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The San Luis Valley

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Re: The San Luis Valley

Postby SapphireRoad » Mon Jan 20, 2020 5:14 am

SnowCat wrote:I think there may have been subconscious intent. We were bored, and wishing for some excitement. I was 16, and Cindy was 14. It's an age that lends itself to unintentional intent.

How do you mean it?

It's a fragile age when one can be shaped a lot imo. Or perhaps just to a certain extent.
In your story of San Luis Valley I think it was a question of fortitude. Some people have it less and are susceptible to addictions and being dragged in life. Predators prefer easier prey. If something were to mingle with your field would probably make disturbance to both you and itself and wind up perhaps being banished from the realm in a dreadful way - from its point of view.
I wonder if fortitude and will are things we are just born with or things to train.
"toll the Silver iterance" Elizabeth B. Browning
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