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Spirituality versus Religion

Discussion of Christianity and other religious systems. How can we explain our faith to Christians? How can you merge your faith in Jesus with your belief in the metaphysical?

Spirituality versus Religion

Postby WriterRod » Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:18 pm

The term spirituality is used more today than ever before. More book and article titles use the term, its verbiage is heard and seen in much of the media, it pops up in conversation more often and many more people today will respond with being spiritual when asked their religious belief.

What is meant when someone responds with spirituality as their stand on a belief system? We will look at the differences between the two and if those differences make spirituality noticeably distinguishable from religion.


Religion is a structured belief system with specific doctrines to guide and govern the masses that depend on it. Structure is good for those beginning their journey to discover “god”, one’s own subconscious and the role one plays in the grand scheme of things.

However, structure imposed by a religion can also become very suffocating for those who desire to grow beyond the boundaries of the governing structure. Spiritual growth is limited by and can actually be impeded by structure.

Spirituality has no formal structure, save the governing of one’s own developing subconscious and the “spirit” that guides that growth. Boundaries are not set by another human will and decision, but by that “spirit” which governs all things and the developing person’s own subconscious. When following a spiritual path, one knows what is right and wrong instinctively through a growing relationship with the spirit that governs all.


The purpose of doctrine being implemented within a religious organization is a means of providing guidance, yes, but it is also meant to control the masses. Rules which are established within a religion are designed to keep the masses in line through a reward and punishment mentality.

Followers are rewarded for keeping the rules by being told they will go to heaven, or reincarnate, or even progress to enlightenment. However, if they fail to keep the rules then they are threatened with the fear of punishment by being sent to hell, or imprisoned in a quasi dimension, or failure to reach enlightenment. These rules of punishment are designed to play on the fears of the masses, thus keeping them under control.

Spirituality provides a freedom to explore and experience according to one’s own personal journey. Unhindered by learning and following a long list of rules, one can focus on building a deeper relationship with the spirit that is in all things and governs all things. Because there are no man-made rules to keep, one can seek out knowledge, understanding and experience with the spirit anywhere, anytime and with anyone.


This is, by far, the greatest difference between religion and spirituality. All religions divide people into those who believe and follow their set rules and doctrines, and those who don’t. The ones who don’t are considered enemies to the faith and thus enemies of the “god” of that particular religion. People who believe differently may be tolerated in a superficial way, but the doctrine ingrains the idea into the minds of its masses that these people are “ungodly” and not really a part of their faith.

Practically every war that has produced immeasurable grief, suffering and death has been waged either over religion, or with a very strong underlying religious tone. People across the planet are segregated into their separate religious belief systems and the people of each system are not fully trusted by the others. They might proclaim love for all, but the underlying truth is that if they offend my belief then they will be ostracized and punished.

Spirituality believes and participates in the idea that the energy (or life) of “god” is in all things and, therefore, all things are considered to be precious and valuable assets to one’s spiritual growth. Regardless of culture, color, background, or belief system, the encounter one has with another is a learning experience to be cherished.

Spiritual Peace and Oneness

The foundation of spirituality is that all people, and even all things, are filled with a “god” energy that is attempting to propel everything forward in a constant state of spiritual progression. One quickly realizes when following a truly spiritual path that every situation in one’s life has a valuable purpose and that one really has no enemies. There are only lower and higher levels of progression, just as there are various levels of classes and learning achievements within a school. All are on the same path to “heaven” or “enlightenment”.

Peace on earth will come through the masses throwing off the confining chains of religious doctrine and learning to count all things as precious. When this is truly and deeply believed AND practiced, it will change the world as we will no longer look at others as enemies, but as simply students of “god” at different levels of progression. We will stop fighting and start helping those below us and learning from those above us. All will be one. True love will rule.

Postby Atehequa » Tue Sep 07, 2010 5:36 pm


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