How Do I Know If I've Done Too Many Tarot Readings?

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Re: How Do I Know If I've Done Too Many Tarot Readings?

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vervain wrote:You're less likely (I think) to mess with your intuition if it's for people you've never actually met.
I did do a reading for a friend that recently had a baby, but I have wondered if my interpretation was somewhat colored by the fact that I've known her for about 10 years.
I'd like to offer to do readings on here, but I'm nervous about it since I'm so new at it. The fear of being wrong and having someone mad at me for it is kind of a big issue for me. Actually, there have been a couple times that I've done readings for questions asked on here, but I've been too shy to share them.
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Re:How Do I Know If I've Done Too Many Tarot Readings?

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Don't be shy about it, Echo! Definitely start your thread or respond to the open requests in the forum if you want to! I was shy at first too about starting rune reading, but everyone for whom I've done readings has generally been kind and appreciative, and it's such a great way to practice. Because it's a free service on this forum, Starwitch has laid down some rules about the readings that helps a lot (like she says, these readings are for fun only, our readers are volunteering and practicing, you can't ask for like 6 million readings and abuse the goodwill of our readers, etc.). If you ever run into trouble, just contact the mod team and we will set them straight!
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