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I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby gentlelamb » Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:10 pm

I took a walk with some friends yesterday at this nature reserve by my house and we saw a fairy door. A small wooden, fancy looking, little door built into a crook in the tree. With little casting stones built in the shape of a walk way leading up to the door. I dedicated the rest of the walk to finding things I could leave as an offering. I found a shiny stone, a tiny acorn, and a fresh water oyster shell. I walked back to the door on my way back to my car. I put the items on the walk way, then knocked on the door to let them know I left the something, then went home.

The reason I'm curious about this is because my friend who's been helping me get over my physical abuse that's happened recently told me some good karma/luck is coming my way. I already work with the fae but I've been busy lately so what do you think I this means?
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Re: I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby Shawn Blackwolf » Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:16 pm

Well , first I am going to say after working with them, and their language, which is also a number letter code for many years, there are different names and numbers for those names :

Fayaerri: Upper World Faery

Fairy: Middle World Faery

Faerie: Underworld Faery

Faery: General name, encompassing all

Fae: To work with the Faery Magic/Mgieck

Now, that background will help you understand the basics of this post I made on another site, to someone who asked a similar question.

Follow the link in there to the article on the Faery/Faerie.

"I wanted to offer you this post from another site, from someone well versed in Craft and Lore...She is mostly correct, in her knowledge, and understanding, and she is one of the true elders in the pagan community.

Yet, I know things, from "being grabbed by the spirits, and initiated directly," as a Native elder said to me, she does not...

Read it,and see what you think. By the way, keep in mind when you read her article...

Faerie + Fayaerri = 755(Our names specific to Underworld and Aboveworld Faery)

In Hebrew: 755 = Emanations, Numbers, Spheres (The Sephiroth)

And in runes if I take our Maiden Mother and Crone runes ), and fit them together with three others, they make the shape of the winged faery, commonly used in art...

As well, their number value, is 755...

Further, the name "Tinkerbell" = 755

So, the winged fairy, was a symbol for, by number, and image, the union of Upperworld Fayaerri, and Underworld Faerie, thus forming the mindset of middle world Fairy, commonly known today.

Here is the link..."

The Faerie Tradition | Servants of the Light


Now, as to the specifics of your question, your friend telling you that *could* just be an affirmation of the positive changes you are making,and the energy which shall follow that for you.

However, I can tell you, *if* you really did find a "Fairy Door," and I am not disbelieving you, just making a point, then you have been given a *gift,*that of *The Sight.* That of not just looking at, but "Seeing."

"The Toltec process of ‘seeing’ allows the seer to experience how things really look, that is, the totality of our reality can be observed. When your skills at ‘seeing’ progress to the choice moment you can observe people as luminous balls of light and energy. The central part of the luminous egg swirls either clockwise or counterclockwise. All the while emitting luminous strands of light from somewhere in the egg’s mid-section. You can ‘see’ that some luminous eggs connect with other luminous eggs in a strange transference of light energy."

Carlos Casteneda

This is known as "The Sight" in the Faery Tradition. Perhaps *that* is your *gift* of good fortune, or "Irish Luck."

Best to you !
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Re: I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby smogie_michele » Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:15 pm

I'm not sure what I think it means, but I think it is pretty cool that you found a fairy door :) I'm beginning to work with the fae myself, so tomorrow I am dedicating a chunk of my day to setting up a small fairy garden.
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Re: I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby firebirdflys » Mon Apr 10, 2017 10:10 pm

Shawn Blackwolf wrote:Fayaerri: Upper World Faery

Could you please site your source, this word is unfamiliar to many of us.
Thank you, Firebird
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Re: I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby Shawn Blackwolf » Mon Apr 10, 2017 11:08 pm

Comes from the Faery Language and code, Firebirdflys. Rune Fay/Fayoh + Rune Aerr + Rune letter I. Fay is a sound, Aerr is a sound, I is a letter value of the code. It has proved itself correct over 23 years of working with it, as in the example above, where combined with the Underworld Faery spelling, adds to "Spheres, Emanations" (755), as wellthe word Tinkerbell (755) and the runes which add to 755, make the shape of the winged Faery.

There are many things not revealed to the general public in magical traditions, as we know, at least in general practice, through time.

There are many words like this in the Old G'raymmaer, as we called it,that were code , as the song the Old Gray Mare , which was a code song, bemoaning the way the code was being lost.

Crowley spoke of this when he talked about deep esoteric truths hidden in nursery rhymes (it was the way to hide knowledge openly)

Many things have remained Oral Tradition, though most today only believe something if they can find historical evidence in books, which was not the Old Way.

All I can say further about it, is I have confirmed the word with those who would speak with me, from certain secret lodges, and traditions. Best answer I can give you, and no problem with you asking. :wink:

By the way: Fayaerri=387

Milky Way=387

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Shawn Blackwolf
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Re: I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby SpiritTalker » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:16 pm

Several years ago in the Ann Arbor area there was a fairy door competition. They began springing up all over town, in apartment corridors, shopping centers, bus stops. Every corner (crossroad) it seemed had it's doorway. They became popular & marketed.
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Re: I stumbled upon a fairy door on my walk

Postby Astro Logical 1 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:06 pm

All I know is that this topic would seem rediculous to some, but to me it seems like however it came to be, it's an intentional bridge between 2 worlds. And the more people collectively participate, the more those intentions have the power to manifest.

I suggest going back and having a few things to add. How about a tiny mailbox to leave small letters of intent and welcome in? Or a wishing well?
Love and Blessings
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