:43 pm

At the end of August I had a freaky vision experience - it was just an image hanging in the air of twelve rays in a circle (like spokes of a wheel) and at the end of each ray were 2 right angles. It was glowing yellow 3-D with a dull black image on a yellow background. This wasn't on my mental screen where I'd normally have visions. This was literally in my right eye. No matter where I looked it would hang there in front of me. If I closed my right eye i didn't see it with the left. It lasted about an hour. Then at the end of Sept it happened again but lasted about 20 minutes. Both times when it occurred I laid down (in case my eye was going wonky) & fell asleep; & both times when I woke the thing was totally gone, thankfully. No idea what it was all about.

In early Oct I was randomly watching YouTube vids & came across a program of Linda Molten Howe's Earth Files, with a special four part Antarctic Whistleblower series about an underground complex discovered in Antarctica. Inside were many hieroglyphs & on the swivel door was a star map & the same 12-ray circle with 2 right angles at the ends :shock: . The whistleblower was a man identified as a Navy Seal team Lt. Commander - name & team number withheld - who in 2003 was sent to that location to bring back an archeologist studying the glyphs.

Linda Molten-Howe researched the right-angled symbols on the door. The 12-rayed circle with 2-right angles at each end has an ancient history as a sun symbol (called black sun) and is a modern diagram of an electron accelerated to the speed of light & forming a sphere. :shock: OK, my jaw was imbedded in the floor. The star map beside it was said by the Navy Seal to be of three parallel dimensions & together the 2 symbols were interpreted as being a map & the means of inter dementional "jumps".

What the heck is this black sun symbol doing in my right eye? And something I noticed that Linda didn't mention - In comparing the symbol on the door & the electron diagram, the right angle on the rays on the door go deosil & in the electron diagram the right angles go widdershins. The one I'd drawn in my journal in August has widdershin angles, for whatever that's worth, but reminds me of casting circles widdershins to banish or deosil to manifest. Shrug.

This site is supposedly what the then Sec of State Carey & Appllo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin had been visiting on Nov 5, 2016. You might remember Buzz Aldrin was medevaced to New Zealand for a possible heart problem, uh-huh. :annoyed:
Howe said the hieroglyphs in the Sidonia plane of Mars & those on the back side of the Moon match the ones in Antartica.
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Re: ET Tunnel in Antarctica

Postby barker » Tue Nov 12, 2019 5:18 am

The Black Sun over Antarctica could only mean that the world is patient. Patience is of the south. It is an alchemy so it means that lead is getting to know patience, or has already... ready to be sunlight or something...
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