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The Reasons Why Spells Don't Work

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The Reasons Why Spells Don't Work

Postby Twisted_Pixie » Fri Jan 22, 2010 4:45 pm

I'm mainly putting this up for Greek Witch... whether i should bother is another thing, but lets see how we go.

I'm in the process of writing a ritual for the full moon in Leo coming up. So i thought i would post my progress up here. Every new moon, full moon and sabbat, or if i have a particular purpose i need to write a spell for, i will write my own or i will gather ideas from other peoples spells etc....

Okay so the way i start off is by writing down things i include in my ritual:

*Signthe moon is in (and if the moon is full i also include what sign the sun is in, because without the sun, we wouldnt be able to see our beautiful moon).
*I take note of the elements of these signs and invoke them.
*Appropriate coloursto use
*Postures (Staduir) to use during ritual
*Appropriate runes
*Sometimes i look to see what day the moon is new/full... if i dont already have a purpose in mind, i can get an idea for a spell or ritual based on what day the full or new moon falls on.
*what herbs to use. I 99% of the time make an incense for my rituals
*Any crystals i wish to use
*Desired outcome

As you can see i put alot of effort and thought into my rituals... and i believe this contributes to them working 99% of the time, because my intent is ALREADY going towards my goal now and i havent even done the ritual.

I'll add another post up with my numerology notes, colour notes and zodiac notes from my training as a priestess incase people want to use them because they help alot =)

I hope this post isnt too long, but i think it could help a few people if they wanted....

Okay so the moon will be in Leo, and the sun will be in Aquarius.

Leo is good for rituals to do with children (as well as many other things) and Aquarius is good for raising energy and healing (amongst other things which i will list in my other posts).

So i'm going to write myself a ritual for my pregnancy again, and it will be to raise energy, for perhaps protection of her, or to hand down ancestral knowledge/gifts, etc.

Anyway i'll stop there for now so i dont bore anyone, but i'll keep posting in everytime i work on my ritual to let you all know how it progresses and hopefully some of you will learn from it =D


PS: I know that other experienced pagans probably do their things differently, i'm just posting up my way =)
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Few tips on Spell modification!

Postby Greek_Male_Witch » Fri Jul 30, 2010 5:39 am

Hi, something more I need to say about spells! There will be time when inspiration will be gone, and you find yourself looking at an empty paper, thinking what to write, and then you will decide to modify a spell, YES you can do that! you can modify an existing spell, to fit your needs, so here is some tips!

1)Do not choose spells to modify that have nothing to do with each other, example: I cannot take a hex and modify it, to a love spell!

2)Remember always, when you modify a spell, change its ingredients too! if its a friendship spell and asks you for strawberry leafs, and you want to make it a love spell, you should probably find a more effective herb for your situation, so modify a spell, does not mean modifying ONLY the words! thats totally wrong!

3)CAREFUL THE GODDESS/GOD! Ha! be careful about spells that reffer on one deity, a love spell will be addressed to Aphrodite (maybe) but if you want to make it a spell for something else, find the Goddess/God you want your spell to be addressed,and re-write the spell with the correct deity!


Modifying spells, is acceptable but I wouldn't advised you to do it, it will take you longer, so why not write a spell on your own, instead of re-constructing an existing spell and risking the effects!

I say those tips based on my recent failure, so please believe the above things!

Thanks hope I helped!

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The reasons why spells don't work

Postby Ravencry » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:40 pm

No, I am not going to start a debate on why spells don't exist, but rather, why spells don't work sometimes. Very confusing, I know. Bear with me, I am off of my medication, so I am not so eloquent of a speaker. Let us go through the reasons that a spell might not have worked for you.

1) Energy-When a spell is done 'for the heck of it' or done simply because it is done in such a rush that we don't put much thought and energy into it. Or perhaps your tired from a long day of work. Either way, there just wasn't enough energy and intention put into the spell. Simple ways to fix this: Take a nap or perform spells in the morning. If it is a spell that should be cast on the Full Moon, you can nap a little and wake up at midnight, if you so wish.

2)Belief- Belief is the main thing that spells thrive off of. If you believe that your spell will work and bring welcome change, then the spell will work. If not, then spell simply fades into non-existence, as if it were never cast. Simple ways to fix this: Know that it will work, during and after casting any spell

3) Not assisting the spell- This is most often the reason a spell doesn't work. Say you cast a spell to get a job. If you don't go out and fill out some applications and attend some interviews, then the spell does not have the assistance it needs. A spell cannot fill out an application for you. A spell needs you to work, also. Imagine a spell as a child that you create. It cannot communicate your needs to others. You need to work to achieve the goal that the spell wishes to bring you. A simple way to fix this: Assist the spell along its way. Work toward the goal that you wish the spell to bring.

4) Spell was not well-crafted- This is the least common reason that a spell doesn't work. Sometimes we find spells off the internet that seem to good to be true. 'Make someone fall for you' are often the most common horribly crafted spells I find. But how do we know that they aren't crafted well? Look at the wording and look at the ingredients. Is there some wormwood and hemlock in the love spell? What the heck is that doing there? Simple ways to fix this: Get your spells from a trusted source, such as a website that specializes in spells. Also, you could look up the magickal properties of the ingredients on Google.

I do hope that this helps anyone who has had difficulty casting spells. If you have anything that you would like to add, feel free :D
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