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Spirit smell/ ectoplasmic fragrance?

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Spirit smell/ ectoplasmic fragrance?

Postby firebirdflys » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:01 am

So, I drove up to to moms yesterday. Had planned on a long vist so here I am!
Ok, now Wednesday I was talking to her on the phone and she said the police were at her next door neighbors house, several of them. We speculated on the reasons and none seemed valid. It was a mystery. She isn't terribly close with the neighbors, they didn't come to my dads funeral, but most everyone else on the block did. Just friendly hellos and how are you today sort of thing. Maybe a chat here and there.

When I arrived, right away I noticed the very very strong ectoplasmic fragrance...I sometimes call it the cemetery smell. Reason being that smell is frequently at the cemetery. Somewhere along the line I noticed I could pick up on it after someone had passed from this world, It was around shortly after they had gone, even sometimes days before they exit. (That's really unnerving), whether they passed in a particular location or had been moved to the cemetery already or if it was a pre-visit. It comes and goes, very vaporous and elusive. Ok, so I didn't think much of it, took note...thought maybe dad was present. But We were rushing off to dinner because my cousin stopped by on his way to the Bay area to take us out, so I didn't spend any time centering to connect.

When we returned the smell was still super strong. I noticed it was mostly at the window facing east, towards the neighbors house or at the walkway on the side of the house that went between mom's house and the neighbor. After a bit I came in and told my mom I had a bad feeling about the neighbor. She mentioned that his girlfriend was coming and going but she hadn't seen him. We talked again about the police then she said she had seen his grown children there Wednesday evening. That's strange, they don't visit often mom said. That info gave me a very very bad feeling.

Today I noticed the fragrance a few times fleeting here and there. Always on the east side of the house. This late afternoon Mom and I were heading out for a walk when we saw the neighbors girlfriend. I called her by name and asked "how's it going?" She said not so good and mom asked if she was ok. She was about to get into a car with the neighbors son, when she told us the horrible story of how she found him dead in their bedroom.

Tonight right before I went to bed it was real strong again. I fear he may linger here in the area. Not fear for myself but for him, because of the unsettling way he left.

Prayers to him and his family, may the Deity of his understanding bring comfort. So mote it be.

Bb, FF
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Re: Spirit smell/ ectoplasmic fragrance?

Postby SnowCat » Sat Oct 07, 2017 7:04 am

I've had spirits announce themselves with various smells. When my mother died, I said weird stuff would start happening at her house. It did. There was a strong smell of rotting meat in her bedroom for days after that. My niece and her family were living there at the time. Her youngest boy was terrified.

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