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The origin of the charm

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The origin of the charm

Postby china_master » Mon Oct 07, 2019 8:36 am

The charm originated from the ancient "cloud book", which is a specific symbol attached to a specific material (such as sassafras, sassafras, wood, etc.), the shape is weird, people can not understand, can demonize evil spirits, bring Auspicious; the magical function of the charm can also cure people, especially for some patients with mental disorders or depression. There are often some weird events in the folks that use cracks and often have immediate effects.

According to the material of its production, it can be divided into "Fushui", "paper symbol", "wood leaf", "iron coupon", etc., and also will be engraved on the stone monument; according to its function, it can be divided into positive events, There are more than 100 kinds of two major categories of sin. The sun has a mountain sign, a hair sign, a prayer character, a general call, a peace sign, a harmony, a town house, etc.; the sinister has a gas light symbol, a prison symbol, a soul symbol, and so on.

The program of the characters is complicated. Before the painting, you should fast, bathe, and cleanse. In the process of painting, you must recite spells, knots, etc. Non-inheritors can't learn by themselves. Otherwise, the charms have no effect, but they will be cursed by God.



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