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The science behind spirit boards.

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The science behind spirit boards.

Postby Brett Nortje » Tue Aug 14, 2018 11:48 pm

Yes, I have had my fair share of trouble with these things, but, now have found out how they work! They are, on a basic level, where earth of the glass or wooden token meet he air resistance. This causes friction, and, they will then converge into being the medium of movement to show the patterns of the images of the souls you speak to.

As we have covered, the soul is a 'ever present energy' that travels the cosmos and mingles with other energies. Thus, the energy of the soul is trapped inside the glass, with all other energies. This will be where this energy uses the electromagnetism of the gases or air inside to move with the magnetism side pushing, and the electron side guiding. This is the energy of movement between the glass or beaker and the board.

The energy will recognize the characters by you recognizing them, they are liking between you and the them and the wood or cardboard, and, these three earth, air and fire, minus water, will be a flux of energy to communicate with those that ask.

~ Yes, it is regarded as a path of madness to ask too many questions, stick to eggs and lighters, alright? This is what I heard, of course, but it makes sense not to live in a world of shadows and spirits during life.

So, the movement is generated by your energy from your fingers, to the glass or token, to the board. These are recognized by you, and, as it is you asking, the questions are answered. The questions are recognized by this 'collage' by your mental images matching with images of past, present and future. This is because there is only determinism or fate, and, these will ground you into travelling further along the reactions or back track on them. The reactions spiral out into the cosmos, by the 'ever present' soul mixing with them, and, quickly learning the answer.

~ The more you or someone else knows, the more changes there are!

Now, the board might bite back if there is too much force applied, or, they do not agree with you. If the soul or energy is charged to accept you, then it will, of course. If it is charged against you, it will 'bite you' shocking you with rejecting your energy from the glass or token back at you, where the like charges will cause a density of energy and you will be hurt, okay? Beware!
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