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Strange feelings during meditation

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Strange feelings during meditation

Postby Garnetsun » Thu Nov 07, 2013 3:36 am

Merry meet !

I might need a bit of advice here. It has happened before, but it began hapenning every time I try to stay in my temple, or visualize things for a long time. (I've began mediation last year, when I began yoga)
I began to feel like i am... trapped in my own body. Or like a distortion. My head feel like it is three meters long, my body five centimeters. Strange ideed. I couldn't describe it more for the moment, but it always lead of the quick breaking of the meditation work. Very uneasy. Sometimes, i think that i can see from my soul, to feel trapped like that. But i don't really know if someone has experienced it before, or know what's happening.

Thank you all !
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