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Summoning Ritual Question

Firebird started out on her path in 1987 after finding her biological family where she learned of her Native American roots. She continued on a solitary journey, absorbing as much as she could about spirituality, when she joined a coven in 1994 where the focus was in Celtic shamanism, fertility, and healing. Ordained in 1999 in this Celtic tradition as well as in the ULC, she would be happy to answer questions on solitary practice as well as group dynamic. She specializes in herb lore, wildcrafting, as well as stones, ritual design, shapeshifting, dreamwork, spells, incense blends, and more. Feel free to stop in the Den of the Firebird and see if she can help.

Summoning Ritual Question

Postby Clairsentient_Wolf » Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:31 pm

I've browsed around and as a beginner, I am still learning about what things do and what things don't work. Has anyone ever performed a summoning ritual? If so, did it work and would you do it again? Was it frightening or...how did you feel about it?

If I find one, I just have doubts that I will summon the wrong "being" or "entity" by accident and suffer some bad consequences.
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Re: Summoning Ritual Question

Postby YanaKhan » Fri Aug 14, 2015 2:12 am

I wouldn't summon anything just for the fun of it. Magick is not something to play with. It's to help improve your life, the life of the people you love, to improve the way you are about nature and many more, but not about toying around.

As for if rituals work, well, different rituals work for different people, so I think it's always best to create your own rituals.
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Re: Summoning Ritual Question

Postby Becks » Fri Aug 14, 2015 12:40 pm

I have not performed a "summoning ritual" in the way I am guessing you mean it. So here I'll admit that I'm assuming you are talking about the practices more commonly associated with Ceremonial Magic. That would roughly be the practice of intending to call a specific spirit or entity, preparing specific incantations and correspondences, and creating a space to hold said entity until you "dismiss" it when you get what you want (knowledge, working, some benefit etc). If you mean something else please do correct me.

In my own practice I haven't felt the need to summon anything. There is nothing I have truly needed (for myself or working on behalf on another) that I haven't been given through generosity in some way.
I would say that in my workings I have created sacred safe space and asked for help. I have set very specific peramiters for safety and "cleanliness" and that space has been filled by various helping allies. I have asked for help and I have been given help. I have asked certain aspects to please be present and aid, but never did I specifically "summon" a being for a job. I also never assumed they would show up because I said so.

Inherent to the word "summon", to my way of thinking, is a kind of energy that I will not include in my practice. Maybe some of you folks wouldn't see a difference and that's okay, we can talk about that. I do certainly feel a difference. As someone who is thankful for those that work with me I feel honoured and I wouldn't exactly set out to "summon".

That isn't the only way to see things, and there are nuances to the ceremonial side of things that I haven't gone into. It is a valid way to practice and understand magic as well.
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Re: Summoning Ritual Question

Postby firebirdflys » Fri Aug 14, 2015 5:02 pm

I like what Becks said.

In my practice we rather encourage certain energies to be present but not forcefully so.
I must say though we do work with a combined energy construct with any number of various animal beings called a fetch enlisted to preform a task. However I don't believe this is the sort of summoning your thinking of.

Additionally I would add that if you are new to this wait for a little time to be under your belt before attempting such a working.

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