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Starwolf's book of shadows

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Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Mon May 28, 2012 6:33 am

Here i am going to show you my little book of shadows :)
There will be lots of things such as: herbal remedies,spells, magic stuff, etc.

This time's Herbal Remedy is:

Tincture of Valerian Root- Valerian root has been highly regarded in herbal medicine and has been used for centuries. It is a very bitter and has a very potent odor, it is either considered nauseous or pleasant depending on the person but in my experience many people say it smells like old dirty socks. However don't let the smell run you awry because this herb is one that is very effective for those that are effected by insomnia, stress, and nervous system disorders. It is a mild sedative and affects the nervous system by inhibiting several neurotransmitters in the brain, and also affects one's dopamine and serotonin levels. This herb is also excellent for those with muscle tension, muscular spasms and pain, even arthritis. Tincture of Valerian can be made using the general tincturing method either using vodka preferably 100 proof but 80 proof will do as well, for those sensitive to alcoholic tincture you may also use apple cider vinegar or vegetable glycerin as solvent bases. The ratio mixture for this compound is 1:1, 1 part Valerian root to 1 part of vodka, or another alternative solvent, except when using vegetable glycerin make sure to dilute it with water, half and half. Standard dosage is between 50-80 drops three times daily for the average adult, for children between 6-13 the dose should no more than 30 drops three times daily. There are no known toxic or adverse side affects using this herb or tincture although it can have the opposite affect in people sensitive to the herb, in this case stop using this form of herbal treatment.

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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Mon May 28, 2012 7:01 am

Making a love perfume oil:
Note: it can work both on men and women, but it is written about women, forgive me about that.

You can use vodka as base and mix into essential oils ,which are more masculine .Most used for men are cerderwood ,ginger ,pine
,lemon ,basil(french ) .Ginger also is counted as alphodisiac and blends well with lemon and cederwood .Sandelwood also is counted as aphrodisiac and blends well with cederwood and lemon .Pine and cederwood also blend well together .Bergamot also can be added and blends well with those above .Keep in mind you need to have three notes into .

Top notes are highly volatile and they evaporate faster so that is what the girl will smell first .Good top notes are :

Basil (to middle )
Bergamot (to middle )

Middle note :stand in the middle and balance the fragrance

Base note :heavy oils their smell lingers most and it is intense

General rule of the thumb is that you put always more drops eseential oils from the top notes and a bit less from the middle and and then just few drops (2-3) from the base notes .If you put too much base notes it will overpower the middle and the top notes and will spoil the fragrance .

You need to keep the parfume in dark bottle (amber or cobalt or dark green ) away from sun light .Do not put essential oil directly on your skin or cloths .Essential oils should be used only diluted !(with only few exceptions ).

So it will go few drops of each in 200 ml bottle .Give a try and see how much intense you like the smell to your taste .

You can also kind of visualize women (or man) coming to you and you being all the time in the center of the female attention while you are spraying yourself with the parfume .Or you can even charge it with this intend using your intend or create spell or chant specially for that .For eample like this :

With this particular smell
i attract partner female
and cause her passion to swell,
in pure love she would fell
With this combined aromatic notes
i am tying betwen us knots .
With this lovely spell ,
i make myself hero in love fairytale .

So you can say the chant (spell ) any time when you spray yourself and in same time using creative visualization to imagine all this happening(now) !

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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Mon May 28, 2012 10:47 am

Eternity love spell

You will need:
5 red candles
2 pink candles
Large pink candle
10 large white candels (optional)
Rose Incense
Patchouli Incense (optional)
Incense holder
Red, 5 petaled, rose
Pink tulip
Pen with black or red ink
Paper to write on
Paper to burn
Photograph of You
Photograph of your Intended
-Gemstones (optional):-
Rose Quartz
Rhodochrosite (optional)
Thick white chalk
Ability to draw a pentagram
Staff or Wand
Athame, must be sharpened
Ability to cast a Magick Circle
Large, clear space, at least 10'x10'
Red silk (preferred; satin will do though) cloth, 7''x7''
Siding Nail or something sharp with a point (optional)
Elm or Cherry Tree sap, if you can get neither, you may use glue or sap from a tree in your area
=Control Variables (optional):=
Season of Vernum (Spring)
Day of Friday
Clear skies with visable full moon or 75+% Waxing Moon

Section the First

Part the First; Preparations:

Tell your mentor (if you have one), spirit guides/animal totems that you are about to:

Perform an advanced spell
It is a love spell

If they approve, then continue, if not, continue at your own risk. If you get their approval, call them forth to add their power into the spell for greatest effect, though this step is optional.

Gather the selected ingredients together, making sure to keep them organized. Cast a Magick Circle around the entire work area with you inside as well as your ingredients; ideally, you will have a Magick Circle that is 10 in diameter. For best effect, cast this spell at night, under a full moon or waxing moon when it is highest in the sky, during Vernum--Spring, that is. Prepare your mind, ask yourself:

Do I really wantthis for myself?
Do I really want this for mine Intended?
If this spell goes wrong, will I be willing to undo it or face the consequences?
Am I confident that I can do this spell?
Do I know that this spell will work, or am I just playing around and testing the waters?
Am I totally focused on the matter at hand?
Am I free from outside interruptions?

Memorize the following phrase if you want to help ensure that this spell will not harm you, you will need it later:

In no way shall this spell reverse, or place upon me any curse, so mote it be.

If you answered no to any of the preceding seven questions, it is recommended that you pack up, and try again when all the answers are yes.

Section the Third

Part the First; the Writing

Upon the piece of paper that you have for writing on, write the following:

Forces of love, hear me out

Allow this spell to come true with no doubt.

Let nothing and no one stand in the way,

as my mind is made, my heart is set, this spell I shall say.

Meditate upon what you just wrote for around 10 minutes, making sure that in the end, this is what you want.

Part the Second; Preparations

Draw a pentagram using the chalk in which the diameter isfive orseven feet; make sure that this pentagram is in the very center of your Magick Circle. Place the 10 white candles, if you have them around the pentagram, three feet from the edge of it; light the white candles and extinguish any other lighting sources (if you choose not to use the white candles,keep any light sources on) Place the red candles so that one is on each of the five points of the pentagram. This next sentence is optional. Take the nail and carve around the wicks of each candle a heart. In the center of this pentagram, draw a smaller pentagram (see the drawing in my profile under photos for help), at the centerof thissecondary pentagram, place the silk cloth in the centerof the secondary pentagram; place the incense on it and light it. Take your two pink candles and place them at the far left and far right points on your secondary pentagram, light them. Take your love stones, if you have them, and place them on the other points of the secondary pentagram. Place your rose on the left of the burning incense and your tulip on the right. Place the large pink candle outside of the large pentagram, you will not use it yet.

Part the Third; the Process

Take the piece of paper for burning, and using the pen, write a love poem on it, one that will mean something to you personally; it is different for everyone. Flip the paper over and write the same thing.Take the tree sap, or glue, and stick the photograph of you (face inward) to one of the sides of the paper. Take your Intendeds photograph and stick it with the glue/sap face inward to the other side of this paper with the poem. Fold the three papers up. Take the paper and hold it to where it will collect the smoke of the incense. Then take it and pass it over the flame of each of the 5 red candles. Unfold the paper, pull a petal from the rose and put it in between the photograph of you and the poem. Now take a petal from the tulip and do the same for the other side. Refold the paper-flower combination. Slice your dominant hand with your Athame and drip the blood onto the paper-flower combination. Burn the paper in the pink candles, halfway on one candle, the rest of the way on the other. Collect the ashes; cut a doorway in your Magick Circle. Walk outside, say the following with the ashes in hand:

Queen Wind of the East, far and fair,

Take these ashes of mine that with you I share,

and blow them to the doorway of Loves great gate,

clear every past love[r] and give me a clean slate.

As I will so mote it be.

Now blow the ashes into the wind. Next, go back into your Magick Circle, reseal it. Take your staff in your dominant hand and trace and infinitysign seven times through the [secondary]pentagram (see photo 2 in my pictures), making sure that the center is on the incense. As you do this, focus your affections of love, and if you wish lust, into your Intended (visualize this). Chant once per pass:

Love of mine,

infections designed,

to me show affections

and me alone your darling complexion.

After this is done, take a few deep breaths and gather energy from the room. Visualize a soft pink-white aura around your Intended. Take a piece of paper and draw on it a cross hairs target. Grab one of the stones, if you have them, and focus their power into the center of this cross hairs. Now do the same for each of the other two stones as well. After this cross hairs has been charged, replace the stones in their proper places. Take the cross hairs paper and hold it tight. In your minds eye, visualize the collected love shooting out of the cross hairs, hitting your intended, making them want you. Write this on a paper:

Love burning bright

Mine Intendeds delight,

Now that I have bewitched thee,

Thou wilt love none other and only me.

Thine heart I have caught,

None others shall enter thy thoughts.

Thy heart and mine,

Thine aura and mine,

They are threefold entertwined.

Memorize this. Now pluck the remaining flower petals and place them in the center of the paper. Slice your hand again and drip 7-10 drops of blood in the center of the paper. Fold the paper tightly, so that it will burn slowly. Grab the large pink candle and bring it to the inner pentagrams center, right in front of the incense.Take the two smaller pink candles and use them to light the large pink candle at once, saying as you light it:

This heart is mine, (nod your head at the candle you wish to represent you)

This heart, lover, is thine; (nod your head at the other small candle)

I now entertwine them,

together forever, till time doth dim.

Extinguish the two smaller flames if you are 100% positive that this is what you will want forever. Burn the folded paper in the large candle now. Sit before this candle and meditate on your lovers face and yours, kissing. Then see two silhouettes of your two bodies, face forward, with a rainbow colored aura radiating off of both of them. Now see the two auras becoming one, and pour emotions of love [and lust] into this. After this, take the silken cloth and pour your love into it, after doing this, use it to extinguish the single pink candle flame. After this, fold the cloth and put it up somewhere, you dont even have to remember it (if you ever wish to undo this, then it would be advisable to remember where you placed it). Cut another doorway into your Magick Circle and go outside, address the wind again before blowing away the ashes, saying:

Queen of Wind,

I beseech thee again,

My spell, quite a feat,

Is now complete,

Please take these ashes of mine,

And carry them in no straight line.

Take these to Venus, in her love,

Have her fulfill this desire which maketh me move.

I thank thee now, dearest friend,

My request is done, no more of thy time will I spend.

If you are good at aerokinesis, use your staff to extinguish the remaining red candles, if not, manually go to each red candle and extinguish it bypinching it out (not blowing), but before you do, say the following:

Though the candle doth go out,

this love shall never face doubt.

The single candle that is us two,

Burneth ever bright, and ever true.

Once this is done, sit quietly and meditate on what you have just done and what this means, let go of any regret or sadness or past loss at this time. After you have done this, dispel your Magick Circle, turn on a normal light source, and extinguish all of the white candles.

Part the Fourth; Cleanup

Clean up the chalk if you wish. Take the candles and dispose of them if you wish to do so. Let the incense burn out on its own. Dispose of the rose and tulip stems. You should have already taken care of your silken cloth, I recommend placing it in your pocket until you are totally done cleaning everything up. Store your staff and athame back where you normally keep them. Take the ten white candles and store them. Place the stones in a leather pouch and store them wrappedwithin your silken cloth (optional on being inside cloth). Any leftover paper, do with what you will. Store the pen. After the incense has burned out, store the incense holder where you normally do. Store the matches, and get rid of any left over tree sap or glue. Store or get rid of the nail/sharp object. Go cleanup your hand with the cut[s] now. If done at night, go get some sleep.

Part the Fifth; Precautions

After doing this spell, it may be advised that you do the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Greater Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (if you know it), the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram, OR the Greater Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. This will keep any mischievous spirits away from you, as now, you will probably be a little spiritually exhausted and vulnerable.

Part the Sixth; Warnings

Have fun, but be smart, this is serious stuff.

Remember this, this spell currently does NOT have a set way to be reversed, so changes may be permanent. In order to safeguard, end every poem with the safeguarding line mentioned near the beginning of the directions. Also remember that this is an ADVANCED spell, meaning that it requires time, patience, and focus; by attempting this spell, you are agreeing that you are well adept enough to attempt the use of unstable magicks and powerful spiritual forces. It helps if you are experienced in writing spells if you plan on attempting this.

Stay well to thee and thine, and thine Intended.
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Mon May 28, 2012 2:08 pm

The rite of four elements to attract money

You will need:
1 table
A piggy bank
1 cup
1 cup of water
A cologne (perfume)
A candlestick
A candle
4 coins


Put your piggy bank at the center of the table. On the north side of it, put a plate
Salt - a symbol of the element of earth and place value. On the south side of a candlestick
Put a yellow candle, which symbolizes the element of fire, and another coin. on
Let the east stands a bottle of your favorite cologne (perfume) - is a symbol of the element
Air, and put it next to a coin. In the west - a glass of water (water element) and
coin. Having placed all the items, proceed to the ceremony.

Take a few crystals of salt and toss them in a piggy bank. Throwing in a piggy bank and then
coin, be sure to say: ''As the salt on the table and money in the bank!''

Light a candle, throw a coin into a piggy bank and say: ''The fire is burning gold!'' Let the candle
burn completely.

Pick up a bottle of perfume, drip a little on the piggy bank, and say the words:
''The winds are buzzing - money ring!'' Do not forget to throw a coin into a piggy bank.

Pour a cup of the palm of a few drops of water, run his hand over his face and
say: ''Monetary wave washes'' - and throw a coin in the piggy bank quarter.

Well, this was a simple money spell, i hope it helps you all.

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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Mon May 28, 2012 2:34 pm

Recommended herbal remedy:
Licorice Root - This semi-sweet root comes from the licorice Plant Glycyrrhiza glabra . This root has been a long time favorite among herbalists and as a favorite being that it is used as a flavoring for licorice candies. This herb is a great tonic for the endocrine system which stimulates glad responsiveness and efficiency. It is especially useful and effective for treating adrenal exhaustion, which happens when one becomes both physically and emotionally overworked and over stressed. This wonderful root is also a preventative herb for those suffering from depression, as it inhibits certain neurotransmitters that react with hormone regulators that cause depression. Licorice supports and revitalizes the adrenal glands if used for consistent periods of time from several weeks to several months. Licorice Root also holds amazing respirartory function properties that acts as a bronchial anti-inflammatory. One great benefit of this herb is that unlike many herbs that are bitter, acrid, or sour is that it is tastes delightful making it a popular and easy to administer remedy for children, adults, and the elderly. This herb is also used to treat many other ailments including sore throats, coughs, stomach aches, digestive irritability, heartburn, colic, ulcers, stress, headaches and more. Being that Licorice is an extremely sweet herb depending on the person it is great when mixed with other herbs and other herbal remedies that are less palatable, resulting in a harmonizing and balancing effect. You can use the root in several different ways: in powder form you can add it to other herbal powder compounds or mixtures. You can use the grated or chopped root as an infusion for a delightful cup of tea. And for a more potent and effective effect you can use the root to make an herbal tincture. You can use it to make herbal syrups for coughs and sore throats, and you can even use it to make natural organic herbal candies, or pastry balls. Licorice Root does not contain any toxic properties and is safe to use; however it has been reported that it does affect water retention and can raise high blood pressure. If you have diabetes, high blood pressure, or incontinence problems please consult a physician or certified or experienced herbalist before using this herb in any way.

Here is a little bonus herb recipe:
For inflammation and pain you can use ointment of the Calendula flower. This ointment is especially good for sore feet, inflamed tissue, or achy muscles. This ointment remedy is for external use only. You can either make this ointment by first making an infused oil with the aerial and flower part of Calendula flowers, and then using beeswax or another base to make a cream or salve. An alternative is buying the ointment in an herbal or alternative health shop.
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Tue May 29, 2012 5:32 am

Herbal pain relief

Pain Relief Compound - This is a tincture or liquid extract of four herbs: Jamaican Dogwood Piscidia erythrina , The fresh flower top of St. John's Wort Hypericum perforatum , The leaf and flower of Meadowsweet Filipendula ulmaria , and Willow Bark Salix lucida .

The analgesic (pain relieving) action that comes from this compound is from the glycoside Salicin which is chemically similar to that of aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid; however in this case Salicin is much safer and less damaging to the Liver and other organs. Salicin also produces the same antipyretic (fever reducing) action that aspirin and that of other pain relievers.

This remedy can treat many kinds of pain most commonly are pains resulted from physical injury, headache, toothache, muscular pain, sciatica, spinal and back pain, cramping, spasms etc.

To make this liquid extract take about 1/4 oz. of each herb and place in a 16. oz jar, cover the herbs with 100 or 80 proof vodka, once the herbs are covered replace the lid and tighten securely. Shake the jar for a minute or two, then open the lid and top the jar off with more vodka until you reach the rim of the jar. Replace lid once more and let sit for four to six weeks, the longer the better; remembering to shake the jar several times throughout each day. Once done filter the liquid extract through coffee filters or a muslin cloth into a clean jar or replace in the same jar once rinsed out. Alternatively you can use apple cider vinegar as the liquid solvent; or you can use vegetable glycerin noting to dilute the glycerin with water half and half before mixing it with the herbs.

For adult dosages it is recommended to take between 30-40 drops 2-5 times per day. For children divide the child's weight in pounds by 150 and adjust the dosage accordingly. For example if a child's weight is 50 pounds 50/150 making the dosage 1/3 of an adult dosage. In this case for this remedy that would make a 60 pound child's dosage about 10-15 drops up to three times daily.

This compound is relatively safe if taken as recommended and does not exceed maximum dosage for more than ten days. Pain can be an indication of a serious or threatening medical condition, if the pain persists seek proper medical attention as soon as possible.

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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Tue May 29, 2012 2:19 pm

This is a special post for three spells of a friend of mine, which i use and lots of friends use as well. I have them in my book of shadows, although it is her's, so all of the great thanks to Akasha0Wolf.

Love powder:

You will need:

You will need:
~1 Tsp.of Cinnamon Powder
~1 Tsp.of Sugar
~1 Tsp.of Lavender Powder
~1 Tsp.of Rose Bud or Rose Petal Powder
~1 Tsp.of Allspice Powder
~1 Tsp.of Saffron
~5 Drops of Rose Oil
~5 Drops of Sandalwood Oil
~A air tight jar to put the finish powder in. (Dark Jar better)

First you want to get a bowl to stir your ingredients together in and something to stir with. Next put all the herb powders in the bowl in any order you please. Than stir clockwise thinking about bringing love you or if your doing this for someone else it coming to them. After you have mixed your herbs together put in your drops of oil. Again mixed together clockwise but until the powder has no more chunks from the oil you put in. Done. Put the powder in your air tight jar and keep in a cool dark place. When the power looses smell give it to the earth and make more if you would like.
If you need some words of power to bring more energy you may chant:
Love is within me,
Love is without me,
Love is before me,
Love is behind me,
I am Lovei

This can be said as you mix the ingredients together.

Different Ways To Use the Love Powder;

Use for someone You Love:
You can sprinkle a pinch of this powder on the belongings of the person of you desire. Be sure to sprinkle a pinch of the powder on yourself everyday after bathing.

Use to call for the person who is best for you now:
Place a small amount of the powder in the palm or your hand while standing in a sunny spot in a natural setting. Blow a little of the powder in the four cardinal points (north,south,east,and west), your true love will feel your pull.

You may also use this for other love spells you may have in mind.

**Do not eat this Powder**
**If you use this powder on someone who already loves you but you don't know it, they will hate you. This will stop if you stop using the powder on them.**

Lust powder

You will need:

1/2 tsp. Basil
1 tsp. Dragons Blood
2 tsp. Ginger
2 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Allspice
Pinch of Kava Kava* (Optional)
10 drops Sandalwood Oil
8 drops Jasmine Oil
6 drops Frankinsense Oil
Tea Spoon
Mortar & Pestle

With your Mortar & Pestle grind any of the herbs you have that are whole. You want them to be almost in a powder form. When all the herbs are in powder form get your bowl and mix all the herbs first. As you mix them, mix it clockwise. Also keep your intent in mind. Next you want to add the oils. Mix till all the oil lumbs are gone. Again mix clock wise. Make sure to put in a air tight jar(dark jar is better). Good until loses smell. What to do with the Powder? : ~Sprinkle this powder on the bed sheets. ~You can use this to anoint candles and what ever else you may have in mind. ~If you want to use this for one gender remove the Jasmine Oil if you want to use this on just males, remove Allspice if you want to use for just females. **WARNING** ~DO NOT EAT THIS POWDER ~*KAVA KAVA CAN BE BAD FOR THE BODY SO DON'T ADD ANYMORE

Summon wind spell

You will need:

Just your voice


Standing outside or by a window Chant:

Signs of the Zodiac Hear my cry, Gemini So mote it be! Bring me a breeze!

Chant this as many times as you please to make the wind stronger. Don't forget to thank the wind when you are finished. :) The more ehergy you put into it the stronger it will be.

***This may help you connect with the wind***

Enjoy the spells!
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Wed May 30, 2012 1:22 pm

Tobacco Addiction Compound- This is an herbal liquid extract compound of Fresh Oats Avena sativa , Licorice Root Glycyrrhiza glabra , aerial and seed parts of Lobelia Lobelia inflata , and Nutmeg Seed Myristica fragrans .

Research and studies have shown that the tincture of fresh oats have been proven to can facilitate and aid in the relief of withdrawal symptoms resulted from quitting nicotine use and has equally shown effective in aiding withdrawal symptoms from opiate addictions as well. Lobeline an alkaloid substance found in Lobelia is structured chemically similar to that of nicotine and proven to have the sane psychological and biological effects that nicotine produces on the human body. It also supports the adrenal glands and nervous system; also having a restorative and purifying effect on the lungs and bronchi . These chemical actions indicate the function to provide an aversion to tobacco and lessens the desire for nicotine.

To make this this liquid extract compound take 2/3rds of an Oz of both Fresh Oats and 2/3rds of an Oz. of Licorice Root, a 1/2 Oz of Lobelia herb and seed, and 1/4 Oz. of nutmeg seed and place in a 16. oz jar, cover the herbs with 100 or 80 proof vodka, once the herbs are covered replace the lid and tighten securely. Shake the jar for a minute or two, then open the lid and top the jar off with more vodka until you reach the rim of the jar. Replace lid once more and let sit for four to six weeks, the longer the better; remembering to shake the jar several times throughout each day. Once done filter the liquid extract through coffee filters or a muslin cloth into a clean jar or replace in the same jar once rinsed out. Alternatively you can use apple cider vinegar as the liquid solvent; or you can use vegetable glycerin noting to dilute the glycerin with water half and half before mixing it with the herbs.

For adult dosages it is recommended to take between 30-40 drops 2-5 times per day preferably in water or a fruit juice or nectar. For children divide the child's weight in pounds by 150 and adjust the dosage accordingly. For example if a child's weight is 50 pounds 50/150 making the dosage 1/3 of an adult dosage. In this case for this remedy that would make a 60 pound child's dosage about 10-15 drops up to three times daily.

Safety: Because of the Lobelia in this compound it may cause nausea and or vomiting in individuals sensitive to the herb. In this case discontinue treatment for one to several days then ret try the treatment by reducing the dosage to about 15-20 drops three times a day. If this does not help lessen the adverse reaction and effect try taking the dosage in combination with a glass of warm milk with powdered ginger mixed in, or try ginger ale or chewing on a small piece of fresh ginger root. If the above still does not alleviate the side affects stop treatment entirely.

Blessed be,
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Fri Jun 01, 2012 5:28 am

Prayer of the Native American spell

You will need:
None required.


To the Native American belief, the Great Spirit was the creator, a supreme being, the all-encompassing mother. Among the Sioux tribe, the Great Spirit is often called the Wakan Tanka.

This prayer is said to ask for her blessing.
Chant the following:

''Oh Great Spirit,
whose voice I hear in the winds,
and whose breath gives life to all the world,
hear me!

I come before you, one of your children,
I am small and weak.
I seek your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever
behold the red and purple sunset.

Make my hands respect the things you have made,
my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Make me wise, so that I may know the things
you have taught my People,
the lesson you have hidden in every leaf and rock.

I seek strength not to be superior to my brothers,
but to be able to fight my greatest enemy, myself.
Make me ever ready to come to you,
with clean hands and straight eyes,
so when life fades as a fading sunset,
my spirit may come to you without shame.''

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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:05 am

Luck of the runes:

You will need:
Red Clover
Orange Peel
Drawstring Bag
Cinnamon Incense
The drawstring bag should be small, anything from 3-6 inches in size.

Casting the spell:
This 'mojo bag' is used in order to acquire luck and success in business matters. It uses the powers of the runes and the herbs listed in order to gain said luck, success, prosperity, etc.

Firstly, empty the herbs shown in the ingredients into the small drawstring bag. Once you have done so, grab your pen and write the following runes on the piece of paper in a medium sized print(you can Google them if you are unsure of what they look like):


Fehu, is used as it is said to represent the earning/winning of possessions, gain, wealth, abundance, luck, success and financial strength. It can also represent a sign of hope and plenty.

Dagaz (meaning day, or dawn) symbolizes breakthrough, awareness. A time to plan or embark upon an enterprise. The power of change directed by your own will, transformation. Hope/happiness, the ideal. Security and certainty. Growth and release. Balance point, the place where opposites meet.

Tiwaz, named after the Norse deity Tyr, can represent honor, justice, leadership and authority. Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one's true strengths lie. Willingness to self-sacrifice. Victory and success in any competition or in legal matters.

Once you have wrote the runes on the paper, cut the paper so the runes are in individual sections, like a flashcard format. Once you have cut them in said format, empty the pieces of paper into the drawstring bag which contains the herbs (you can fold them if they do not fit).

If you wish to do so, you may call upon a deity of wealth of abundance in order to politely request for their blessing. I reinforce that this is optional. Here's a few examples of wealth, abundance, luck or prosperity deities in some pantheons:

Greek: Pluto
Hindu: Lakshmi
Roman: Abudantia
Egyptian: Renenutet
Norse: Freyja or Njoror
Aztec: Tezcatlopoca or Chantico

Of course, these do not cover all wealth deities and you may follow a different pantheon, in so you may use the appropriate deity of the pantheon you follow.
Now, light the cinnamon incense, and once the smoke starts rising, pass the drawstring bag over the smoke in clockwise circles. You can stop doing this whenever you feel you should.
After you have done so wear the bag on your person in order to attract such luck, success and abundance to your business and it's ventures.

Good luck!
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:15 am

Grimner's Nid Curse

You will need:
Niding Pole
High Land

Casting the spell:
The 'Niding Pole' (often called Nidstang or Nidhstong) is an ancient Scandinavian method of cursing another being.

A niding pole is most often made out of wood, traditionally hazel, with a horse's head placed upon the top and relevant runes carved into the pole.

A goat's skull can be used as a substitute, but then the curse doesn't seem to be as effective.

(The horse's head is now more normally replaced with a horse skull or the pole itself is carved with the image of a horse head.)

On the Niding Pole, the horse skull invokes the horse rune Ehwaz, using the linking and transmissive power of the rune for the magical working. The horse is sacred to Odin.

To cast the curse, the pole was traditionally erected, facing the direction to which the curse is to be sent. An incantation is spoken, pronouncing the target of the curse.

With that done the horse head is turned to face the direction of the chosen quarry. Such a curse is intended also to cajole the land wights into working against the victim/s.

The pole channeled the destructive forces of Hel, goddess of death. These forces were carried up the pole and projected through the horse skull. The runes carved on the pole defined the character and target of the destructive forces.

Among others, triple Thorn [Thurisaz] runes and triple Is [Isa] runes, were used to 'smite' the enemy. When used maliciously, these had the effect of disempowering the accursed's will and delivering him or her to the forces of destruction. Here, the Thorn rune invokes the power of Thurs, the demonic earth-giant sometimes called Moldthurs.

The Niding Pole was intended to disrupt and anger the earth sprites (Landvaettir, Land-Wights or earth spirits) inhabiting the ground where the accursed's house was. These sprites would then vent their anger upon the person, whose livelihood and life would be destroyed.


Grimner's Nidstang:

''I curse!
I curse all of them
who soil our glorious land
with unworthy actions.

I curse all of them
who borrow sacred symbols
Gungnir, Mjolnir and Sacred Staves -
Odin's spear, Thor's hammer
and runes, given by Odin's hand
and soil them
with unholy deeds.

I curse all of them
who in ugly costumes
and shaven heads
as well as suits
and ties
abuse the wisdom of our ancestors
our ancient ways
and our present faith.

I curse all of them
who want to silent
the mouths of others
for themselves to be heard
with their stupid bellowing.
I curse all of them
who put themselves above others
because of their paleness,
who trample on others
because of the color of their skin,
foreign language,
or a different faith.

Upon the heads of these miscreants
I call all powers!
I call upon the gnomes, and the little people
to scratch their bodies
and disturb their sleep.

I call upon the elf-smiths
to lay an iron ring
around their chests
giving little room for their spirit
little room for breath
to speak of evil.

I call upon the ''rimthurses'' (frost-giants)
from the depth of Niflheim
That they may freeze to their death
before they get a chance
to freeze others out.

I call Surt and his ''fire-thurses''
That they may burn to their death
before others may burn
by their hands.

I call upon Loki
That he may twist their vision
so that they strike each other down
before they strike anyone else down.

I call upon Freya
So that these young men
never may share a woman's bed
and never have sons
or daughters of their own
as long as they want to hinder
others to do just that.

And I call upon Frey
That these young men
have their manhood gelded,
never being able to create anything good
for themselves,
never getting peace
or harvest,
as long as they want to hinder
others to do just that.

I call upon Thor
that he may protect us
from demonic evil
and I call upon his wrath
against the miscreants
who wants to cause pain to others.

I call upon Odin,
He who gave spirit
to man and woman.
He who together with his brothers
Hoenir and Lodur
Gave life to man,
Body and Soul,
Ask and Embla,
Man and Woman.

I call upon Odin
and the ''Norns''.
Goddesses of destiny,
Urdh, Verdhandi and Skuld,
who together judge
everyone after death
that they may judge
these miscreants hard,
so that they
not even after their deaths
may escape their deeds of evil
against other sons and daughters
of Ask and Embla.

I set this ''nid''
until these drooling servants
of evil and ignorance
do penance
and let each and one
stay by their land, their people
and their faith
wherever in our world
they may choose to live.''

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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Sat Jun 09, 2012 3:04 pm

Triple Strength Throat Spray-

This remedy is an infusion like spray to relieve the symptoms of pain and irritability from sore, inflamed, and scratchy throats.

2 cups of purified water
1 and 1/2 tablespoons of Echinacea Root
1 and 1/2 tablespoons of Licorice Root
1 tablespoon of White Sage
1 teaspoon of Slippery Elm
1/2 teaspoon of Goldenseal Root Powder
4-6 drops of Peppermint essential oil
2 tablespoons of fruit nectar for taste (optional)

What you will want to do is bring the 2 cups of water to a gentle boil on medium heat. Add the above herbs and let steep for about five minutes. Now add the fruit nectar if applicable and let steep for one more minute, otherwise remove from heat. Add the Peppermint essential oil and stir well. Place mixture in the refrigerator and let cool for several hours. Once cool place enough mixture into a small sized plastic spray mister. Spray the back of the throat with 1 - 2 sprays as needed throughout the day.
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Fri Jun 15, 2012 2:50 pm

My Personal All Purpose Liniment Recipe (For External Use Only)

You will need:

At least a 12 oz. jar with a lid
A finely meshed strainer
A large muslin bag
10 oz. of Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka for my measurements or enough 2 times greater than your herb measurement ratio
The following Herbs (My recipe calls for certain measurements but I will include the Simpler's Method of measurement for your convenience):

2 Tlbs. or 2 Parts Calendula Flower
2 Tlbs or 2 Parts Lavender Flower
1 Tlbs. or 1 Part Echinacea Leaf & Flower
1 Tlbs. or 1 Part Spearmint
1 Tlbs. or 1 Part St. John's Wort Leaf & Flower
1 stick of Cinnamon
1 Tsp. or 1/2 Part Yarrow
1 Tsp. or 1/2 Part Valerian Root
1 Tsp. or 1/2 Part Black Cohosh
5 Cloves
It is best to use fresh herbs if possible but I find that dried herbs work just as well, I however usually let the menstruum (the herbal liquid compound in this case a Liniment) sit longer. Simply make the Liniment as you would a tincture (see my post on "General Tincturing Method" if necessary. If you use fresh herbs let the menstruum sit for at least four to six weeks. if using dried herbs I recommend letting it sit for at least 6 weeks but I personally let sit for 8 weeks if not longer.

This Liniment is an Herbal Liquid Extract made with Rubbing Alcohol or Vodka, This recipe is my personal blend with carefully chosen herbs and measurements to ensure the relief and ease of symptoms. Most All of the herbs are safe if used as directed.

This Liniment is used to treat the following: Minor cuts, scrapes, wounds, and bruises. Insect bites and stings, spider bites, itchy, dry, or irritated skin. Sore and Achy Muscles, as well as Poison Oak and Ivy.

Directions: For minor cuts, scraps and wounds use a small cotton ball or gauze pad and use just enough of the liniment to wash and disinfect the wound, then rinse with water and apply bandages as necessary. For insect bites or stings, spider bites, itchy, irritated, dry skin, bruises, or for Poison Oak or Ivy use a an appropriate sized cloth or gauze pad and soak in the Liniment for a minute or two, afterwards apply the Liniment soaked cloth or gauze apply to the affected area and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Then wash with warm water and natural soap; repeating several times a day as needed.

I hope this benefits you all, and Enjoy!
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Sun Jun 24, 2012 8:10 am

Stone wall protection

Few info about the spell: this is an ancient spell to protect a region of space.This can be used to protect your home.

You will need:
1-12 small stones(1-2 inch in diameter)
2-A beeswax candle
3-A magnetic compass

Casting the spell:
In your home, on the rising of the sun, on the morning of a Tuesday, light your beeswax candle and place it on a flat surface, preferably a tabletop. You will need some room to work your spell, so make sure the table's top is not too small. Lay your stones on the tabletop, not too near the candle. Next, speak aloud the following words:
''Earth's foundation, cold and strong,
In existence for so long,
Of your might I ask a deed,
For protection that I need''.
Next, begin forming a circle around the candle with the stones. Leave the circle loose at first (stones not touching each other), but then begin moving the stones closer to the candle, forming a tighter circle, until at last, the stones are all touching each other and in a tight circle around the candle. At this point, the stones must be touching each other. Next, take your compass and determine the direction of NORTH. Once you have determined NORTH, remove the NORTHERNMOST STONE from the circle. Place the stone in an inconspicuous, northern spot in the room or in your home, this will begin your field of protection. Next, going in a counter-clockwise order, take the next stone from the circle and place it in a position in your room or in your home, relative to its position in the circle. Continue doing this with the stones, using your compass to determine their relative positions, until all the stones have been distributed throughout your room or home and your field of protection has been established. Once the stones have all been distributed and placed in inconspicuous places, extinguish the candle. Leave the stones in the positions you placed them. If you must move one, or if it accidentally gets moved after the candle was extinguished, you must then perform this spell again to reestablish the field of protection.

Good luck!
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Re: Starwolf's book of shadows

Postby StarWolf » Thu Jul 19, 2012 5:06 am

To Heal A Broken Relationship

1 white candle
1 red candle
1 green candle
3 dark blue candles
2 sticks or trinkets
Some thread or yarn (as much as you would like)

Casting the spell:
Place the white, red, and green candles together on a table or altar.
Then, take the 3 dark blue candles; place them in a triangle, evenly apart around the other candles.
Then take the two trinkets or stiks together in your left hand.
Light the candles and wind the thread around the two things and while you are, chant:
I am water, I am earth, From my birth, These two figures,
Leap and bite, Within my sight, Bring them close,
Bring them near, Disintegrate hate and fear,
Love and harmony, Must now rule, Leave the foolishness, To the fool,
Light and tranqility, Come now near, Drive away the hate and Fear!

(Let the candles burn themselves out.) Then, repeat this spell until the yarn/string is all wound up around the things, Then bury the two trinkets/sticks two feet into the ground while chanting:
Go back to mother earth, Heal and harmonize, This new birth!
Chant that until you've coverned it with the last of the soil.

Good luck :)
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