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3 Things You Don't Use & Why

Discussion of ritual tools and other items used in the Craft.

Re: 3 Things You Don't Use & Why

Postby SpiritTalker » Wed Jul 10, 2019 11:40 am

LC wrote:
Ethereal Moon Rose wrote:What a cool thread :flyingwitch:

Ethereal Moon Rose: What did you mean by trad witch? Traditional? How simple can a circle casting get?

@LC - I don't think EMR saw these questions.
Trad-witch refers to "traditional regional" witchcraft practices which don't use the ceremonial-magic based Wiccan ritual structures, rites, ritual tools, pantheons of deities nor Reed. Trad-craft accepts a working relationship with land-spirits & ancestors. Trad-Witch's might prefer DIY tools over store-bought but few tools are used; the Stang serves as altar &' power-directing tool-in-one. Some regional trad-Crafters choose the option of laying a compass, some don't.

There's many ways to summon circle energies to secure some working space - dragging the left foot as you walk in a circle comes to mind. That's as simple as it gets - no tools or further ritual is used to make special space; Or the staff is used to trace a circular shape on the ground.
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Re: 3 Things You Don't Use & Why

Postby barker » Wed Jul 10, 2019 1:52 pm

Do use:

- crystals/stones
- essential oils
- sea salt

Don't use:

- altar
- wand
- robe

The last 3 have magically manifested before me as good clothes a bedside table and an astral wand was granted to myself along the way. Now, that's what I call secret suggestion. I could do it formally but, however I was not initiated to the word "yes" yet. Not in Wicca. Just the word, "no."
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Re: 3 Things You Don't Use & Why

Postby RavenClaw » Thu Jul 11, 2019 1:04 am

I don't have much experience with what I see in EUTM so I took some creative license for the list which is based on what I've been guided to do, and have, since this is another step along my spiritual path.

I don't/can't use:
1) anything with a fragrance due to allergies
2) smudging and anything else that involves a lot of smoke due to allergies
3) casting a circle as drawing up earth energy replaces it

What I expect to use frequently:
1) an altar plate that's still under construction
2) I draw up earth energy just about every day, it has multiple purposes such as protection, connecting to nature and raising my energy.
3) reading rune stones cast on a cloth
4) unscented candles for meditation and spell work

What I expect to use very seldomly:
1) a charging plate for small items that might be needed for magic
2) a medallion for protection
3) a wand I'm working on for directing energy
4) a pendulum for quick answers

What I have and may use even less:
1) a staff that I can use for dowsing
2) a black mirror for scrying which I put on hold
3) a letter opener that can double as an athame
4) a sword for banishing
5) a tarot deck but plan on getting involved with it once I'm comfortable with reading runes
6) a set of antlers that can be made into a headdress, also smaller antlers for jewellery. I have a feeling that such a headdress will connect me with a Horned God from the Celtic pantheon.
Knowledge without understanding is not wisdom. (An excerpt from a message I channeled from a Deity.)
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