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Spirit Reading

If you'd like to have a reading, you're welcome to post your question here and if there is a member available who feels like answering then they might help you. Please note that most of our readers are somewhat new to this and are using this forum as a way of improving their skills. They are not professional psychics.

Spirit Reading

Postby SilverBird » Sat Jul 06, 2019 10:55 pm


So I thought this was the best place to post this; since I'm basically requesting a reading.

I want to Astral Project, ( I finally did it once before but like it was really hard, and I didn't realize I was doing it, I saw both planes at once)

Anyway I'm in a new place since then, new apartment, and what has stopped me, and will stop me is fear. So I got to admit, I'm kinda scared of spirits, I've been to a graveyard before to help overcome the fear and it was helpful for the time.

But Astral Projection is different, because I know as soon as I leave my body... if there's something here I'm probably gonna see it, and freak out and it's just messy. Like I know I'm going to see spiritual beings in Astral Projection, but I want to get my feet really wet first, I want to be able to kinda walk around before I see something and get more used to it.

Now sometimes I hear noises in this house, and it feels like something is watching me.

So what would help me is a reading on if there's any spirits in my house, if possible a psychic one, but I think Tarot can take a look at that too. Because if the answer is no that would really comfort me, and allow me to get past that block.

If the answers yes, I know I got to try projection somewhere else until I get used to it

Thank you so much

Blessings )0(
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Re: Spirit Reading

Postby barker » Sun Jul 07, 2019 1:49 pm

An important key to successful astral projection is a good stable reality with the soul-driven understanding that "love is sound." Clearing any erroneous thoughts and negative feelings is also important. If your spiritual/physical selves are in sync - objective at least - the projection will go cleanly. If you be the one with "no idea" in the whole world (I have done this mistake myself) well that's a bit scary to say the least. barker
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