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The magical effect of the spell-Ancient Chinese Witchcraft

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The magical effect of the spell-Ancient Chinese Witchcraft

Postby china_master » Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:59 am

The spell is not unique to Buddhism, and other religions also exist. For example, Taoism calls it "mouth", "magic mantra", etc. The actual spell is a kind of language. All animals have their own language. As a human being of higher animals, the language system is more complicated and perfect.

Humans use language to exchange ideas and express feelings, and whether language is narrow or broad, it is a small part of the sound energy in the universe. Language is also a dynamic symbol that contains a special sonic structure.

And what about the spell? In addition to being a kind of language, it also contains some special meanings, which can be said to be a strange culture that is difficult to make clear. The spell is not unique to the East, and is found in the West and in some tribal peoples.

In addition to the mutual transmission of sound energy, the spell is a kind of high-energy language that is naturally emitted by people with extraordinary thinking or special functions. Some of the spells are inherited, but some are specific to the natural environment in a special environment.
The general direction of the energy of the spell includes more than the following three.

First, the meaning of the spell's meaning
Each language has a certain power and has a certain meaning. For example, congratulations on making a fortune, this is a kind of blessing to others, people will have a happy and joyful mood. Congratulations on getting rich is definitely different from the effect of losing your mother.

Second, the frequency energy of the spell
Spells have high-energy information. Spells can interact with each other, between people and animals, between our living space and other spaces.

Third, the energy produced by the mantra
People who have been practicing for a long time have powerful energy that no beginners have. The spell is an internal force that is transmitted by mouth rumors. The size of the energy varies from person to person, and the quality and effect are never the same. Some people can even not make a sound when they recite a curse. By meditation, they mobilize the corresponding internal gas vibration pipe to eject a powerful flow of information.

If the above three kinds of energy are used well, they will produce some very magical phenomena. For example, there are many folk mage in China. After the curse, you can barefoot and barefoot through the knife mountain, and under the fire, without any harm, this is to use the spell to mobilize. The result of many mysterious energies in the universe.
If you can skillfully use the various energies of a spell, it can be very useful. It can be roughly divided into: disaster relief, blessing security, gaining wisdom, and strengthening the body

The spell gathers the special information in the various dimensional spaces of the universe, and with the instinct of the surgeon itself, with the help of the hidden energy, its role and power is enormous. It can travel far away and can vibrate the corresponding targets, organs and other substances.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, China put forward the "five-tone" medical theory, which can be said to be the prototype of a spell. "The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classics" 曰; "The five internal organs have sounds, and the sounds have their own sounds. People have five sounds, that is, palaces, merchants, horns, levies, and feathers. Their sounds are loud and harmonious, light and strong, deep and deep, and the sound is correspondingly disease-free. ”

Also 曰: "Miyaggar is sick in the spleen, business chaos is sick in the lungs, chaos is sick in the liver, chaos is in the heart, feathers are sick in the kidney, five-tone disorder has five diseases." Knowing the disease, this expresses the five-tone can directly communicate the relationship between man and the nature of the heavens and the earth, and builds a bridge connecting the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth with the human organs.
I'm 9th generation Ancient Chinese wizard inheritor I practice astrology, energy healing, scrying (divination and fortune-telling) and spell casting.
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