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Subliminal Craft

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Subliminal Craft

Postby HarmonyWay » Sun Sep 02, 2018 7:55 pm

I'm posting because I'm in need of guidance.
I've known my entire life that I could "make things happen" . When I was younger things would happen around me and it was things I had "wished" for., usually in anger. As I got older I began to understand the power of thought. I began to understand how to channel the energy. I still have to be very careful with getting angry and harmful thoughts popping into my head. I wish harm to no one.
My issue is now, that I've become more aware of my energy, I can't seem to channel it where I need it to go. It's like my subliminal mind takes the energy and casts it wherever. How do I learn to channel my power into the things I need it to be channelled to?
I've tried to ground myself, and honestly it tires me out to the point that I don't feel I'm putting my best into casting my spells. I'm writing my own spells now and that seems to be helping some to focus my energy. I just know that if I could control the direction of my energy there's absolutely nothing that I couldn't do. Any suggestions?

Blessings To All,
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Re: Subliminal Craft

Postby SpiritTalker » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:41 pm

Controlling is easier when we let go & trust the system. When we focus within our center for 20 seconds on the success of a venture it's enough. The energy already knows how to manifest. We don't have to tell the Universe how to manifest the goal, just know that it has manifest. (When you were angry you didnt have to think about it.) It's a bit like a brief, mental time jump to the ah-ha when the thing is already done & we can say thanks. Using positive, present tense affirmations are helpful.

Grounding is a stabilizer. Centering is the realm of focus. See if you can shift gears slightly to the next level.

This rune is a good image of centering :serpentrune:

Visualize centering as locking in your position in time and space in The Here & Now like the GPS, Global Positioning Satellite mapping triangulates to pin down your physical location. Imagine the vertical line of the energy body extending along the spine reaching both as high as it is deep. This automatically combines grounding with centering in the same exercise. Then imagine a horizontal latitude line going left-to-right intersecting the 1st in the belly. Then add a longitude line passing through the others going front-to-back. All 3 lines connect at your center and move around with you.

Experiences vary. You might experience your connection at the abdomen or the chest. Women often sense theirs closer to their abdomen, and men closer to their chest. You are already familiar with this location. Recall a time when you've been startled suddenly and felt like you dropped into your gut or felt punched in the chest. You momentarily have all your senses on defense alert. You've just pulled your power within you & lit a fire in the belly. That's where your energy body connects to the physical counterpart. In meditation we can work from the same space. When we're not startled we know it as a quiet, still space within ourselves. We naturally pull our power into ourselves when we center.

A hand gesture to aid centering is to hold the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger. If you do this gesture whenever you meditate, you will train yourself to center whenever you make the gesture.

Edit: and speaking of the hands, we summon power through our hands by focusing on the palms when we push energy into spell containers. That's another way to channel energy.
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Re: Subliminal Craft

Postby Tylluan » Tue Sep 04, 2018 1:54 am

[quote="SpiritTalker"]Controlling is easier when we let go & trust the system. quote]

This sums it up perfectly. Have you ever tried consciously breathing?.....it really doesn't work. Somethings are best left to the subconscious and you just need to 'know' that its got you covered :fairy:
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