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What God-forms Do

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What God-forms Do

Postby SpiritTalker » Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:45 pm

The little I have gleaned about the Western Occult method of working with god-forms (and Wicca does follow Western Occult traditions) is that you would surround yourself with the energy and symbolism of one god-form at a time, immersing the mind in their energy resonance during meditations. Over time this can produce effects on the psyche, and bring forth qualities from within us that are associated with the god-form. When we are called by a god- form it's because we respond to their energy to balance us.

As i understand it, casual mixing and matching from assorted pantheons can be chancy as a means for developing personality traits and characteristics within ourselves. Generally the members of a pantheon usually rub along energiticly as a unit. They would be on the same wave length frequency or singing in harmony, metaphorically speaking. Introducing another frequency can make their harmony go "flat". And we would experience that within our psyche as random stress with extreme highs and lows of emotions. It may even play out into the physical realm as being accident prone, flighty & unable to focus or stick with something start to finish. I'm not saying that's always the case by any means, but can contribute.

To put it in terms that some might be familiar with, if a person were to put on a feathered mask of a specific bird or animal & dance their imagined version of that bird's/animal's dance, it would draw forth from within the dancer's personality an identification with the spirit of that bird/animal. It's the same thing we do when working with god-forms.

When we say god-forms are compatible or get along with each other, we're saying that their energy patterns don't create discord; that the frequency of their characteristics produce harmony. That's what we want to download into our personalities. We use their frequency patterns to reprogram our own personality and to harmonize our shadow-self and conscious-self. Ultimately we can then communicate with our higher-self, or call it the Soul.

Working with god-forms is a very old spiritual practice from the ancient Mystery Schools in Greece & Egypt, and is used today within covens and magical lodges, and many religions.

To start, just work at identifying what you want to accomplish when selecting a ready-made pantheon, or by assembling a designer-pack. There's no right or wrong way to do things, only intent. This is one of the times intent needs to be clear. Ask yourself what is your reason for choosing a god-form? What do you desire to accomplish? What does it do for you?

If you are selecting god-forms that embody something you understand about the Universe (or some action you want to attract into your life), that's a-kin to using the god-form to bring forth that "something" in yourself. But it's still external. It resides in the god-force image that's standing over there.. While the "something" is still being expressed by the god-form you admire, it hasn't been integrated yet. It's only half the job since the purpose is to unite and awaken those qualities into yourself. To do the whole job, you need to focus on the reason why you're working with a pantheon in the first place.

When we experience a call from a particular deity, we are responding to the qualities they posses that will balance us. Acts of devotion open the psychic pathways to the deity. We hope to sing on the same page with the rest of a pantheon.

I don't personally work with a full pantheon. Call me slow witted, but it took me 30 years to find my Goddess' name. So I'm comfortable with ways to practice without a specific deity name to give my devotion to. It came as no surprise that she is compatible with the God-form addressed at my dedication 30 years ago. And I know She's always been there, laughing &'answering to "hey, You." i find that having a name gives me a quiet peace but doesn't change Her.
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Re: What God-forms Do

Postby Shireside » Tue Aug 15, 2017 1:29 pm

A good, clear explanation of a subject so often bogged down by a cloud of woo. A very timely post for me, too!
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