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The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites & Ceremonies

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The Master Grimoire Of Magickal Rites & Ceremonies

Postby jamieross85 » Sun Jul 10, 2011 5:13 am

1ST EDITION 1982 NATHAN ELKANA PAPER BACK ON YELLOW TANNED PAGES. i did not want to sell this to anyone I wanted to sell this book to people who understand the book and will make use of it. It has been very sucsessful for me but I think it is time to pass it on to someone new. This is not a cop of the original it is the original paper back 1982 of the grimoire. Please feel free to look the book up it is very rare and very effective. if you have any questions please post or if you are intrested please make me an offer as these are very limited and can reach up to £1000 + but I want someone to have it that understands the art. otherwise I would have put it on ebay. I'm not expecting £££££££ tho for it but can not let it go for nothing is it is very valuable and all ceremonies in the book are very effective.

Blessed Be

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