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Tarot and the Qabalah

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Tarot and the Qabalah

Postby Kassandra » Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:42 am


For explanation of the spheres shown in the following graphic, as they relate to tarot, see: http://www.corax.com/tarot/index.html?tree-of-life. At the menu at the left of the screen, click on "Court Cards" and "Numbered Cards."

1. Kether - the eternal, the spiritual perfection
2. Chokmah - Power of creation, energy, wisdom
3. Binah - Understanding, realization
4. Chesed - Condensation, the power of growth and stability
5. Geburah - Movement and changing, the power of destruction
6. Tiphareth - Consciousness and harmony, the balance of the middle, beauty
7. Netzach - Creativity and anarchy, sensitivity
8. Hod - intellect and logic, structure (Mercur)
9. Yesod - Reflection and imagination (moon and water)
10. Malkuth - the root, the origin, the subconscious


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