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The Black And Red Book.

Start your own thread named "[Name's] Book of Shadows" and add spells, rituals, correspondences, music, videos, etc. that you would like to keep for future use or share with others. Use as many posts as you'd like. It's not private, but at least your family won't see it. You can also get ideas from other people's Books of Shadows.

The Black And Red Book.

Postby EveningWithAstaroth » Sun May 27, 2018 2:07 am

First, an introduction of self. My user name here is EveningWithAstaroth. Second, an explanation of exactly what this book is, and what to expect to read. Firstly, this is not solely a spell book. As well it is not a single book. My BOS has encompassed over the previous year a number of small notebooks. Recently two new large notebooks have been purchased to serve as more space for the BOS. These books are not full of too many spells themselves, although there are a few. Many of them too are sigil spells which may prove to be some more effort to write here- I've not decided upon these.

So if it isn't a spell book what exactly is it? What is in it? Many things. These books are literally my self taught tradition of worship written down. Within are directions on how to create many things. In some I've logged how I've made my tools, in some I have updated when I add something new to a tool, a wand, a staff. Some things written are personal experiences related to my spiritual path I have written down. In one of the notebooks I wrote down a dream, something I rarely do.

I am writing here to share. To share a self taught traditional path that is all my own. Some things within these notebooks I consider very sacred. There are some recipes I have written I can not by my own intuition share. Not because they are dark magic, and not because I worry they will be used, but because in honesty- These things are sacred, some of these things I have learned, have not even come from knowledge of this lifetime. There is one thing in particular, a recipe, that I have found to come from a previous- before this incarnation life. This recipe then is not my new way, but my old way. I do not feel It is to be shared, and I must listen always- to myself.

There may not be many spells within this thread. I do have much information written in some of these notebooks. Things I have found I have used along my way. Herbs and their spiritual properties, rocks and their make up. There are notebooks from last year that have some information about different spiritual, philosophical paths, I had been looking into for my reasons.

There is poetry, and in one notebook a couple of drawings found their way within the pages.

I write to share some of what goes on in my internal life, my internal dialogue.

Not everything written will be unique to my path as well, I am sure many have before whipped up and cast a jar spell.

Normally I will have my own unique method with things.

That said I do hope my rantings find you well.

Date of BOS Online Introduction: 5/27/18
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Re: The Black And Red Book.

Postby EveningWithAstaroth » Sun May 27, 2018 2:28 am

Black Book.

Dedicated: 4/28/18

Saint Jones Bones

Mr. Jones he writes a speech.
We kick him in his rattling teeth.
He bites the dust, he chews our bones.
This is the tale of Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones, Mr. Jones,
he listens to the rattling bones.
He plucks his hair, he plucks a harp.
Mr. Jones he will get caught.
He will get caught.
He will get caught.

Mr. Jones who am I?
I am, but one sarcough-agi.
Within a tomb, within a sea.
A tomb of what is yet to be.

Mr. Jones who are you?
Just your rambling friendly ghoul.
Come with us, and get your kicks.
Join us in the river STYX.

Lilac- Protection- said to drive away evil.

Pink granite- This is called a "Guardian Stone".

Rapakivi- Is a variety of granite with K-Feldspar, inclusions. Looks very much like some stones I had found.

Universal Love Prayer Dish Spell:

I prepared a heart shaped candy dish with a sprig of bleeding heart from the garden. I placed a rough rose quartz stone towards the bottom stem of the bleeding heart sprig of flowers. I set a small white tea-light in front of the stem and the rose quartz within the candy dish, and lit the candle in prayer with focus and intent and allowing for more love for others, to enter my life. The prayer as many of mine are, was silent.
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Re: The Black And Red Book.

Postby GhostRider » Sun May 27, 2018 10:46 am

Lilac is good for healing as well as protection.
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Re: The Black And Red Book.

Postby SpiritTalker » Thu May 31, 2018 6:52 am

I look forward to more entries. I also use lilac for it's protective connections. Looks like we 3 agree. EWA, it feels to me as though you enter that other-worldly trance state when drawing together your various spell components. It is sacred. It is unique. These are the times when we know everything is connected and walk the web that unites us. It's so satisfying. :D
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Re: The Black And Red Book.

Postby EveningWithAstaroth » Thu May 31, 2018 8:59 pm

Scrying Techniques and Ideas:
Scrying techniques and ideas I've written down, that others have offered to me, to help me as I begin to learn and experiment with scrying, I offer them here to others too, so that those interested in this divinatory technique may too, learn from the techniques of others:

When using any divinatory tool, it is a good idea to bless and clear any previous energy from such tool. This includes both items previously owned by others, as well as store bought or bought items that see a lot of handling from others.
It has been suggested to ask permissions when using tools/ items. A simple technique to ask whether or not an item will "work with you" or for permissions, is to hold an item and meditate on how its energy feels for you. A suggestion is to consider while holding and meditating upon an item asking such questions as- Does this feel it would like to work with me? Does it feel positive- and offer permissions? Does it feel good to hold, is the energy in any way soothing, calming, vibrationally high in energy? Softer in energy? Or does it feel wrong? Like a no? Or a contrasting or disagreeable energy?

It is suggested to try to dim the lights for atmosphere if one has trouble with envisioning, in bright house lights, if one is more comfortable in darker rooms while scrying, one can use candle light or lower light. If one is perfectly comfortable they can see spiritually in bright light- and have no concerns with this, they may leave any bright lights and lighting as is. What works best for the person usually is what works best or well for them.

Instead of looking straight into the scrying ball it may help those learning to look indirectly at it, sort of an off focus.

Choices for lighting, material of the scrying item, atmospheric decoration, other utilized tools are all unique to the individual scrying.

One may use candles for lighting alone, one may use the bedroom light, bright and in full light, one may scry out during the day in the natural sun, one may decide out of doors, under moonlight and candle light.

These are all our personal decisions.

If any of course would rather disregard any of these suggestions- that too may just work!

Personally when I scry I use a combination of light from lit pillar candles, and a salt lamp currently.

I intend to pick up some Himalayan salt tea-light candle holders soon.

That may just place me as an individual whom likes to scry within soft candle light, and pastel pink light.
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