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spiritual travelling

Discussion about out-of-body experiences (astral travel), lucid dreaming, and other sleep related phenomenon such as night terrors and sleep paralysis.

spiritual travelling

Postby Lovingvixen » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:29 pm

I'm not quite sure if this topic belongs here because it's different from the other topics mentioned.

My boyfriend and I are connected very closely and spiritually. Sometimes, at night, his spirit will come visit me. I can feel him physically, but it's as though we're both feeling something spiritual, rather than physical. I apologize if I'm not being clear. I mean, we feel each other by each other just like we would if he were actually there, but they way we feel and think is more like a spiritual way. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can tell me why he says that he doesn't know what's happening when it's happening, or even that it is happening. I don't think he is lying or anything, but I am really stumped. Could it be possible for him to have spiritual activity going on that he doesn't know about?? Is it a bad thing that he doesn't know? I've told him it happens, but he still isn't aware of when it's happening.

Can anyone help me out?? I'm very confused.

Any thoughts on this are welcome.

Thanks & please reply :)
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