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Total newb wants to become a wizard- how do I do this?

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Total newb wants to become a wizard- how do I do this?

Postby andrewanteater » Mon Mar 28, 2011 9:00 pm

Hello, this may seem like a weird bs post, but I assure you it's not.
My name is Andrew and I'm 18. I realized I wanted to start witchcraft recently, but I have no idea where to start from. What exactly do I need to do? What exactly makes spells "work" or "not work"? Is witchcraft costly? I mean with buying the candles and all the right supplies. I have so many questions, but I'll start out with these. If I think of more, I'll add them. Thanks for reading and answering. =)
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Re: Total newb wants to become a wizard- how do I do this?

Postby Zili » Mon Mar 28, 2011 11:20 pm

You don't always need candles or any other supplies to work magic, some magic is pure energy. We have a section on the forum called Witchcraft school some of the most basic tips for getting started are located there. the main thing you need to know to make a spell work, is your intent to make it work, and your belief that it will work over time.
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Re: Total newb wants to become a wizard- how do I do this?

Postby SpiritTalker » Sat Dec 07, 2019 12:08 pm

What makes a spell go or flop is the Crafter's ability to focus. The Crafter's relationship to Earth, the ritual, the gear & symbolism all help focus thoughts. Teach yourself to focus: gaze at a candle flame until it's all you're aware of. If you wool gather just return to the flame. Do 10 minutes practice daily. Add deep breathing & do the same to meditate.

Is practicing magic expensive? - It can be if you're mesmerized by high-magic “wizardry” & want fantasy-designed accoutrements & vellum Grimoires. There’s no reason gear has to come from specialty shoppes. Many Crafters repurpose household items & use what's available in nature, grow their own & shop at variety & grocery stores.
. Thea Sabin's "Beginning Wicca" and Lisa Chamberlain's "Wicca book of Spells" are well done & inexpensive. Scott Cunningham's "Wicca, a Guide for Solitary Practitioners" is a free PDF on line.

Build your witch’s starter kit
. Your main resources are your focused intention & energy. Practice grounding - connecting your energy-body along the spine to the earth; centering - draw power on the breath from Earth & Sky into the belly; projecting - push focused energy from the belly & out your hands. Experiment with your palms facing but not touching, push energy from the gut to feel the spongy resistance, tingle, heat etc. Shake your hands to clear the energy.
. Test a few kitchen herbs. Rub each between your fingers; smell & taste. Notice your reactions. Appealing herbs suggest uses for blessing & summoning or if you pulled away then use it for protection & banishing.
. Collect stones from different outdoor places. Look for markings & if each is easy to hold. Use water-smoothed stones for healing, single-banded, encircled stones for wishing, stones criss-crossed by lines for path finding, and stones with holes clear through are protective. Hold a stone with the desired goal while chanting & swaying to influence conditions or place them with spells. (Ref. C.Williamsen, Museum of WC)
. Basic gear: fire-safe bowl, incense - oil, candles/holders - potion cup - Salt - represent air, fire, water, earth

Re - prepare sacred space - 2 examples
. Magic is energy. A circle keeps out interference & holds your energy.
. Start & end each pass at north or east. Simple circles dissipate when walked through.
1. Broom-sweep a circular area <~widdershins to cleanse, then point & walk deosil~> to project circle, or
2. Walk three circuits deosil~>: 1st sprinkle combined salt & water to cleanse & introduce earth & water; 2nd pass, waft incense smoke to bless & introduce air & fire; 3rd pass, point & project the circle.
. Words for both: Round, around & round about, all good in & all bad out. / As I walk the circle is cast, guarding all & holding fast. (ref. D.Valiente). You can add the full ritual when you feel ready to advance.

Re - altars
. Altars use symbols to direct your thoughts.
. Ritual tools represent the 4 elements of Nature - sky-wand, Fire-blade, sea-cup, land-pentacle.
. Set-up - Goddess candle, cup, water, salt on left; God candle, blade, wand, incense & oil on right.
. Consecrate: Cleanse with salt-water, bless with incense, anoint with oil & magnetize with energy.
. Do the table before doing tools (for their 1st use)

Re - spells
. Select materials related to the goal by element, property, appearance, color, scent or other symbolism.
. Use wording in positive phrases, present-tense (It-is & I-have), & don't say what you don't want.
. Or say "Earth, Air, Water, Fire, work you now to my desire; for the good of everyone, so now it is done".
. Know the goal is done: to attract, repel or empower something; know it in your belly & push it into spells
. Keep the altar elementally balanced for good results.

Tip - your witch power to know in the gut that a thing is done, & not wanna-be, is the magic. Neither request nor command for both states repeat the thing isn’t-so. To know is to make it so.
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